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Debt Cures Reviews


My name is Adam and I want to do a review of Kevin Trudeau’s new book – Debt Cure$. I saw the infomercial and decided to take a look at his website and see more about the book. There is plenty of controversy about his other “cures” books and I imagine there will be the same about this one.

I decided to order the book to check it out and see what’s inside. Just from ordering the book and that whole ordeal, it doesn’t seem like Mr. Trudeau really wants to help you get out of debt more so than selling a whole bunch of products you may not need.

In another post, I’ll post screenshots of what happened when I ordered Debt Cures and all the products he tried to sell me in addition to the main book and CDs.

Then, when I get the book, I’ll read it and post about what’s inside it and if it can really help you get out of debt or not.

Update: Here are my reviews of Debt Cures:

Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures Book Review Part 1

Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures Book Review Part 2

Debt Cures Review Part 3

Does Debt Cures provide a ‘cure’ for your debt problems?


Debt Cures Reviews


  1. I just purchased the “Natural Cures Revealed” for 9.95 S&H from an infomercial but the “customer service” agent tried to sell me (at least) 5 other products (she spoke so fast I couldn’t keep track) that had nothing to do with Kevin Treduea…I’m regretting for even getting it. I honestly want to know if the “Debt Cures” legitament? He’s so convincing! LoL! Please, if you’ve read it…Post your comments!!!! Thanks for this website Adam!

  2. interested in your review says:

    I look forward to reading your review. I’m in quite a bit of medical & school debt, as well as some credit card debt. Would be interestesd in what the “2 magic words are that you say about your reported ceredit report mistakes!
    As well as any other wisdom you may glean from the book.

  3. I saw the infomercial today and was interested in buying this book. I decided to do a little research before purchasing ‘Debt Cures’. I came across your post, and am glad I did. I think I will wait until you do your review until I order my books. So please keep us posted! Thanks!

  4. what are the 2 word he wants to sell for 29.95?

  5. I’ve already purchased one book and had to cancell my card number, and for some reason after seeing Kevin’s info. on tv just curious about this book, but afraid to be taken advantage of. I’m very interested about what others think about the debt cures book.

  6. Please send me a review of Debt Cures, thank you

    Michael T

  7. debbie drew says:

    adam- i think it’s great that you are willing to purchase the book and share your thoughts w the public. i just finished watching kevins debt relief info mercial and i gotta tell ya, he is some kind of a salesman. all of the promises he proposes cannot be true. i’ll be curious to see what your thoughts are………i have to admit tho, i was tempted to buy it!! deb

  8. My cousin told me about this book and she really wants to buy it. I decided to look into a little more and to be honest, I will stick with Dave Ramsey. Many churches are using Dave Ramsey because his stuff actually works. And you can purchase his books in bookstores at reasonable prices or contact a local church to see if they are holding classes for Financial Peace University.

  9. I (like others) saw the infomercial and was very intrigued. Kevin, did a real good job of selling this book. I too was really considering in purchasing it. After coming across Adam’s response, I have decided that I will want to hear what Adam has to say. Adam, thanks for purchasing the book. I can’t wait to hear your review. If all of Kevin’s promises are true, then WHY aren’t more people aware of these “PROGRAMS”? Like Debbie, I too was very tempted in buying this book. If I do consider buying this, I’ll wait until 2008, when the book will be out in the bookstores.

  10. Guys:

    Same as you I was intrigued about the effectivness of this guy’s system to reduce debts and get “free money”from the government to pay your debts. Please make a google search with this guy’s name “Kevin Trudeau” and you will find the big scammer who makes money out of the poor and needed is no other than himself. He has built a multi billion industry scamming on infomercials.

    All the references talk about his fraudulent claims and problems with justice. Here is one of many http://dir.salon.com/story/books/feature/2005/07/29/trudeau/index.html

    He published several books about natural cures, where he displays complete lack of knowledge about how the body works.

    What is even worst. There are warnings from consumer boards that prevent people from calling to his 1-800 number because they are being charged several times with things they never purchased.

    In my case I can wait until I can read his book from walmart’s shelf.

