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A good experience using the Debt Cures methods


I have finished reading Debt Cures and just need to write out the post for the final part of my review. Sam sent in his comments about a positive experience he had dealing with his creditors and getting them to reduce his interest rates. Thank you Sam for sending this in.

Here’s Sam’s comments:

“Thanks Kevin.

Wish I knew about your book sooner. As one credit company turned it over to collections. They lied, called my work, spoke to my wife and other co-workers. (so I paid in full)

The Biggest Debt about $30,000 was negotiated down to 20 cents on the dollar. (paying about $6,000)

Just negotiated a credit card down from 26.99% down to 0% for 5 months, then it’s 9.99%.

I got myself into this situation, because a Realtor promised to get a loan and used my credit cards to buy a flower shop. I thought she was honest, because the other half of the money came from her husband. I really don’t know if they are still married. I hope they got a divorce, because the husband is out $47,000.

What I know now, I’m ready to do battle with other creditors. My attorney says collection agencies been calling him and calling him a liar. Saying they don’t believe that he’s a lawyer.

Thank You Kevin for opening my eyes, for I believed in and giving money to debt consolidation, also.

Why??? Are these people allowed to do business? They do nothing for people, just making the sink hole bigger and deeper.

Thank You again, Sam from Honolulu, HI”

Thanks again Sam.

So the methods Kevin Trudeau teaches in Debt Cures do work. You just have to make the calls and negotiate with your creditors and the debt collectors. Using books like Trudeau’s, Suze Orman’s, and Dave Ramsey’s can help you with your debt problems.

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  1. Done a lot of these things already. How do you negotiate down the debt? .20 to the dollar?

  2. I am very unhappy with “Debt Cures” customer “dis” service department.

    I ordered “debt cures” online and bought an additional CD that I thought brought the cost from $29 to $39. Ten minutes later I received an emailed invoice that showed the CD was an additional $39 instead of $10. I immediately called the 800 number and cancelled the CD.

    Much to my surprise I was charged $120 on my credit card for the book and additional items that I not only didn’t want but already called and cancelled.

    I then called customer service and was told sorry by an agent with an additional “we are new here” comment. I then asked to speak to a manager named Mr. Salazar who told me that it was too late to ask for a refund because the order was already submitted.

    I then said the add-on products were cancelled within 10 minutes of submitting the order and he said an internal error doesn’t change our policy of not cancelling orders once the order is sent to the fullfillment company and the credit card is charged. I then asked to speak to the head of the department and he refused to give me any other phone numbers saying he was the boss and final decision maker and hung up on me.

    I have enjoyed all of Kevin’s other books but he customer service policies have left a bitter taste in my mouth.

    Maybe his next book should be called Customer Service Cures.

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