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I have obtained the rights to a book on how to make up to $5,000 a week online and wanted to share it with you…

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This ebook shows how someone now is consistently making $5,000 per week online, and lots of weeks even more money – even though he has little education, comes from a very dysfunctional family who abused him, and no Internet experience or sales experience when he first began.

You do not need any sales experience for this to work

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This is a true story about someone I personally know. It really is a rags to riches story. I wrote this book because I thought Pete’s methods and ideas would make this book a great tool for you to help you get out of debt and make more money.

Do his ideas work? Yes, I have seen them work. Some of his ideas are so “out of the box” that it literally blows his competition off the map. You will not believe his pricing guidelines for his products.

Will these ideas work for you? Yes, if you apply any of them. You do not have to implement them all, you can pick and choose. You have pages of ideas to scroll through.

What will these ideas mean to you? You will learn the hidden knowledge of how to really get more tons of traffic and explosive sales, how to create the ultimate information product or any product, and how to blow your competition away and have almost no competition. He is number one in his niche on Google and I tell you how that happened too. He tells exactly what to put and not put on a web site. His site breaks all the rules about Internet marketing but yet he makes the sales. But most of all – you will learn Pete’s secret, from beginning to end, about how he make lots and lots of money on the Internet. I have literally seen Pete make way over $5000 in one day on a good day. (And if you don’t have a website or money to start one, I will show you how to use free websites to get started.)

Pete has never bought a book about sales, Internet marketing, how to create a product, how to build a web site, etc. He is kind of like the owner of Fed-X. The Fed-X owner said he was so ignorant about what he was doing that he didn’t listen when people told him “it can’t be done”. (“It” being delivering packages by private plane and offering overnight delivery, even in remote areas.) You will read this book about Pete and his Internet ideas and say “he shouldn’t be making money doing this”, but yet he is making great money and you can too when you download this book.

Pete just got through moving into a new house and paying cash for a new car, even though the economy is in a slump right now. If you want more money, then this book is for you. You will see your traffic and sales go through the roof.

You will learn how to sit at home and make money effortlessly just like Pete does. His main secrets are in this book. I not only tell you his story, I give you Pete’s list of do’s and don’ts for his system of making money on the Internet. Some of this information will be so different, but so easy, that it will make you stop to think and wonder why you didn’t think of that.

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