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A review of Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures

Hello all-

Still have not received my copy of Debt Cures. Amy has received hers and posted this initial review:

“I just started to read this book and Kevin is soo repetitive its so boring I have to skip pages. Ok how long is he going to drag out how the government and the credit cards are unethical? I am still at the beginning of this book and he has pages and pages.. So far I have not gotten to any substance. I am hoping That I will. Kevin did this a lot with his other books. HE wastes a lot just to fill up the pages.. so he can turn whatever he says into a book. Alright already. Enough is enough. how many times does he have to repeat the same thing. So far I am disappointed, but I am hoping that I will run into some substance soon.”

Thanks Amy.

If anyone has received their copy and wants to share their review, you can post it as a comment and I will post it or send me an email: debtcure at debtcuresreviews dot com

Debt Cures is not off to a good start.


Debt Cures Reviews


  1. Kevin and his buddy Donald Barret
    have been pushing snake oil for a while now. This book is no different

  2. Thanks for the review Adam. Just one question. What are these two magic words he keeps spouting off about?

  3. Don’t buy this book. They just want you to buy all his other stuff. You can find all his info. by doing a research or buy a book at Barnes and Noble. He is a salesman. Remember that.

  4. Okay, I saw the infomercial too. What I want to know is, what are the two “magical words” he is talking about?

  5. Hello all-

    I just posted part 2 of my review of Debt Cures and talked about the two magic words that Kevin Trudeau talks about. You can read the review:




  6. i have not purchased the book. i want to know about the grant money. can anyone tell me if that chapter actually tells you how to get free money?

  7. Hello freemoney-

    I posted on the free grant money from the government here:





  8. I ordered the kevin Trudeau book on debt Cures two wk ago.have not seen the book yet.How do I get in contact with them?

  9. The two magic words…well that’s supposed to be a secret until you buy the book. But, I can tell you that they begin with “Identity” and end with “Theft”



  11. Hello-

    Thank you all for your comments. For questions about Debt Cures orders, you can get the customer service info at Kevin Trudeau’s official debt cures site: http://www.debtcures.com/




  12. I waited forever for my book – even paid for expedited shipping. It finally received it (3 weeks later) the day AFTER I ordered a second time because no one at the so-called customer service dept couldn’t find my order. When I received the first order, I called immediately to cancel the second order and they said I couldn’t cancel it because it was in process of shipping. It actually shipped 2 days later. This order could have been canceled and my credit card could have been credited. But they refused to do so. Now I have the second book and the poor excuse for customer service said I have to pay to return the book – something I tried to cancel the next day. I am going to do a charge back to my credit card because they won’t credit me for the expedited shipping and handling of $22.95. That’s absolutely outrageous.

    Now I know why Kevin Trudeau has such problems – it starts with very bad customer service.

  13. does anyone have a phone number to this company… i am trying to cancel the subscription to no avial….. HELP!!



  14. Hello Asia-

    Thank you for your comment. Here is the contact information for Debt Cures Customer Service:

    How do I reach Customer Service?

    1-888-846-4962. Customer Service is available Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm Eastern Time and Saturday from 8am to 5pm. Please give them a call during normal Customer Service hours or contact at customerservice@debtcures.com




  15. I just saw the infomercial today January 20, 2008. I was actually going to call and order the book and the add-ons.

    Now after reading these reviews, I won’t order the book. I just want to say thank you to everyone for posting your views and experiences with this company.

    I was wondering why he would charge $29.95 to an audience already in debt???

  16. Thank you so much. I almost picked up the phone and called. Dang ‘ol scamers!?#@

  17. What a joke this book is. I have read it from front to back. Tried to get to the website in it and find information for FREE MONEY from the government for small business. There is nothing unless you are of the non white american persuasion. What a bunch of garbage that is. BUt not only does this mis-lead you, but sure does not help a small business get any more to help them expand and grow with out spending more money to get to that point.

  18. From an insider…Don’t waste your money on this book. It is coming out in stores in May if you really want it. Their c/s is a joke! Rush shipping is just another 9.95 and you wont get it much faster.

    If you ever call an infomercial to order anything LISTEN carefully to what is being said b/c many times there are little things you are agreeing to and will get charged for now or later if you dont pay attention. He is famous for this stuff.

    Here is a magic word if you ever do order “CANCEL” if you say…read me one more offer and I will cancel..we have to skip the additional offers and place your order. Nothing else will allow us to skip but the word cancel.

  19. Jeri Tigert says:

    So fsar I hsve not been able to make any sence out of this mess.one road just leads down another road. with no finding how to get some free grant money. i was really hoping to get some information for the $41.90 I spent on the book DEBT CURES.

  20. eErnestWilliams says:

    I need help

  21. Scott Powers says:

    I find it very funny that there are people out there who won’t take Kevin Trudeau’s true facts in his books and apply it to benifite themselves.
    I read all his books now, because I benifited so much from the first book I got my hands on, Mega Memory. With my advanced memory I excel past everybody around me; at school, and at work. Thanks to Kevin Trudeau’s teachings.

  22. Please cancel my monthly newsletter that I will be starting to get in Oct. Thank you. Dawn Goossens

  23. Hello Dawn-

    Please contact Debt Cures, http://www.debtcures.com/

    This is a review site, not the actual site.