    Take care

  11. I saw his infomercial too briefly & found this review. As i searched further…saw this site re: his background record. WOW…is all i can say.
    And you decide if you really want the books…sad that there are people like him out there. Good luck all read the website attached below. It’s pretty informative

  12. Adam,
    I saw the advertisement last night and wanted to immediately order the book, Debt Cures. Today I reviewed Kevin Trudeau and am hesitant. Then I read your post and will wait for your review.
    You are a brave soul,

  13. Hello everyone-

    Thanks for your comments. I was aware of his background. That he did go to prison and all that stuff. But, many people will be buying this book or tempted to buy this book because many of us are in debt and looking for a way out. So that’s why I started this site. To help people make a better decision.

    Still waiting on the book.


  14. Hello all
    My name is Linda and because I can’t sleep I ran into Kevin’s infomercial. I was excited initially and called to order but before the salesperson could take my information, he wanted me to get more books and just pay s&s. I decided to hang up on him and do a little research. There are so many negative reviews about his natural cures book that I just could not take the chance to order. I am anxious to see what Adam finds out about the debt book.

  15. Adam what are the two words?
    I saw the advertisement This morning and wanted to immediately order the book, Debt Cures. Today I reviewed Kevin Trudeau and am hesitant. Then I read your post and I will wait for your review. Thanks for the information.
    It seems that if you out to help the people cure their debts then you would lower the shipping cost. What a scam


  16. Adam & all,
    I too just purchased the book this afternoon more out of curosity than anything else. The sales rep tried to sell other items, and stated that the first newsletter was free but that there will be a recurring charge of $9.99 billed to my credit card if I did not cancel. Looks like the scam continues from his previous programs. I have no doubt that I will be doing battle with this company and my creditcard company to get these charges removed down the road. Let’s just say that after buying the book I became quite the skeptic! I guess this will test the 30 day MBG! LOL!
    He speaks of CC companies being predators – looks like the pot calling the kettle black to me!
    I’m trying to be open minded – let’s see how it all goes before I pass judgement…..just looks like a failed start to me!

  17. Here’s a helpful website that offers some useful info on how to avoid scams.

  18. has anyone read this book? sounds ligit, this is why i never watch infomercials, thought it was a talk show. need to know-in trouble now.

  19. Hi everyone.
    I did it!! I purchased the book, “Debt Cures”!

    Before doing so, I checked out Trudeau’s history (Wikipedia) and read quite a few negative reviews on his past books. I was not impressed.
    What did impress me, though, was his seemingly earnest presentation of “Debt Cures” on his infomercial.

    I admit to having substantial cc debt and I bought the book with no interest in or expectation of a “get out of debt free” card or formula. I spent cc companies’ money and I intend on working to pay it back.

    What I do HOPE to obtain, though, is some insight into the scams that, I think, cc companies and banks are invariably conducting via hidden fees and arbitrary penalties in order to maximize profit on me. I expect that “Debt Cures” will contain in itself either information that is valuable and useable about how loan lenders and debt collectors operate or more links to simply purchase other material.

    To me, the former would be worth the $42 (incl. s&s) that I paid. The latter would only further prove that this Trudeau guy is a crock.

    Like Adam, I’ll be in touch with my opinion on the value and worth of this book.

  20. hi, i’m 17years old and I am really interested in Kevin’s books. I have read his books on health cures and I’ve found it very useful. It’s funny on how everytime I look something up, that is natural, I find 1000 websites telling me not to buy it. I just bought the debt cure book because I want it for my parents. I dont really understand how you can recieve $20, 000 in 24 hrs. lol. I find it interesing.

    When ive ordered his books ive never had an issue with the order or anything else. Of course, the woman always tries selling me a bunch of other stuff but I just say “no”. I dont know why so many people critisize that. Everytime you are going to buy something the salesman always wants to sell you more stuff. so whatever.

    As soon as I recieve the debt cure book i’m going to start reading it. I believe that what Kevin says makes sense. I know he has a bad record because I read it in Wikipedia but I dont really care about his past. It doesnt have anything to do with what he’s doing now. Everytime someone wants to do something people always look at the person’s past and nobody is perfect so I dont judge him by that.

