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Debt Cures is a good book, here is why

Hello all-

Debt Cures is a good book! Some have even called this book an “awesome book!”

While I wouldn’t necessarily call it an awesome book, I would agree that it does have value and it can be more than worthwhile for someone who has debt and money problems they would like to get rid of, which happens to be millions of us. With this post, I am going to post some positive Debt Cures reviews visitors have submitted. In a future post, I will do the opposite and post some not so flattering views of Kevin Trudeau’s get out of debt book.

Thank you all for your comments.

Here’s one reason why Debt Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About is a good book:

“This book has literally thousands of useful pieces of information. If some piece of information doesn’t apply to you then skip it. This book is literally a one-stop shop for data to help people take control over their finances.
My suggestion is to buy the book because you will never be able to do the research on the internet that he has in this book.

Don’t buy the lies of those brain-dead people who don’t want you to have this information. And seriously, it costs only a few bucks which is well worth it since you can end up saving or making thousands if not more.

No kidding.”

And then this same visitor posted a second comment:

“One last thing…

If you want to know how our system is rigged so that you can become CAUSE over it, and not the EFFECT anymore…. then you need to know this information in this book. Believe me, after reading it, you’ll realize that the people are being setup for major financial problems by some very greedy industries and our government is aiding in the pillage.”

And one more comment:

“Great book!

It’s got all the information you need organized nicely in one place. You can probably spend years trying to weed through tons of good and bad information and never feel confident your getting all the information you need. Kevin Trudeau’s book is an easy read and packed full of information that WILL help you.

Trudeau is one of my heroes for his bravery in exposing different scam industries and he’s doing it again with Debt Cures.

Thank you Kevin!”

Here’s another positive for Kevin Trudeau and Debt Cures:

“I applauded Kevin Trudeau’s fight against the FDA, FTC, and other healthcare entities as well as the credit and bank instititions for letting the American people know the truth and allowing U.S. to make informed decisions about our physical and financial health. I have experienced firsthand the results of organic vs unorganic lifestyle. As soon as I returned to unorganic eating due to the expense of organic foods; my health has started to deteriorate. I would not have believe this if I did not try it for myself; I was the guinea pig for my family!!!!! My children ages 9 and 12 are learning and educating classmates and teachers. My son was asked to tell his class what organic eating means. They are always asking if what I prepared is organic or not, because they prefer organic foods for the taste and health benefits. And as far as the debt cures, it works if you keep at it diligently. It has been empowering. There will be enormous amount of people hate-bashing Kevin Trudeau’s efforts, maybe because they did not come up with the idea first. Before you take my word or anyone else in this matter, discover for yourself and then make a conscientious decision about your physical or financial health as I have. I am glad I did not review these comments before I bought the book. Kudos Kevin Trudeau”

Thank you Vanessa for your comments.

Many people come to this site and see the book is from Kevin Trudeau and immediately start thinking SCAM!!

I would say it is hard to blame you for thinking that. He has had some negative actions in the past. If the cost of the book is out of your reach at its current price, wait until it comes out to the major booksellers and then get your copy. By that time it will probably cost $12-$15 at Walmart, Sam’s, Costco, and Amazon. But if you’re worried about spending $40 to read about getting out of debt, wouldn’t that be more of a reason to get it?

And here’s a good comment from Dave about books like this one and other books about finances in general. Thank you Dave.

“Hello Everyone,

Just thought that I would say hi and mention one thing.

A person’s past does not discount the ‘trueness’ of the information they present.

If you want to stay in debt (I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and it changed my life!) and if you want to stay fat, cranky and in generally poor health – then don’t read the books.

The books are a stepping stone to better things regardless of the source. Don’t tie the author to the information. Let the information itself liberate you.

Last thing – Knowledge is NOT power, only APPLIED knowledge is power.

Buy the book (or any book for that matter), apply it and change.

Sounds simple – it’s not. There are no shortcuts. There is no ‘magic’ method of weight-loss. There are other weight-loss ideas other than hCG injections. There are ways to get out of debt, payoff credit cards, and make more money. Kevin’s books are just one way.

Apply what you learn – you won’t be sorry,

ps. All information has some ‘crap’ attached to it. If you can get one gem out of a book and apply it and it works for you then it’s worth the twenty bucks – or at least I think so.”

Thanks again. If you have a review of Debt Cures to share, please submit a comment for others to read.

Thank you all for your comments, positive and negative are all welcome.

Happy Holidays to you all.


Debt Cures Reviews


  1. Roberta Hamlin says:

    I would like the address to order the book or the phone number! I saw the promo on Tv but have trouble finding HOW and Where to order the book itself. ANYTHING that would help us get debt free is worth at least checking out, especially if it can be done ourselves. I do not know how or where, or what forms to ask for from the government to even apply for some of the grants mentioned.

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