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Credit card debt relief is real and you can be debt free in as little as 12 to 36 months with this National Debt Relief Program

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Why choose debt settlement over bankruptcy, debt consolidation or credit counseling?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy fails 67% of the time (source)

Credit counseling and debt consolidation fail 75% of the time (source)

You will not find a more effective solution for your debt problems than debt settlement.

There is NO FEE until your credit card debt is settled.

Does debt settlement work? Yes.

Take a look at some of these results:

Bank of America settlement offers

Outstanding balance        Settlement            Saved         Settlement %

$25,615                 $3842                $21,773               15%

$20,177                $4452                $15,725                22%

Can you imagine paying only 15% or 22 percent of your outstanding balance and getting the remaining credit card debt forgiven?

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You can settle your debts with all the major banks such as Bank of America, Chase, HSBC, Advanta, Barclays, Citi, Discover Card, FIA Card Services, American Express, Wells Fargo, US Bank and Capital One Bank.

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