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A review of Debt Cures from Kevin Trudeau


While I am still reading my copy of Debt Cures, I received another review that I would like to share with you courtesy of Bob Levy. Thanks Bob.

Bob’s review of Debt Cures:

“I just finished reading my copy of debt Cures. I must say that I was extremely skeptical about it but was pleasantly surprised and excited by what I read. Firstly, the book blows the lid off the “Statute of Limitations” law that I never heard about anywhere else before. Basically you can tell the banks that they can go jump off a bridge if they lent you the money more than 4 years ago. A couple of credit card companies plus a bank have been trying to get me to pay I debt that I incurred almost 8 years ago. I have been pushing them off for years but thought there wasn’t much more to do but stall. In California the statute of limitations is 4 years. In some States the wait is shorter and some it’s longer. Either way I’m ecstatic that I’m going to be able to wipe of more than $12,500 in debt. That’s pretty spectacular. I have researched this info on google since I read this and found that is to be true. Why did I have to wait for Kevin Trudeau of all people to tell me this? Why didn’t my government of Credit Counselor tell me this? This one tip alone is more than worth the price of the book. Kevin also explains exactly how to go about enforcing your rights under this law (complete with form letters etc) and the steps to follow.

The second surprise is that all of the “Free Money” sources and grant agencies he mentions in the show are real. I checked out about 15 web sites and a few of the phone numbers he gives and they’re all for real. I’ll follow up with my results in the coming weeks and months but for now I’m really very happy I bought the book.

I would be interested to hear the experiences of others who follow the steps in the book. It’s very easy to complain that this information is available elsewhere but that’s not the point. All the info on Google is available elsewhere but they are smart enough to put it together in one place that’s easy for everyone. Kevin did the same thing and no one should begrudge him for that!”

Bob Levy

Thank you again Bob for sharing your review of Debt Cures.

In my opinion, if this was Kevin Trudeau’s first book instead of his third book, it would be received in a more positive light instead of all of us thinking it just might be another scam. But since this is his third book we are much more skeptical about anything he publishes and judge him more harshly than we would most other authors.

I’m almost done with my next update and will post it here as soon as possible.

Thanks and have a great week,


Debt Cures Reviews


  1. Bob,
    Unfortunately, while the statute of limitations keeps creditors from seeking legal remedies to collect your debts, your credit reports will still reflect the bad debt for 7-10 years and collectors will still retain the right to hound you to collect the debts. You are mistaken if you think you will be able to simply walk away from your substantial debts. Trudeau is misleading his audience if he is implying that the statute of limitations cancels out debts owed by someone.

    Better do some more research!

  2. Hank Medina says:

    Although I have not read the book; re: the four years statue (it is true)
    however keep this in mind, YOUR CREDIT SCORE WILL BE DINGED EVERY MONTH FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS. I had a client wanted to refinance his home who had this 4+ year old credits unpaid and his FICO was 511. Now guess what interest rate he got for his home with that FICO. do the math and let me know which is better a $5000.00 credit card or a $200000.00 mortgage with high rate

  3. Milt, you’re the one misleading people. Unless the consumer is able to pay the debt or make their balance owed current, the unpaid debt will show up on their credit report anyway. If they don’t have the money to pay, a poor credit score is the least of their worries. Furthermore, once the statute of limitations kicks in, collectors cannot necessarily still ”hound” people to collect the debts, as the person who owes the debt can send them a letter (preferably by certified mail, return receipt requested) insisting that they no longer be contacted by the debt collector. (Collectors might still send letters in order to trick people into paying something just to start the clock over again). If the debt collector still persists in violation of the law, they can be sued for violating The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act:

    § 805.
    ”(c) CEASING COMMUNICATION. If a consumer notifies a debt collector in writing that the consumer refuses to pay a debt or that the consumer wishes the debt collector to cease further communication with the consumer, the debt collector shall not communicate further with the consumer with respect to such debt, except —
    (1) to advise the consumer that the debt collector’s further efforts are being terminated;
    (2) to notify the consumer that the debt collector or creditor may invoke specified remedies which are ordinarily invoked by such debt collector or creditor; or
    (3) where applicable, to notify the consumer that the debt collector or creditor intends to invoke a specified remedy. ”


    It sounds like you work for a debt collector and don’t want people to know their rights. BTW, I haven’t read the above mentioned book; found this page while looking for a review of it myself.