    Debt Cures Reviews

  24. After doing some research on Kevin Trudeau books
    I called to cancelled a day after putting in the order.Was told that the shipment could not be stopped being that it was shipped out already. I found that strange that they tried to charge me more money for having it shipped more quickly to me and yet they want ahead and processed it for quick delivery and not the 3 to 6 week delivery period. I have received the package and will be returning it if I can find someone to tell me what to do. I have gone on their web site as instructed and can not see anything on how to return the package.

  25. What does Identity Theft have to do with lowering your interest rates? Does he propose you cry “Identity Theft” to get it lowered?

  26. I read this book and I also bought the audio since I listen more than I read. I need to know how can we get rid of student loan. I was trying to get the answer but no one knows how. I have collection companies calling me. it is not much about $3000 but I don’t feel like paying it since I paid more than I borrowed ( borrowed $6000 paid $9000, they want $3000 more). any how is any body knows how can I get rid of it since I really don’t have a job either. Please help. Thanks

  27. Hello Riba-

    Thank you for your comment. You cannot get rid of your student loan debt like you can credit card debt. It will follow you through bankruptcy and you still will have to pay it. It does not discharge. Regardless of whether you feel you should pay it or not, you still have to pay it. Try and work out a reduction of the interest rate. There are tons of freelance jobs you can do online. Do some work. You can find a job or do some work if you really wanted to. Check out hubpages.com or associatedcontent.com to get paid to write. Best of luck to you.

    Debt Cures Reviews

  28. Thanks so much for you help.

  29. Tom Trieschmann says:

    I wish to cancel my subscription to Debt Cures Newsletter effective immediately.

  30. Hello-

    Contact Debt Cures at https://www.debtcures.com/custserv.asp

    Thank you,


    Debt Cures Reviews

  31. A greatful reader says:

    What I’d like to know is if any one can share some of the insights to his “booklet” of 25 WAYS TO MAKE $5,000…..I’d like to know what readers and reviewers found out in the “bonus book”. Please feel free to send your opinions to me if you have any. Thanks!

  32. Hello-

    Thank you for your comments.

    I did a quick review of the bonus booklet, you can read it here:


    It just had basic ideas about ways to make more money.

    It does not give you the exact step by step procedures if that’s what you’re looking for.

    You can also find some more ways to make money on this post:


    Good luck to you,


    Debt Cures Reviews

  33. Just saw his infomercial….cannot believe people were stupid enough to buy anything from this moron! Go to college people, even an Econ. 101 class will inform you more that what this fraud will. Get an education and help yourself out before dropping a cent on this useless idiot.

  34. Hello Jason-

    Thank you for your comments.

    Kevin Trudeau is a “moron” who’s sold over 50,000,000 of his products over the years. He’s a great salesman who knows what people want to hear to make them pick up the phone.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree about learning more in an Econ 101 class.

    They do not teach you how to handle money and get out of debt in college. If you were lucky enough to get through college without getting student loans or racking up credit card debt more power to you.

    Thank you,


    Debt Cures Reviews

  35. They are pushing sales people, they aren’t just trying to sell a book but hundreds of dollars to be charged once they get your Credit Card number.
    CAUTION when you call these people if you do want the book.

    Customer service
    888-846-4962 8 -8 eastern time.

    any of the information printed is out there on the internet, you don’t need this book

  36. ronald parker says:


    I am trying to track an order that was placed about 10 days or so ago.

    Will you call me and let me know the status? my name and contact information are as follows

    thank you
    ronald parker

  37. Hello Ronald-

    I have sent you an email. You need to contact Debt Cures. I am not Debt Cures. This is just a review site for the Debt Cures book.

    Contact Debt Cures at https://www.debtcures2.com/custserv.asp

    Thank you,


    Debt Cures Reviews

  38. I’m a huge skeptic, but I have to say that this book helped me bigtime. I was able to raise my credit scores using some of the techniques I learned from the book. Believe me when I say that I thought this book was going to be BS. I was able to clean up my credit and also purchased a beautiful brand new home with the help of Debt Cures. I agree that he sounds like a sales man on TV, lol, but the book was really beneficial for me.

  39. I called and purchased the book back in November….still waiting on that darn book! I keep cancelling the charges that they keep charging my account for, but not the book. I give up. No one seems to care there, so dont bother ‘trying’ to buy anything. They just want to charge your account with silly charges, and give you nothing for them.

  40. lucille gosnell says:

    I want my newsletter cancelled and no more charges done to my bank account apparently this company makes it allmost impossible to get a hold of them for any reason unless you want to spend money for their product. I am on a very limited budget I can not affored to pay your monthly fees for the newsletter . You do not seem to be any better than any other scams out there. You make it impossible to cancel anything, just so you get our money that is how it looks to us.

  41. Hello Lucille-

    Thank you for your comments.

    Sorry to hear about your situation.

    You need to contact Debt Cures. I am not Debt Cures. This is just a review site for the Debt Cures book.

    Contact Debt Cures at https://www.debtcures2.com/custserv.asp

    Thank you,


    Debt Cures Reviews

  42. I came here searching for the two magic words and found them. After reading the reviews I would never buy this. Enjoyed the new tv infomercial with the big titted babes though.

  43. How can ANYONE take this guy seriously! Seriously! He’s so desperate for people to buy his garbage that he’s now putting barely dressed women in his infomercials to keep peoples attention. That’s when you know someone is at the bottom of the barrel.

    Take a few minutes to get a little history on this guy:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YN5ihrECJms. Nuff said.

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