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A bad experience with Debt Cures


Debra sent in a comment about her experience with Debt Cures. It might be best to wait until the book comes out on Amazon or at your local bookstore instead of having to deal with the ordering process from Kevin Trudeau’s order taking service.

Thanks Debra for sharing.

Here is her experience:


I have to tell you … I just watched the infomercial and decided I would order the book out of curiosity more than anything else and of course I was truly hoping that there is morsel of value and truth in what Kevin Trudeau is trying to sell the masses. I wasn’t surprised that the marketer/operator (KIM) was going to attempt to have me purchase much more than what I wanted (the book only), but after saying no twice she still continued… I became quite frustrated and said that I wanted to cancel the order. She then informed me that she just had to mention one more offer and then she could complete my order and that offer was to sell me the newsletter for $9.99. I said no again and she said that she would now send me the newsletter free and if I decided that I didn’t want to receive it monthly I could call and cancel it at anytime, which says to me that I will automatically be charged $9.99 a month unless I cancel. NOW not only I am totally against ordering I am FURIOUS and told her to cancel my order immediately She said she would … I waited a minute and asked her did she cancel my order and she told me that she could not. The computer wouldn’t allow her to. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said “there isn’t one here”. I was LIVID. I asked her how this was any different than the very thing Kevin was talking about. I was being ripped offed. In the end I had only been on the phone 10 minutes, and canceled my order and was told it was irreversible unless I called their 800 number the next day.

All I can say is WATCH OUT PEOPLE! Although there may be a glimmer of value in what Mr. Trudeau is trying to put out there. I am not totally convinced that you couldn’t get some of the information by going to your local bookstore or go online to find how to get free grants and much more including the “so called secrets”. I think the method of marketing is designed in hope that innocent consumers will not realize that they will be continually charged and Mr. Trudeau will benefit until they catch on. This makes him no different that some of the very devious Credit card companies and banks that he fervently speaks out against albeit I agree with some of what he is saying. Something is so disturbing about this. Kevin’s shining armor is tarnished in my eyes!”

Thank you again Debra for sharing your Debt Cures experience.

If anyone else has a review they want to share, you can send it in as a comment or you can email me: debtcure at debtcuresreviews dot com



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  1. What do you get when you call to purchase a product from an infomercial? You get upsold on every product that they have that relates to the product you are interested in, that’s how business works and should work. If this upsets you then you should perhaps stop watching late night TV.

    Until you wear the shoes of a sales operator you have no idea what their employer requires them to do nor do you know the real crap that they deal with from people who call in. Try it for a month or two, you just might get a rather rude awakening.

    People who purchase these products are searching for a glimmer of hope. If they aren’t, why then are they are willing to invest their hard earned money in something they dont need or are just curious about?

    I have worked in the finance industry for several years. I have seen my fair share of bankruptcies. I have seen more than my fair share of people with poor credit scores. They all want the same thing, DEBT FREEDOM THE NEW AMERICAN DREAM. It use to be about owning a home, but the majority of the people either do not qualify for a home or can’t afford the one they’re living in.

    It all boils down to debt, a trillion dollar a year industry taking the American people for a ride.

  2. I watched the infomercial last night. I have to admit I was curious, which has led me to this sight. It seems like all the information in this book is the same information that all the other credible financial advisors have already written about. Jean Chatzky and Suze Orman just to name a few have written many helpful books. These two women have also made appearances on many different, credible shows and have helped many people get out of debt. I think I will stick with advice from them.

  3. Thank you for sharing this info.

    I have two boys with Huntingtons Disease & from what I can see is that everyone involed with my boys are making somekind of Profit off them it sadens me to see Professional people that are suposed to be helping the least of our people using their dimise to gain profit, What have we become?



  5. Was really frustrated at having to wait 3 weeks for book when I ordered it RUSH. Helped me stop a debt collector cold. Gave helpful info on grants. Have to do a lot of research, though. Book was worth it in my eyes!!

  6. bad book it doesn’t doesnt tell you anything he keeps repeating his self

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I’m sorry to read about Debra’s bad experience trying to order Debt Cures. Ours is the exact opposite.

    My mother just ordered Debt Cures over the phone after seeing the infomercial for it. In fact, that’s the reason I’m here now. She didn’t remember the author’s name. And I was looking it up for her.

    Anyway, she phoned and got a very nice sales representative. Yes, they did ask if she wished to purchase any of the other books. When she declined, no one used any sales pressure tactics to get her to change her mind.

    When asked which form of payment she wished to use, she opted to send a check or money order. No pressure tactics to use a credit card or give her bank account number over the phone. We were pleasantly surprised and relieved.

    We now look forward to receiving the book and hope it will give her ideas to resolve her financial problems that we haven’t already considered and tried.

  8. I saw the infomercial and I have been contemplating ordering a copy….well until i read all of the negative publicity surrounding the contents. With this added bit of information “Thanks to all of you for your honestly”, I will be saving my 10% and putting it into a sock drawer for the future.