  4. Thanks Kevin.

    Wish I knew about you book sooner. As one credit company turned it over to collections. They lied, called my work, spoke to my wife and other co-workers. (so I paid in full)

    The Biggest Debt about $30,000 was negotiated down to 20cents on the dollar. (paying about $6,000)

    Just negotiated a credit card down from 26.99% down to 0% for 5 months, then it’s 9.99%.

    I got myself into this situation, because a Realtor promised to get a loan and used my credit cards to buy a flower shop. I thought she was honest, because the other half of the money came from her husband. I really don’t know if they are still married. I hope they got a divorce, because the husband is out $47,000.

    What I know now, I’m ready to do battle with other creditors. My attorney says collection agencies been calling him and calling him a liar. Saying they don’t believe that he’s a lawyer.

    Thank You Kevin for opening my eyes, for I believed in and giving money to debt consolidation, also.

    Why??? Are these people allowed to do business? They do nothing for people, just making the sink hole bigger and deeper.

    Thank You again, Sam from Honolulu, HI

  5. Earl Blankenship says:

    I have a question for someone smarter than me. Bear in mind this is just a rough draft of an idea. ….. Why can’t someone start a Debt Pool of people on the internet. Someone’s name is drawn out of the hat and everyone in the pool sends in ……whatever… $5.00 maybe. Then the money is used to pay off that person debt. Then we draw another name out of the hat and so on. Imagine the effect if you had 50,000 people in the pool ! I have no idea how something like this could be managed and the plan is ripe for fraud, but i think it could be done……. What do you guys think??? Earl

  6. anthony s says:

    earl…that idea you propose is an awesome idea and I wish the church would grasp hold to an awesome idea such as yours…

  7. Hi Earl,
    Yes, your idea is excellent! It is called micro-credit. I would like to find micro-credit groups myself, right here in our country. They are successful in many developing countries.
    If you find one, let me know. Or, I guess, you could start one yourself.

  8. Yes the Statute of Limitations is 4 Years in CA and other states shorter..but technically any debt forgiven is Income Earned you are required by Law to Pay the Forgiven Debt as a 1099 Income.

  9. Hi,My comment is ,how happy I am to have come across this website. I was about to purchase” debt cures”, and although, I may still purchase it, I need info in it that has been mentioned by Sam in his review. One of my credit card companies is charging 29.99%. How do I get a better rate ? I have been blessed to keep them working for me, paying them on time. I need ways to getting them under control and keep them there. Even after book purchase,I’ll have to wait . I need this info yesterday. So, Sams, If you are out there!

  10. Hello all-

    Thank you for your comments. You can find answers to some of your questions about lowering your rates here in another post: http://www.debtcuresreviews.com/questions-and-answers-about-debt-cures/




  11. I think this would be a bad idea because there is no way to guarantee that a person who receives money will give back money and even if they did, in the long run it would still add up to be a very large sum of money if there were to be enough people to make the amounts enough to pay off substantial debt. For instance, it would take 4000 people paying $5.00 a piece to equal $20,000 and it would only be right if those 4000 people gave you $5.00 to help with your debt that you give back that $5.00 to help pay their debt too. Therefore you would still end up paying out $20,000.

  12. Yeah.. so post the websites where you can get the free money. I think it ALL ANYONE really wants to know.

  13. I am getting a little skeptical after reading some of these comments. I have ordered my book and it will be 2 weeks on this saturday, 12/15. I cant understand why it takes so long to get here but anyway,. As I was reading these reviews, popups of credit cards come up. This worries me simply because I thought this was a way out of debt. I have to also wonder is Kevin teaming up with American Express and other companies just to sell his book??? Anyway, Please keep this web site going with your experiences with the book and what happened with your credit after your debt was forgiven.


  14. Vendel & Gwen Jeffries says:


    My wife purchased your book Debt Cures last month, and she wanted me to read it to see what we could do about our overwhelming credit card bills. I found the chapter that told us how we can talk to the companies and “ask” to lower the interest (apr) on the cards. Well it worked. BofA
    had a rate of 29.75 percent. and they lowered it to 5.75% for 5 years. we also lowered the rates on 3 other cards we have….much lower than what we expected. Thank you “Debt Cures.”
    It sure made Momma feel good…and me too!

    Vendel & Gwen Jeffries

  15. I am thinking about ordering the book, more interested in grants to help with my issues. I have been researching grants but, it just seems that it is like a needle in a haystack. Do you guys think that the grant info. in Kevins book is real? Just wondering if I should spend the money.

