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A short review of Debt Cures


One reader, NODebt, sent in a cliff notes version of his review of Debt Cures. This is suitable for anyone who does not want to read the 4 part review I did of the book. Thanks, NODebt.

Here is a short review of Debt Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About:

Personally I kind of like Kevin – think he does care about people but this book is a complete waste of money. I read the entire book in 1 hour because practically all of it is just stupid stories explaining the problem. We already KNOW the problem Kevin! This book might be good for young school-age kids but that’s it. Save your money.

Here’s the “secret” information offered in the book.

The banks are out to get you! No c$%p! We know they’re just a bunch of greedy b&*%$ds with the ethics of a sewer rat

Get a copy of your credit report free every year – of course.

Don’t admit to any debt.

Cry “Identity Theft” to erase charges (now be ethical)

Draft a financial statement showing you have negative equity (net worth) and cannot pay – show to creditors; they may make a deal.

Ask for a credit limit increase – Wow! pure genius!

Ask for a lower interest rate – Whoa! that’s crazy!

If your FICO score is less than 619 you are high risk. >= 661 is OK

Better your FICO score by asking a friend or relative with GOOD credit to simply add you to their card. Make sure that company reports you to the credit agencies – some don’t. Not a bad suggestion

Most states have a statute of limitations on debt after which it cannot be legally collected. Most states are 6 yrs, some as low as 3. Check this link:

Get a secured credit card (you borrow against your own money) duh!

Get a small installment loan and pay off – duh!

FREE money! Visit www.Grants.gov, www.fundsnetservices.com, www.foundationcenter.org, www.kn.paceball.com, www.sba.gov, www.womensbusinessgrants.com, www.fns,usda.gov/cnd/lunch (free school lunch), www.idanetwork.com (money matched savings for home, etc. sounds interesting), www.energystar.gov (tax credit)

There’s more stuff of course but that’s really about all you get for your $42.

Now go get out of debt and stay that way!

Thanks again NODebt.

Have a great day,


Debt Cures Reviews


  1. When I called the toll-free number for this book today (Weds 12-05-07 11:45am EST)(off of one of the informercials), I specifically asked HOW can I order a book without a credit card?. The answer was “We can do an echeck”. I then asked about future purchases being charged. Answer: “We will make you FIVE other offers which YOU the customer are under no obligation to buy”. When I went to ask one more question (the total call was only about 2-minutes old at this time), I was politely asked to call back when I had done some individual research as “other callers were waiting”.

    Thanks for the review above it saved me atleast 41.95.
    However, when I called gov.grants, as their website was , well, rather cryptically organized, the operator told me SHE herself had ordered Lesko’s book. She was very nice, gave me a case number, and recommended three other legit .gov sites more attuned to the consumer/individual.
    http://www.govebenefits.gov, http://www.govloans.gov, and http://www.usa.gov

    Guess what though. MOST of the grants are for organizations/universities/small business. Dave Ramsey is right even though he might not be what we want to hear.
    Most people will have to find and work a second job to PAY OFF their debts then use extreme discipline and self-sacrifice as a lifestyle from now on out.


    Some of us without a primary job however, and hurt are in a pickel, especially to short-term title and payday loaners. My only option is probably Chapter 7 and having my humble, but paid-for home attached.

    The ONLY thing Troudeau is right about is what the banks and credit card companies have always been about. Keeping you a slave. The problem is, the money changers have not only “taken over the temple” they did it with our individual blessing. We’re an instant gratification society for the most part who will worry about the monthly payments (instead of the entire accrued cost of debt) to satisfy our childish desires. In some cases, where legit medical debt has wiped out savings and income of atleast one individual in a family, legitimate Chapter 7 liquidation is a MORAL OBLIGATION of our govenment to restore. Otherwise, people like my sister-in-law, who makes 65 grand a year and YET has run-up 60 thousand in credit card and finance debt with nothing to show, should be forced to work that second, and maybe THIRD job, living on rice-and-beans until her debt is eliminated.

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