  21. Wolfgang Smutz says:

    If Trudeau’s “Debt Cures” book is anything like his “Natural Cures . . .” book then it is a tool to promote his other products, news letters, etc. I wouldn’t risk any of my money on it. If the book answered the questions that were presented then it may have some worth. However, if one has to buy other expensive products to get the answers, as was the case with the “Natural Cures” book then it’s a lot of money to pay for promotional material. I figured it would have cost over $700.00 dollars to get the answers in the other “Cures” book.

    Not worth it.


  22. When he first lost weight, he said on an infomercial back then that he was on the Atkins Diet. That wasn’t in his weight loss book.
    Just wait to read this debt book for free at Costco, Barnes&Noble, Borders, etc.

  23. Urban Boy says:

    Hi, Like everyone else, I obviously seen the infomercial for the “Debt Cures” book and I honestly have to say that the guy sounded pretty sincere to me. I am always doubtful of anything people are trying to sell me but this seems like a purchase that might be worth it. The thing that got me is how he called out Bank of America and that happens to be the company that I chose to consolidate my debt with. I am now paying back $30,000 for a $14,000 loan and it is rediculous. I read Trudeau’s report on Wikipedia and he definitely does have a bad past but people change. The man is obviously out to make money but aren’t we all?? I want to purchase the book but I am willing to wait until the book hits the shelves. I am really curious as to what you (Adam) will find out in the book. But even if you say that it’s worth it, I will still wait until I can purchase it in person. I don’t like to give my credit card information over the phone or the internet. I can’t lie though, it would persuade me more to buy the book if it actually got some really good reviews… Thanks for making the gutsy move Adam

  24. Yes. I also saw the infomercial. And what he says about the insane amount of debt people have and the interest they are paying back. It’s insane and I have to agree 100% with him on that. Still I don’t know if his book would be able to help any of us if it just contained info on what their doing but “NO RESOURCES” such as contact numbers to call or email’s and how to get started or something of that sort. It would then only be worth the buy.

  25. I can’t wait to see what you get from the book Adam. This is why I love the internet. You can find out about every scam, deal, or game out there without spending any more money!

  26. I don’t know what his two magic words are, but I’ll give you mine:
    Attorney General. Let me explain. I had similar “surprise” and unidentified charges from another company, Video Professor, in addition to endless mailings of un asked for items, with no warning. If you search that, you will also find many complaints.
    When they did not give me any help on the phone I said I would have to call the atty gen. I got a refund the same day.

    I imaging his two words are “informercial marketing”.
    Or, “must cancel”. I have trained myself not to sign up for any clubs or memberships that make ME do the work of canceling, or at least keep a close eye on any automatic withdrawals. One snuck by me, a yearly membership. My CC had said, I learned later, that if I didn’t use the card, the changes wouldn’t take effect. I wasn’t using it, or so I thought.
    Many cards have a thing…unless we hear from you, we are going to do so and so. How many people get ill, have a stroke, or die everyday? They count on a certain percentage of people not being able to jump through their hoops, not just forgetting, and we are legion.
    I hope this helps everyone. I didn’t buy the book. Kudos to everyone who posted and esp to those who hung up on the
    people trying to sell other products. Waiting for the review.

  27. My grandmother had a name for men like Kevin Trudeau – CARPETBAGGER!! If you want to get out of debt stick with Dave Ramsey’s program or check out Suzie Orman who has great financial advice. Bought one of the Cures books and was could not believe it – what a rip off! Don’t through your money away – Kevin is slick and smooth tongued and yes he sure puts on a good sales show!

  28. Thank you for sharing!

  29. Hi Adam, Isn’t the internet great !

    Enjoyed all the comments above. There is always a kernal of truth in the “pitcheman’s pitch.”

    Years ago a guy sold guaranteed genuine pur copper engraved images of our beloweved 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. The bio of the engraver was touted and the cost was a mere $1.00.

    Everyone got exactly what was described by return mail. It was a bright new penny.

    If you check e bay you can place a bit for the Debt Cure package of materials (no mention of the newsletter) and the current bid as I write this is a mere $65 plus.

