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I’ve been reading some great comments here on Debt Cures Reviews and I wanted to post some of them up here for all to read. Thank you all for taking the time to share your comments and experiences with Debt Cures.

Tons of people are always asking about the free money from the government to pay their bills and pay off their debt. One reader, The Rage, posted about their experience with ordering Kevin Trudeau’s book and also posted some good links for government assistance.

What I have found in my own research is that the free money from the government is not going to say, “free money to pay off your bills” or “free money to pay off your debt” like the promoters of these programs like to tout in their advertising. It’s more going to be for money to help you go to school or money to help you start a business if you’re a woman or a minority. I’ve also seen some that give you money to help with teaching literacy to people.

The free money the government gives away is designed for you to use it to help other people not just yourself. Free money and federal assistance to help yourself is called welfare. These programs are not just handouts. You have to do something with the money other than just pay your bills and credit card debt.

With that said, here’s The Rage’s comments:

“Thanks for the review above it saved me at least $41.95.

However, when I called grants.gov, as their website was , well, rather cryptically organized, the operator told me SHE herself had ordered Lesko’s book. She was very nice, gave me a case number, and recommended three other legit .gov sites more attuned to the consumer/individual.




Guess what though. MOST of the grants are for organizations/universities/small business. Dave Ramsey is right even though he might not be what we want to hear.

Most people will have to find and work a second job to PAY OFF their debts then use extreme discipline and self-sacrifice as a lifestyle from now on out.


Some of us without a primary job however, and hurt are in a pickle, especially to short-term title and payday loaners. My only option is probably Chapter 7 and having my humble, but paid-for home attached.

The ONLY thing Trudeau is right about is what the banks and credit card companies have always been about. Keeping you a slave. The problem is, the money changers have not only “taken over the temple” they did it with our individual blessing. We’re an instant gratification society for the most part who will worry about the monthly payments (instead of the entire accrued cost of debt) to satisfy our childish desires. In some cases, where legit medical debt has wiped out savings and income of at least one individual in a family, legitimate Chapter 7 liquidation is a MORAL OBLIGATION of our government to restore. Otherwise, people like my sister-in-law, who makes 65 grand a year and YET has run-up 60 thousand in credit card and finance debt with nothing to show, should be forced to work that second, and maybe THIRD job, living on rice-and-beans until her debt is eliminated.”

Thank you again The Rage for your comments.

And I wanted to post one other comment before I go. Thank you hc for sending this in.

“I saw Kevin Trudeau on TV for the first time yesterday. I have not read his book and may consider it if the library has it, but I won’t pay for it. What I got out of his message was that people are not responsible for their debt problems and that the feds can bail them out. No wonder people are having debt problems. It is their responsibility to control their spending. Having someone bail you out does not modify that persons behavior. Also, how ludicrous is it that someone who can’t get a credit card actually needs one. They’re the last people that need a credit card. He’s aiming at people who want a quick fix, and there is none. Stick with Dave Ramsey and live on less than you earn and take responsibility for your actions. I agree that Trudeau is only trying to make a buck.”

So the message is basically the same – there is no quick fix debt cure that KT wants to sell you. The only real debt cures are make more money, spend less than you earn, and save money where you can.

Thanks for all your comments and keep sending them in.

Have a great day!


Debt Cures Reviews


  1. For the most part I found the information provided by Mr. Trudeau to be true as well as very informative. However in the Debt Cures book and the Debt Cures Newsletter Mr. Trudeau lists websites – one where people can opt out of pre-approved credit card mailings and the other site is for the Women’s Financial Fund grant money.

    When I went to both of these sites they seemed to simply be links to other websites that charge for services. I found no ‘free’ information. Needless to say this is not what I expected and found it very frustrating, disappointing and ironic that Mr. Trudeau would send people to sites that require us to pay for services when the whole point of the Debt Cures book is to help people alleviate debt and locate ‘free’ money.

    With regards to the Women’s Financial Fund site not only is it frustrating that the entire site seems to be nothing but advertisements for other websites selling their wares, but it is extremely confusing.

    I actually did pay for a trial subscription to a site on the Women’s Financial Fund as it was only $1.97. I called the customer service number provided by Women’s Financial Fund to get guidance as to where I could find grants matching my needs, and I was told I had to do the researching myself and that they would help when I decided to fill out the grant application. Additionally I will be charged somewhere around $39.95 a month to continue the service that may or may not be helpful. At this point I have now lost $47.90 because I did not cancel during the trial period.

    In all fairness I did try to submit this complaint to questions@debtcures.com but the e-mail was returned. I submitted it again. Again the e-mail was returned. So I called the 800# for customer service which in fact is not customer service, but a number to order more products. Needless to say the person at the 800# while helpful was not able to provide answers to any of my questions.

    So I guess my advice is to proceed with caution.


  2. garyprowland says:

    if i had a bankruptcy 17 years ago and it was listed on the bankruptcy, but is still showing on the three credit reports, is this legal? and if not how do i get it off!

  3. Cynthia Vinson says:

    I found Mr. Trudeau very misleading on TV. I have searched and found no grants to help you pay off credit card debts as Mr. Trudeau lead you to believe on TV. And that is why I bought the book in the first place. I am very frustrated and disappointed. If you know of a grant to help you pay off credit card debts, please let me know.

