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8 Debt Cures Tips: How to be a financial success

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I came across this article and wanted to share it with you because I believe much of the debt we have is because we do not make enough money. So when there is not enough money to pay all the bills we resort to using credit cards to pay our other bills and then we get deeper into debt. This article is not so much about making money, but rather tips on what successful people do. I believe we can learn from people that have greater financial success than we do and we can one day be like them if we follow the principles of success.

Here’s the article:

Eight Secrets of America’s Millionaires

By Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

Make sure you read the book The Millionaire Mind, by Thomas J. Stanley… and you can see how your financial habits stack up to America’s most financially successful people.

After interviewing more than 1,300 millionaires for this book, Stanley found eight common elements of long-term economic success:

#1. Honesty, hard work, integrity, and focus. These millionaires understood the key success factors our economy rewards: Being honest with everyone you deal with, hard work, integrity, and focus. Top of the list was “being honest with all people” – even above hard work.

#2. Academic performance doesn’t determine financial success. The average millionaire graduated college with a 2.9 GPA – and that’s if they even graduated.

#3. Have the courage to take some financial risk. This doesn’t mean taking all of your “safe” money and putting it into an options trade. It simply means that, with a small portion of your overall portfolio (less than 5%), you should have exposure to investments pose a higher risk, but offer higher reward. If a higher-risk investment does go against you, there’s an easy way to keep your losses small – see Don’t Lose Money in this report for more on how to do that.

#4. Pick a job that is not only unique and profitable; pick one you love.

#5. Be careful in selecting a spouse. People who are economically productive married men or women who shared the same characteristics of success.

#6. Operate an economically productive household. Most millionaires live below their means. For example, they prefer to repair or refinish things, rather than buy new. They believe that financial independence is far more important than displaying high social status.

#7. Follow the lead of millionaires when buying a home: Study, search, and negotiate aggressively.

#8. Adopt a balanced lifestyle. Many millionaires are “cheap dates.” In other words, it does not take a lot of money to enjoy the company of your family and friends. They allocate their time, money, and energy efficiently, in ways conducive to building wealth.

For example, most millionaires operate their households on an annual budget. They know exactly how much they spend each year on food, clothing, and shelter. Also, millionaires in general have a clearly defined set of daily, weekly, monthly, annual and lifetime financial goals. They spend more time than non-millionaires planning their financial futures.

So… contrary to the popular wisdom about the rich, millionaires in America generally are honest people. They set firm financial goals for the long and short-term. They value their marriages. And they value life’s experiences and the company of their family and friends over expensive “stuff.”

What a refreshing revelation – that these are the core values of achieving true wealth.


Let me know what you think. You don’t have to live lavishly, you don’t have to have all the latest gadgets and gizmos. You don’t have to drive the latest cars.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.


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Source: Daily Wealth


  1. Is there anyway to get money to pay off student loans such as scholarships, grants, etc. AFTER I have finished college and grad school? I REALLY need some advice that works! Please help.

  2. apparently from what i have heard as far as student loans go if you were to call student loans or whatever you might have the chance to cut that in half if you cant afford it , what i heard anyways

    concerned bankrupt student

  3. I know that you are speaking to the uneducated person in the American public. However, I think that you are not a good person at heart. The first question on this page is about scholarships and grants. It so happens that those things do not have to be paid back. You like to build up confidence. Everything that you say in your book does not have anything to do with good living. I wouldn’t pay for your advice. But, you can make your money off stupid people. If you are really trying to reduce your monthly payments just talk to your creditors. I just want to finish with, you are a dumb looking guy on your T.V. spotlight. I don’t want to say anymore. But you’re dumb.

    There is more that I would like to inform you about, however I don’t think that you care about working towards relationships,

  4. Julie-

    Thank you for your comments.

    You can consolidate your student loans into one loan with just one loan payment. You can also extend the length of your loan which will help to lower your monthly payment but will increase the total amount of interest you have to pay.

    There is also deferment and forbearance if you are having financial difficulties.

    I have my student loans with Sallie Mae: http://www.salliemae.com/

    There are also loan forgiveness programs.

    You can read about those here:



    You can read more info there.

    Good luck to you,



  5. thanks so much for the advice–I will look into it. If you have any more advice, please let me know–I will keep checking–I have to see if I can find someway to alleviate some of this burden.

  6. I have some negative items on my credit report. I have proof that these have been taken care of, but I do not know how to go about getting these removed from my credit history. Can you please provide me with some advice? Thanks.

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