    I guess it just shows that there is “one born every minute”

    THanks for your service Adam. God Bless You. Sid

  30. DO NOT SEND THIS GUY ANY MONEY! He is and always has been a scam artist. Just go to Amazon.com and read the peer reviews all of them are quite unhappy with his books and they feel scammed. What makes you think it will be any different with any of the topics he picks to publish books about.
    PLEASE read about this guy before you give him a dime. I too was taken with his Natural Cures Infomercial, but after some digging found out he is not all what he purports to be, he is a flim flam man. Fortunately, I haven’t given him a cent. He is a con-man and very good at what he does.

  31. Michelle M. says:

    I also saw the infomercial…I don’t have the book…, but I bet the two words are “file bankruptcy”. The creditors don’t get their money after that. I’d like to know if anyone finds out.

  32. Hello all-

    I just posted part 2 of my review of Debt Cures and talked about the two magic words that Kevin Trudeau talks about. And no they are not “file bankruptcy.” You can read the review:




  33. Hello,
    I often see Kevin Trudeau making his infomercial presentations on TV. First with his “Nature Cures” and now with his ” Debt Cures” . Though I know what he is saying are what we may call “Sales Pitches”, from a Consumer Advocacy’s perspective, it does really make a lot of sense.

    I hope Kevin could continue pursuing his consumer advocacy with more vigor and enthusiasm, more so now with his new found riches. Kevin, the areas to move forward to is a lot, and we need more of YOU to do just that.

    More power to you Kevin.


  34. is it IDENTITY THEFT??? just curious, i haven’t read the book but those two words have worked for me in the past.. soo..

  35. Adam

    I have to tell you … I just watched the infomercial and decided I would order the book out of curiosity more than anything else and of course I was truly hoping that there is morsel of value and truth in what Kevin Trudeau is trying to sell the masses. I wasn’t surprised that the marketer/operator (KIM) was going to attempt to have me purchase much more than what I wanted (the book only), but after saying no twice she still continued… I became quite frustrated and said that I wanted to cancel the order. She then informed me that she just had to mention one more offer and then she could complete my order and that offer was to sell me the newsletter for $9.99. I said no again and she said that she would now send me the newsletter free and if I decided that I didn’t want to receive it monthly I could call and cancel it at anytime, which says to me that I will automatically be charged $9.99 a month unless I cancel. NOW not only I am totally against ordering I am FURIOUS and told her to cancel my order immediately She said she would … I waited a minute and asked her did she cancel my order and she told me that she could not. The computer wouldn’t allow her to. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said “there isn’t one here”. I was LIVID. I asked her how this was any different than the very thing Kevin was talking about. I was being ripped offed. In the end I had only been on the phone 10 minutes, and cancelled my order and was told it was irreversible unless I called their 800 number the next day.
    All I can say is WATCH OUT PEOPLE! Although there may be a glimmer of value in what Mr. Trudeau is trying to put out there. I am not totally convinced that you couldn’t get some of the information by going to your local bookstore or go online to find how to get free grants and much more including the “so called secrets”. I think the method of marketing is designed in hope that innocent consumers will not realize that they will be continually charged and Mr. Trudeau will benefit until they catch on. This makes him no different that some of the very devious Credit card companies and banks that he fervently speaks out against albeit I agree with some of what he is saying. Something is so disturbing about this. Kevin’s shining armor is tarnished in my eyes!

  36. I saw this ad over tv and picked up the phone and called them. Guess what… the representative gave me a list of ‘free offers’, 30 day trial items, vacation in florida etc. etc… all to be charged on my credit card, in case I forgot to cancel them. I was taken aback by the contradiction – at one hand the author promises to provide information how to keep away from these potential damages, and on the other hand, his own customer service representatives allure the ‘potential’ customers of his book with these baits.

    Their standard shipping is 12 bucks and with this your book arrives in 3-5 ‘weeks’. Spend another 10 bucks to get it ‘shipped’ in 3-5 days.