  4. DOROTHY SHARP says:

    I have a credit card and I transfered a balance at a lower rate than purchases. I had no purchases at the time. The WATCH GUARD called and sold us a insurance. at $8.95 a month. I was unaware that it would go on a purchase at 9.990% never being paid on until I had the lower balance paid off in full. We’ll have over a $1000 at 9.990% to pay plus. See each time a little more is added on. It is legal but real tricky on the c.c. part. Yes money in their pocket. I am very concerned for our elderly that just trust everyone. MY parents were one of them. They were broke in no time. Thanks to your books I started checking everything. WHAT A WAKE UP CALL! Is there something I can do to get off from under this higher interest thing. Is there somewhere I can transfer to a HONEST company. My credit score is GOOD. We are a Trucker and have our own Bus. KEVIN TRUDEAU ALL WE WANT IS TO GET OUT OF DEBT WITHOUT FEEDING THE CREDIT CARD COMP. HELP! HELP! HELP! THANK YOU DOROTHY SHARP

  5. To Kevin,

    I recently lost my job and can’t afford to pay the bills namely credit card bills and car payments too. I tried to apply for a grant but can’t find a category that seems right for me to fit with. It’s frustrating to get my foot in the door. I tried finding a category at grants.gov but nothing seems like a good fit for the situation I am stuck in. Please advise on what sources to use to get money to stay afloat and get back on my feet. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Bernadette

  6. Delores White says:

    To Kevin,
    I too find if frustrating to buy your book, hoping to find some relief in credit card debt and I have found nothing….I am single, taking care of my bed fast daughter, in which in 1992 I went on a medical disability with Fibromyalgia and have a fixed income. After 15 yrs on med. disabilty I have never got a rate increase in salary, so I started using my credit cards to survive…..I’m not proud of this, but it’s called survival….I at this time have good credit rating and I cherish my good credit. I had to work hard to get a good credit rating after a divorce in 1986….Because I can’t physically work and the economy is catching up with me I’m frustrated. Can someone help me get relief on my credit card debt??

    Thanks for any help available for me…..


  7. I was about to order this book but first decided to read comments by others. I was very disappointed in the reveiws because their comments had to do with several issues I was interested in myself. They seemed to run into the lack of info stated as stated on t.v.

    What good would it do to have a book that does not fulful what the author said was in the book.
    Im so thankful I read the comments. And what about the statement that when they attempted to called or tried to reach your conpany no one could not found.

  8. Hello, I am 100% for Mr.Trudeau’s books and cures. However, I am also currently seeking to obtain a business, my own business. I had my hope’s of getting a grant. Then I would get my business license. Finally, I would buy a little shut down business in my little small town area and if all goes well become some kind of corporation. I am a little torn about what I should do first. I also have reviewed some of the sites and grants Mr. Trudeau recommended in Debt Cures and I mean no offense but, alot of them from my current perspective seems like they have high potential to be scams. Despite the fact that having to pay monthly to obtain free Goverment Grants is kind of contray to the free part I am more than willing to pay. The whole point of my reply was is there anyway Mr.Trudeau, Debt Cures associates, or whichever represenative responds to these replies could help me. Well give me Free Goverment Grant Sites to where I could go to and even if I have to pay for the trouble of a site looking atleast, I know that Mr. Trudeau’s trained associates approved the site and I know I will not be part of a scam. My only other request is what should I do first really. Should I obtain a Grant or means of finacing to start my business. Should I obtain a business license first. If you can’t help with this request or are to busy I totally understand if this be the case could you atleast tell me where to go or who to call to attain this kind of information. Thank You. If everything works out I will generously donate to Mr. Trudeau’s cause and cures.

    Sincerly, Ian T. Baker

  9. There are no grants to use to get out of debt or whatever you want. The government website is cfda that is where all the government grants are located and this is a free site for anyone who wants to go there and look through the grants listed. the things Kevin talks about is food stamps section 8, social security, unemployment, I have not found any grant that the government just gives you money for whatever you want to use it for. Before you buy anyone’s program look for a free one on the internet you will be even more debt free.

  10. I also feel taken by this whole debt cures ordeal.
    I am so frusterated right now, if I could reach into the tv and ring kevins neck I would. I too ordered the entire pkg.150.00 later and now getting billed for 3 magazine subscriptions that has made my bank account go negative, yet never recieved one magazine in the mail. I can’t get to a website clled questions@debtcures.com. I emailed customer service and thats what they told me to do. That personal credit asst.isnt there either. what a hoax. I think we should get together and somehow get a refund for paying for something that doesn’t exist $ for all our time and trouble researching dead ends. I’M SOOOOOO MAD

  11. Grace Hicks says:

    I have some negative and some derogatory information on my credit report. Most of these items are over 10 years old. Also, according to Debt Cures, there is a Statue of Limitation on these bills, and if you ask the creditor, they are suppose to be removed from your credit report. I was told by Credit Health that nothing can be removed from your credit report unless you pay it off. Is this true, how can I get my money back for the book and newsletter that I have from Debt Cures? It’s not that I don’t want to pay my bills. I had a couple of hardships, and just gave up. Now I want to clear things up.

  12. we all know that poeple get on su all but i have not yet seen the govt., get me or any others out of debt with out repaying back I myself need work done . I am on disabilty,need a tree removed, but my distrist spokesperson said that I could get help so I trust in what the govt. as well as other poltiions,such asthe mayor the state, wilmington delaware is not trying to help the underlow class just the large ppeople of the state.that why the disablity and yhe shut in atre in need so bad I know I have been there.

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