  9. Personally I kind of like Kevin – think he does care about people but this book is a complete waste of money. I read the entire book in 1 hour because practically all of it is just stupid stories explaining the problem. We already KNOW the problem Kevin! This book might be good for young school-age kids but that’s it. Save your money.

    Here’s the “secret” information offered in the book.

    The banks are out to get you!!! No crap! We know they’re just a bunch of greedy b&*%$ds with the ethics of a sewer rat

    Get a copy of your credit report free every year – of course.

    Don’t admit to any debt.

    Cry “Identity Theft” to erase charges (now be ethical 🙂

    Draft a financial statement showing you have negative equity (net worth) and cannot pay – show to creditors; they may make a deal.

    Ask for a credit limit increase – Wow! pure genius!

    Ask for a lower interest rate – Whoa! that’s crazy!

    If your FICO score is less than 619 you are high risk. >= 661 is OK

    Better your FICO score by asking a friend or relative with GOOD credit to simply add you to their card. Make sure that company reports you to the credit agencies – some don’t. Not a bad suggestion

    Most states have a statute of limitations on debt after which it cannot be legally collected. Most states are 6 yrs, some as low as 3. Check this link:

    Get a secured credit card (you borrow against your own money) duh!

    Get a small installment loan and pay off – duh!

    FREE money! Visit http://www.Grants.gov, http://www.fundsnetservices.com, http://www.foundationcenter.org, http://www.kn.paceball.com, http://www.sba.gov, http://www.womensbusinessgrants.com, http://www.fns,usda.gov/cnd/lunch (free school lunch), http://www.idanetwork.com (money matched savings for home, etc. sounds interesting), http://www.energystar.gov (tax credit)

    There’s more stuff of course but that’s really about all you get for your $42.

    Now go get out of debt and stay that way!

  10. terrence johnson says:

    wewll me and my wife just ordered the book and im trying to fugure out if this is a debt cure and why in the hell are they trying to sell me the world, i just wanted the book and now im having second thoughts about this. I will call in the morning to cancell our order and just like we been saying every one got some kind of game about them

  11. Kevin is just plain wrong. For most of us we are in over our head so far that it is not feasable to put 10% in savings and then pay creditors. There isn’t enough money to do both. I contend that if you make a list of all of your debts (including Mortgage) and rank them by size. Make the minimum payments on all your obligations and put any extra money you can squeeze out to the smallest bill. Seems crazy but go with me for a minute. Keep doing this until your smallest bill is gone. Then apply the money you were sending to this first bill including the minimum payment to your next bill. For example if your minimum payment is $25.00 and you are able to pay an extra $100.00 If you apply it to one bill you have bigger power in paying it off. Also once the first bill is paid off you now have $125.00 each month to pay off the second bill. Paying off your debts in this way means you will be debt free within 7 years (INCLUDING YOUR MORTGAGE). This also means that once you’ve paid off all your debts you can use this amount of money for savings and investments to greatly reduce the years you need to work to retire( with money). This is all with the amount of money you are currently making. Of course the more you make the faster this works but you don’t have to you can make it with what you have now.

    This method worked for me and at the ripe old age of 29 I have only two more years to work until I have enough to retire. I am frustrated at these infomercials who encourage you to pay yourself first. Bank rates are between 5 and 10% to follow that logic your supposed to pay 20 or Heaven forbid 30% on your loans. You just don’t come out ahead you are paying more in interest then you gain by a savings account. If you paid off the debt you gain all that interest. I was paying $1500. a month on minimum payments and trying to get ahead. Now all those bills are paid off and I put that 1500 in my retirement fund.

    Leaving the soapbox… I learned this thru http://www.getdebtfree.com the book is a little more expensive than Kevin’s book but it has saved me over $108,000 so it is well worth it.

  12. Hello-

    Thank you all for your comments. NODebt – I will post your comments in an upcoming post as a cliff notes version of Debt Cures.

    Tiffani, congrats on getting out of debt. Good job on the upcoming retirement. Sounds like fun.

    For everyone considering ordering the book, I would recommend you order it online instead of over the phone.

    You can order Debt Cures here http://www.debtcures.com/



  13. Thanks America for being a free-speech country! When I was talking to the rep last night, I said good I ‘m happy your call is being recorded, because the playback should show the funny talk of the marketing presentation and the desperate answers of the debtors looking for a solution segregated on different charges. I’m thankful this section confirm all what I had experience and what we all already know about getting rid of our debts. This experience show us that anyone that write a book with a title like:

    “How to avoid ID Theft”
    “Free Money under Benches of New York City”,

    could get RICH before these books get even printed!!!!!!!!! Think about it! My concern is that China is getting richer and richer every second!

    Have a nice one everyone and united we will stand against ourselves, the individual has the freedom of being Smart, let’s do it!

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