    At first they weren’t ready to give me the full money back guarantee (no shipping charges refunded), but then out of frustration I requested them to cancel my order… and immediately they showed me their new bait – ‘we’ll refund you the shipping too’. I accepted this bait… but then finally after going through the full list of ‘offers’, which I denied altogether, the representative told me my order… and guess again… my order wasn’t taken properly. Meanwhile they had charged my credit card. Now, I’ll need to wait 24-48 hours and call their customer service. Who knows what I may face there.

    So, folks it is your decision to buy the book. I wasn’t impressed by the ordering. I guess if Kevin is a credible guy, he should hire services that reflect his message to the public.

  37. Debbi Hobbs says:

    For all of you that have been suckered into buying this book let me just say that anyone who has had to deal with fraudulent charges on their credit card soon learns that the two magic words are “Identity Theft”. I did not purchase this book, and will not ( I might borrow it, just for entertainment value). Here is some FREE advice on how to control ( it’s impossible to get out of) debt.
    1. pay off lowest balance credit card, while still paying minimum on others. Take difference from paid off card and pay off next lowest balance card… continue. It will take time but your credit score will improve and you will be in more control.
    2 On payday, put aside 5-10 % into a interest bearing savings account, BEFORE you pay bills.
    3. Figure out what your weekly living expenses are and get that amount of money from your bank and put your credit cards (except one for emergency) into a safety deposit box at your bank. Take the one emergency credit card and freeze it. Carry one check with you. (Leave the other checks in the SDB) Use only cash for purchases. If you need to purchase something outside of your “allowance” write a check, but remember to deduct that amount from future “allowances” over a period of weeks or months.
    4.Do not charge up more than 35% of total credit, but do put a small amount on your credit card that you can pay. Paying off credit cards for good actually lowers your credit score. You shouldn’t have more than five credit cards. If you have more, cancel the highest interest ones. Get rid of store credit cards. Any specials they have are counter productive by the time you pay the bill.
    A great, and easy thing to do to help build your credit up ( after you have paid your credit card off- refer to step 1):
    say you have 4 credit cards. There about 4 weeks in a month.
    Once a week full up your gas tank ( or purchase transportation pass/tokens etc.) using one credit card. As soon as you get home that day send the payment in to that credit card company.Do not wait to get the bill. The revolving credit will be there, but you will not have to deal with billing cycles or late fees. The next week, use a different card and so on.
    5. Stop buying junk you don’t use. Just because it’s on sale it doesn’t make it a bargain.
    6.clean out your closets and storage areas and have a yard sale. put proceeds towards your debt. Or donate the items and take the tax write- off. Those really come in handy.
    7 Allot a reasonable amount of money each week for entertainment. If you don’t find time for fun you can resent it and actually go into deeper debt by overcompensating.
    8. If you have children, give them age appropriate chores and pay them an allowance. Allow them to spend 40% and require that they put 60% into a savings towards a wanted item. Explain to them that when they have twice as much as needed for the item they may purchase it. That way they always have money saved and they get to enjoy their purchase more.
    9 DO NOT BUY THINGS ON TV OR ONLINE. The shipping and interest fees will hurt you. If you can’t pay cash for it at a store, you really don’t need it. Believe it or not there was a time that you had to actually talk to a salesperson face to face. You didn’t have to “press one for english”.
    10. IF you have late fees or bank fees, take the time to go into the bank and talk to the bank manager and explain that you have a set plan to reduce your debt and ask if the bank will waive any overdraft or other fees. I have done this. You can’t do it more than once in a six month period, but if you are kind and honest with the bank, they will usually work with you. As far as credit card companies are concerned talk to a supervisor. Ask to have the late fee or overdraft fee removed in exchange for having the difference of the payment due paid in X amount of days (usually 10-15).
    So there you go. Advice to help you with your debt management. All I want as payment is for you to pass this advice on. Maybe we should send this plan to the government and demand that the FICA score become obsolete. Basically, it doesn’t matter what your previous credit experience. If you cannot afford it, you shouldn’t be extended credit for it (excluding medical needs)

    Save your money…..Don’t buy the book. Use common sense.