  16. I kinda like that micro-credit idea.
    But my idea would be for interested people to brainstorm some ideas. I’m sure we could build a website just for this. However, I’m thinking about just “donating” a $1. We all have a dollar extra right? I’m sure we could do something like this thru Paypal; we just need to think about this.
    Now, how do the members go about picking the people who get the $$ first? Let’s all think about that one….there’s gotta be some way that this could work.
    Ya’ll keep thinking and I will too. I’m sure everyone will come up with the idea that we go with the most needy but how do we prove who’s most needy? That’s sort of like a personal opinion, don’t you think?
    Ya’ll email me and tell me what your thoughts are…I’d be willing to contact Paypal or something like that.

  17. I also think the micro-credit idea is awesome. Count me in.

  18. I have not gotten this book yet, I am skeptical about this. I am now single and have over 50,000 in debt, I tried a debt consolidation company for 2 1/2 years and only paid one credit card off, I am trying to save up for bankruptcy at this point. I am struggling with that as I work and take care of my 86 yr old mother. can you tell me if this book would help me and why. I just have a hard time spending money at this point on anything but the very basic needs. thank you Lydia

  19. Hello Lydia-

    Thank you for your comments. Bankruptcy is not a cure all solution that wipes out all your debt. It should be considered as a last resort. As far as if Debt Cures would help you, there are four reviews that I have posted here that should answer if it could help you:


    You also have to look at what got you into so much debt in the first place. If you file bankruptcy and still have those spending habits with you, you will be back in the same boat in a short while.

    Good luck to you.


  20. Hopeithelps says:

    If you are looking for grants, it’s consolidated and guess what, It does not cost anything.

    http://www.usa.gov (Site That Has All gov’t sites indexed.)
    http://www.grants.gov (Grants & Procurement Contracts)
    http://www.hud.gov (Down Payment Assistance, etc.)
    http://www.homesales.gov (Cheap Houses)

    Kevin only refers you to the sites he owns (although they appear to be separate entities, which he charges for of course.)

    If it has (.gov), it is a gov’t site and fraudsters cannot use .gov through the Internet Service Provider. Look for .gov everytime you search for quality gov’t information and only call the numbers listed on their site to protect from identity theives.

    Pay down the pricipal, get rid of debt. Maybe if you work at Safeway and your husband does lawn care, you should not live next to me in a 350K house, you live beyond your means. I waited ten years to buy my house. It is PAID OFF IN FULL. When you are not paying interest, you can invest. I saved about a 1/3 in cash each month by renting instead, instead of having the bank as a landlord who charges you a fortune and kicks you out. Anymore with HOA fees you can’t even paint your house or plant a bush without asking. Is it worth paying all that money when you can just call your landlord and ask to paint or plant a bush? You rent either way, so just pay less for and rent, and pash cash free and clear by owning.

  21. rblight says:

    I have a question about the statue of limitations with respect to CC debt. Is it possible to contact creditors and ask them to make you a deal to pay a % of what is owed while at the same time not destroying your credit rating?

    Here is an scenario. Let’s say you owe 10K. You then negotiate a deal for 20 cents on the dollar. Once there is an agreement in place, you offer to pay 30 cents on the dollar if they will remove any negative information from your credit score or at least agree only keep it there for a short period of time (e.g., one to two years), as opposed to 7 to 10 years.

    It seems to me that this has the same effect as the old chapter 11 bankruptcy, where your debt is forgiven but your credit score is tarnished for 7 to 10 years. If negotiating a settlement will have the same long term effect on your credit score, then what is the point in paying anything? You might as well just wait 4 years and pay them nothing because you are going to end up in the same boat anyway.

  22. I have many student loans, I filed bankruptcy once but the student loans were my biggest debt and still are and keep in serious debt. I have been never found a job in the field I was educated in making it impossible to pay the loans and now have been injured in a accident and am suffering from TBI and cannot work. Is there away to have my student loans forgiven? Deb

  23. Hello Deborah-

    Thank you for your comments. No, student loans are one of the only debts that cannot be forgiven in bankruptcy. Having $38k of student loans myself I would love for them to be forgiven.



    Debt Cures Reviews

  24. Jenna Peterson says:

    How does Kevin Trudeau suggest paying off your mortgage faster WITHOUT paying additional funds to principal or making additional payments?? this is the one that would really help me. I have about 4 years to go and would love to have it done in less than that! While that may be short to alot of people, the debt is burdensome and if I can eliminate it faster??? I’m all ears.

  25. blessed2do says:

    Don’t waste your money. Purchased the book. Did everything he said in the book. The 3 credit bureaus all wrote me back saying basically “So what”. Do anything else with your money, please.

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