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Debt Cures Reviews not Debt Cures

Hello all-

People keep sending in comments asking about their orders and sending me comments as if I was Kevin Trudeau and Debt Cures. This is a review site of Debt Cures, this is not the official Debt Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About site. That site is www.debtcures.com, this site is www.debtcuresreviews.com.

If you need Debt Cures Customer Service go here: https://www.debtcures.com/custserv.asp

www.debtcures.com is Kevin Trudeau’s site where you can buy his book. I would actually recommend you buy it there instead of over the phone where you can easily click what you want and what you don’t want and not have to deal with the phone reps who have to pitch you all those upsells because it is there job.

If you have a review of Debt Cures you would like to share, you can send that in and I will post as many as I can. If you have a question about a book order or want to order the book, go to www.debtcures.com

Thanks and have a great day,


Debt Cures Reviews


  1. Hey Adam,

    Hope I am doing this right, so that you will actually get this reply! New at this Blog thing…I have read all your posts and others comments to you today about the book by KT , Debt Cures. Which I have recently purchased. It will indeed help me…and I have just now began reading….as well as skipping through later chapters….that I should not be doing yet.
    ……but my reason for sending this to you today, is that I actually attempted “three” different times to Email the address given to “Send your comments and questions to for the Debt Cures Newsletter”. AND EVERY TIME…guess what it was Returned to me as not able to deliver!! It tells you in the FAQ section on the website, that IF you have ordered before….and wish to ask about something else…etc…to GO TO the Returning Customer section….which guess was…IS STILL “IN PROGRESS” OF BEING PUT TOGETHER!!
    ……Just thought this was a bit irritating!! To Not even be able to email the Newsletter! And that you might want to share the Info.
    Thanks for posting ALL you have!
    Lisa…in Alabama

  2. pam gibson says:

    i ordered the debt cure book and have been trying to get an individual grant from grant .gov but can not get registered. if you could help me it would be appreciated

  3. Rebecca E. Johnson says:

    Please, not only help me with the grant.gov website, but also tell me why have you been charging my account $39.95 since I ordered your book, yes, I’ld like my money back–since Aug-June. Why is it I’m unable to get an appointment with you to discuss my plans and dreams. I really feel you have some explaining to do. As for the over-charge, I’m not the only one I know. What has the Federal Trade Commission going to think of a person trying to get out of debt and being ripped off by the one who says they can help!

  4. Hello Rebecca-

    Thank you for message.

    However, I am not Debt Cures, I am not affiliated with Debt Cures, all I do is provide reviews of KT’s book.

    You will need to contact him at http://www.debtcures.com



  5. HI,
    I need to know who I can talk to about all the money I have been charged due to just wanting the book from Kevin Trusdale. I get the debt cures paper which I didnt order and they are charging me and I need to know how to stop it.There isnt any number for me to call or email address.I cant afford to have this money keep coming out of my account, which is my checking account.Please help me find out what to do before I get into something I cant get out of with the bank.
    Cindy Lee

  6. Hello Cindy-

    Thank you for your comments.

    If you need Debt Cures customer service, go here:




    Debt Cures Reviews

  7. I am yet again one who has been ripped off by the infamous debt cures scam. I just noticed that my account was being charged for a newsletter that I stated back in March that I did not want to continue to have sent to me and be charged. Granted that I just noticed this but when you tell a supposedly reputable GET OUT OF DEBT co. that you do not want a product that you will be charged for you would think they would listen. When I called to dispute this the lady I spoke to was not only RUDE but she said that if that was her she would have called months ago when it was first being taken out. Well thats just it, you do call to cancal to begin with but they go ahead and keep takin and you dont notice.Wonderful Kevin you do exactly what you condemn every agency
    who has something to offer america. You conive and thieve and take the hard working Americans dime.

  8. Frank Gallegos says:

    I was with a credit network that said they would roll back over due mortgage On tail end of my mortgage WHICH was 1200.00 But it did happen I was in foreclosure. They stopped the foreclosure but

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