  38. thanks debbi. what great advice. you should write a book. ha ha

  39. I have read all his books. The first one, Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About. My son go very sick when he was 11 years old. He is 32 now. There was no cure at the time that worked as far as the medical profession was concerned. So I turned to Alternative Medicine. Everything in that book is true. I have know for years about the FDA and FTC and the things they do.When I read his book I cried because I have known about this information for so many years and he DID expose them. I was so happy he exposed them. I wished I could have done that so many times in the past.

    However, the things in his book about alternative health issues are very excellent but to expensive for the average person even if you had a health issue as bad as my sons.

    For the average person to go into a health food store and buy something you Have To Know What You Are Doing and you have to study to be able to buy the right products for just you. The corporations have been infiltrating the Health Food Stores for some time and they can pull the wool over your eyes. Be careful. They are trying to change the ingredient labeling to further make it complicated. Just like KT said in his book the word “Natural” does not mean healthy. Again be careful.
    His second book on Natural Cures was a repeat of the first book plus a little more..My way of thinking is that he has the ability to say the same thing over and over again so eventually you get it. I have talked to so many people about health that it take a lot to make people think on their own about their own health.We have let the medical profession think for us for so long that thinking in different terms is hard.It’s something that they know nothing about most of the time because when it comes to the vitamins and cleansers.

    Since his books have come out I have talked to more and more people that actually know something about alternative health. I think he did good on these books. Mostly I wish that doctors and the health industry could work together like they do in a lot of European countries. They can study about alternative health in colleges as part of their education. Here in this country you can find them only if they choose to study on their own and treat them using both medical and alternative. They are expensive and you have to ask if they will accept your insurance before going in.

    Now for Debt Cures. I have read the book and just finished it a few minutes ago. I am in debt and I did learn some things. Things I have read about before. I know that the debt does not leave your credit report for whatever amount of years if you don’t pay off the collector and have it wiped out. He did not mention that. However again he did give condensed information to get free money in the back of the book. Maybe there is a way to get some of that money and cure you debt. I don’t know yet. The last chapter or two deals with grants ect. I have read about this before also, and have tried to use some of the information before. But was difficult. The information I got in the past was to sparse and complicated. He has tons of website to got to and suggestion that sound good to me. I will probably start looking some up and will do a few of the things he said to do about improving my credit.

    I have one of Suze Ormans books and I felt disappointed because of how long it would take me to improve my credit. I am not young any more and I do not have the time her way to improve my credit.

    I watched her show a few times and she changed her way of improving your credit and she admitted that it was not in her first book. It was the same way that Debbie said to improve your credit by paying the smallest amounts first.

    Wow! I think I’m done.

    Love this site. Will return I’m sure

  40. We called to order Debt Cures, refusing to pay for the additional side offers. By the end of the order, the order taker was asked for the total price. The book was now $53.85 with shipping and handling!!! Apparently, the order taker wanted to pad her number of orders by charging us for additional items we had declined to order. What a scam. I asked her why the order total was not $41.90, and she said that it must have been a mistake. I then told her to cancel the entire order. The order taker said the order is cancelled. Now, our bank account has been charged $53.85!!!!

    Kevin Trudeau should be ashamed of himself for allowing these people to participate in fraudent activities.

  41. If anybody wants that book order it off of Ebay. You can avoid all the other B—- S—- Kevin will try suck you into.

  42. Adam thanks for the dialogue you opened up for this topic. Of all the reviews I have read, the 17 year old who posted his respone on 9/30/07 gave the most mature response i reviewed of everyone. For some reason, my viewer won’t show the full image of everyone’s name but I believe the name is “Kenny” [enny is all I can view]. In any event, I am very interested in seeing reviews of the books content before purchasing. I too wouldn’t hold his past against him nor more than I want anyone to hold mine against me. I can’t think of anyone, public or private, who doesn’t have character flaws. Much to do over agressive sales tactics does not speak to the content of the book. So I urge anyone who has purchased the bood to speak more to the content, with clarity and understanding, and not get caught up with collateral matters.

  43. Hello-

    Thank you everyone for your comments.

    I order most of the things I buy online since that way I will not have to deal with phone reps who have to sell me extra stuff to keep their jobs.

