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Debt Cures Reviews


My name is Adam and I want to do a review of Kevin Trudeau’s new book – Debt Cure$. I saw the infomercial and decided to take a look at his website and see more about the book. There is plenty of controversy about his other “cures” books and I imagine there will be the same about this one.

I decided to order the book to check it out and see what’s inside. Just from ordering the book and that whole ordeal, it doesn’t seem like Mr. Trudeau really wants to help you get out of debt more so than selling a whole bunch of products you may not need.

In another post, I’ll post screenshots of what happened when I ordered Debt Cures and all the products he tried to sell me in addition to the main book and CDs.

Then, when I get the book, I’ll read it and post about what’s inside it and if it can really help you get out of debt or not.

Update: Here are my reviews of Debt Cures:

Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures Book Review Part 1

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Does Debt Cures provide a ‘cure’ for your debt problems?


Debt Cures Reviews


  1. Hello I ordered the book in September and never received it. I called customer service and they said they would send out a letter for me to fill out and they would follow up with the post office, I asked was there a tracking number she said NO, so how are you going to follow up? Well I called back several time my most recent time was today and the customer service rep said they reshipped the book on December 5th, well today is the 20th and I have not received my book yet. I got scammed. I will call the credit card company tomorrow to see if I can get a credit.

  2. I was charged for a rush order before Christmas. I was told it would come by 12/21. Well it is not here. I called to check on the two products I ordered and they could not confirm it’s arrival. I asked for a full refund including shipping, because they did not do what was promised. Well, I have to wait until the product arrive to me, then make the request. I should have listened to my daughter who highly advised me to go to the internet to look up the same stuff that was in the Debt Cure book. She warned me that this gimmick is not what it appears, hassle free.

  3. As a current employee of a call center that takes calls for all of KTs products, believe me when I say most of us HATE taking his calls. The upsells are overboard and all his information you can find free on the internet. Or better yet, get it cheaper off of amazon or free from the library. He’s a crook and is being investigated by some states. He’s only out to get your money.
    If you do decided to call and order, simply state “If you offer me anything else, I will cancel” Those are the magic words to get to the end of the call. That also goes with anything you buy from a commercial.

  4. Thanks Adam,

    I too, was up early one morning, self employed with over whelming debt. My prayer for good old Kevin is that God let the seeds he has sown grow in his life and business.

    I think I am going to check out Dave Ramsey.

    Be blessed,

  5. this guy is a snake oil salesman after ordering his weight loss books and finding out you would have to be independently wealthy to possible follow most of the program [ie a celebrity]i asked for my money back.took 4 calls over 3 months to get a credit back with alot of hold time completely bull#$%& he’s a great salesman DON’T FALL FOR IT.

  6. Thanks Adam,

    I have been seeing this commercial all the time and my husband and I would listen to what Kevin had to say about his book. It seemed interesting because I really wanted to clear my debt quickly. What almost made me buy the book was when he mentioned that in the book he describes how you can get a certain amount of money and “Never have to pay it back”. Today before actually purchasing the book I decided to do research on this guy luckly I did not purchase the book. Thanks again Adam.

  7. Hello-

    I am giving away a free copy of Debt Cures. You can check it out here:





  8. Adam, what about the review on the book?

  9. This is never easy.

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