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Are you struggling with paying down credit card debt? Looking for debt cures?

Why does it seem like it is so hard to get out of credit card debt? Could it be that any late fee or over the limit fee negates any progress you might have made this month? You could be a on-time payer for years and just miss one payment by a few days and have your interest rate double or worse.

The credit card companies have no problem kicking you when you’re down. If you miss one or two payments they will cut your credit card limit to within a few dollars of your current balance so if you continue to miss payments they will sock you with $78 in fees each month you miss. You get charged a $39 late fee and a $39 over the limit fee. Not to mention your interest rate will probably hover around 29% which makes it almost impossible to pay down credit card debt.

For situations like this is why Kevin Trudeau comes out what a book promising Debt Cures that can get the credit card companies off your back, waive late fees and other fees, and reduce your interest rates, and help you eliminate your credit card debt. Not to mention the possibility of getting free money from the government. He now has a new book called Free Money that goes into more depth on getting your free money.

So how do you pay down and eliminate your credit card debt? Well for one thing if you are struggling to come up with the minimum payment right now, you are not going to save your way out of debt. You’ll be saving money and earning 1% interest at most while paying up to 29% in interest on your debt. There is just no way you can get ahead this way.

You may already be working a second job and it still may not be enough. What this economy it is hard to make extra money but that does not mean it is impossible. I’m still making a couple hundred dollars extra per month with the Hubpages I created a few months ago.

Bankruptcy and debt settlement are also options. I’ve discussed the pros and cons of each in a previous post. One thing I forgot to mention to was that if you are on a fixed income, bankruptcy may be a better option than debt settlement. You can find out by getting a free bankruptcy evaluation. But other than that, debt settlement is a better way to get debt relief without all the consequences of filing bankruptcy.

A question you may be asking is why don’t the credit card companies lower my interest rate when I call them? The credit card companies are not going to work with you if you are a good customer. They have no reason to lower your interest rate if you are paying on time every month because you are making them money. It is only when you fall behind on your payments that they risk losing money on your account. This is when they will start working with you and offering hardship arrangements and lowering your interest rates.

To sum up, those are your options for paying down credit card debt. Make more money through a second job or freelance work and use bankruptcy or debt settlement to reduce your balances. Those are the debt cures that work. You can learn a little bit more about them by getting Kevin Trudeau’s book or just reading several posts on this site. I’ve reviewed the entire book chapter by chapter for you.

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  1. I have got charged only $24 late fee and I am not sure that its true in this article…

  2. Hello Dorothy-

    Thank you for your comments. The late fee can vary from credit card bank to credit card bank. What is true is they are looking for ways to increase how much they earn from you before the new changes go into effect in Feb 2010.

    Thank you,


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