    If you want to order Debt Cures, you can do so at KT’s official site: http://www.debtcures.com/

    You can also contact customer service at that site too.

    I have also posted some Q&As about Debt Cures here:





  44. I’ve seen this commerical so many times for Debt Cures, and I’m interested in purchasing this book. I’ve got the Natural Cures book, and I think those books are very informative. Makes you think twice every time you go to the pharmacy. I’ve also started buying non name brands as they are cheaper and the same product.

    You can’t fault KT for the company he hired to process his orders. They are all the same. I’m sure ya’ll ordered off TV before. You will always get hit with extra offers no matter what you buy. So it’s not him.

    I’ve worked in call centers before. And it’s just part of the job to make those extra offers. Like the one operator said, you have to. And in this day and age, if you want to keep your job, you have to do what is required of you.

    About his past? I’m sure there isn’t a perfect person in this world. We all make mistakes. Its whether we learn from them or not. I didn’t check his past, as I don’t care about it. This man has knowledge and is passing it on, and yes, making money in the meantime. Don’t hate him because he thought of something you didn’t.

    We all want to make money fast. And until you come up with a sure way, you’re gonna remain poor like the rest of us. So you either buy the book or you don’t.

    Well I think I had my say. I just got tired of everyone bitchin about this and that on here. Use your common sense people. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Ha! I think he even said that at one time.

    So remember this, if you want to be debt free, stay out of the stores and off the internet.


  45. Hello Everyone,

    Just thought that I would say hi and mention one thing.

    A person’s past does not discount the ‘trueness’ of the information they present.

    If you want to stay in debt (I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and change my life!) and you want to stay fat, cranky and in generally poor health – then don’t read the books.

    The books are a stepping stone to better things regardless of the source. Don’t tie the author to the information. Let the information itself liberate you.

    Last thing – Knowledge is NOT power, only APPLIED knowledge is power.

    Buy the book (or any book for that matter), apply it and change.

    Sounds simple – it’s not. There are no shortcuts. There is no ‘magic’ method of weight-loss. There are other weight-loss ideas other than hCG injections. There are ways to get out of debt, payoff credit cards, and make more money. Kevin’s books are just one way.

    Apply what you learn – you won’t be sorry,

    ps. All information has some ‘crap’ attached to it. If you can get one gem out of a book and apply it and it works for you then it’s worth the twenty bucks – or at least I think so.

  46. Interestingly enough – My experience is the same as most of yours. I saw Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures infomercial, and wanted to take advantage of what may be some good information. I stayed on the phone a total of 15-30 minutes, getting pitched various products and services! I respectfully declined each offer. But listened to each pitch to see how they did there script. It was interesting. If this is a scam, then Kevin Trudeau should be brought up on charges!

  47. Two words to get out of debt: Identy Theft.

  48. the two words are “principal payment”

  49. Adam, I read your reviews on your website through Google.com. I showed them to my husband just after he placed the order for the books. He called to cancel the order and was told to call a certain number. When he called that number, he was told to call back on Monday. When he called back on Monday, he was told that the books were already sent out. Now when he placed the order the operator was speaking so fast, he couldn’t get yes, no, or maybe in. I finally called myself and spoke to a customer representative. I told her the situation asked her what the purchase was, she told me that he ordered two sets of books (one set was free except for shipping and handling), one audio, one disc, and express shipping. The express shipping was just to get the product out of the building and not to the customer. I told her we wanted the order cancelled and she said that we would have to receive the books and call for a return authorization number. When they receive the books back then the return of money will be done in three to five business days. They are only returning the merchandise amount not the shipping and handling charge for the two sets of books. This cost for S & H is $11.95 per set. The operators are not telling customers this and speaking so fast that the customers can make informed decisions. We are telling other people what has happened to us so they won’t fall into the same trap. Any future help for others are truly appreciated. Thanks for letting us sound off. Claudia

  50. Adam, I just ordered the book “Debt Cures” an hour ago and if I had known about this I should have not ordered it. I was charged for $41.95 including s&h. But, it will take to 3-5 weeks to receive it. So, I’m looking forward for your reviews on this book. Alex

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