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Here’s what happens when you order Debt Cures online


I wanted to show you what happens when you order Debt Cures online. I ordered my copy online so I am not able to respond to the people who ordered it over the phone but I imagine it is probably similar. You’re probably going to be sold several products over the phone. TV advertising is not cheap so Kevin Trudeau has to pay for those costs somehow.

So here’s what happens right after you order:
Debt Cures Reviews
You get a chance to buy more copies for half price. You can buy them for $14.95 and pay $11.95 shipping and handling! So much for combining shipping costs. Lol. C’mon, how can shipping an additional book cost an additional $11.95 to ship?

That’s just crazy.

Next, you can buy the audio version of Debt Cures. This one offers additional bonus materials. So much for giving you all the secrets.

debt cures reviews

I agree that some people learn better by listening but for this option I say wait for it to be at Audible or some other audio book site. I like how this can be shipped for free. 10 CDs can be shipped for free but one book and 2 CDs are shipped for $11.95?

Moving on…

Next, you get the option of subscribing to the Debt Cures Newsletter for only $9.95 a month:

review of debt cures

There are several sites out there that offer debt tips for free so I’ll pass on this newsletter.

Next, you can get a free MP3 player if you pay for a whole year of the newsletter all at once:
kevin trudeau's debt cures book


Next in the upsell line is debt letters:

kevin trudeau debt cures review

These you can find online for free. Google “Sample credit card dispute letters” and that should get you started.

This next upsell has little to do with getting out of debt:

debt cures book review

It’s a making money type book that tells you how to get rich in real estate, investing and building your own business. Or you can just sell books like Kevin Trudeau that make big promises. Lol. And how come this book gets shipped free?

Finally, my order is complete!

debt cure$ review

I blanked out my address and phone.

But wait…there’s more!

In the top left corner, there’s an option to get a free Wal-Mart gift card:

kevin trudeau debt cure$ book review

You have to signup for a 30 day free trial to a buying club to get it.

Make sure you read the fine print:

debt cure$ reviews

Ok, so that’s the whole ordeal when you order Debt Cures online. It’s only been a week since I ordered so I don’t expect the book to arrive for a few more days.

Why would I expect speedy service? I mean FedEx charges about $15 for an overnight letter but $11.95 for one book is too much to ask for it to arrive in 8 days. Small amount of sarcasm there. :o)

So how can you expect to get out of debt if Kevin Trudeau wants you to spend an additional $236.15 for all the additional products he tries to sell you. It’s not bad enough that the book costs $29.95 and an additional $11.95 to ship it.

So I’ll just wait for my copy and start to read it when it gets here.

Til the next Debt Cures Review update,


Debt Cures Reviews


  1. Adam-thanks for taking the time to post this info. I saw KT’s infomercial the other day and thought “What a great thing! And free money from the government, too??? I’ve got to get this book!” Now, I didn’t watch long enough to catch the price, so I decided to try to find it online. Now I’m curious as to why when I just now searched for the book title, and then for his name, the only sites that were shown where you could actually order anything were for his other “cure” books. What website did you use? I couldn’t even find it on ebay. I’m not even thinking of ordering it until I read your actual review of the book itself – thanks again for doing this :-). Like most of the other posters, if I’m looking to get OUT of debt, why do I want to put an additional $50 (at least) on a credit card and ADD to my debt???

  2. Hello Kim-

    I found it at debtcures.com



  3. I guess ordering on line will be a pressure job that makes this seem tame. I am not a big fan of his and would like to see the book before I purchase it. I think I will wait until it comes out in the bookstore and is on sale for $9.95 with shipping.

    Beware of KT, he seems nice, but he is a little shady.


  4. Hello Joseph-

    Yes, his record is not so stellar. He does know how to push our hot buttons though and get us to buy his books and other products. He is a great salesman.


  5. Hi,
    I just saw the commercial for this book last night. Is it pretty new? For awhile he was doing his weight loss/medical book. I agree, he is a great salesman, but I wanted to do some searching on the internet before actually purchasing the book to see if it was reall worth it.

  6. Dear Adam,
    I LOVE your site! I went to debtcures.com and began the process of ordering the book, but it was way too involved, so I stopped. Am looking forward to seeing your comments once you actually get the book and read it.

    On a side note, I’m wondering how in the world you were able to get your site listed on page one of the search engines? I have a site that I’ve been trying to market (inexpensively) and haven’t had much success. Maybe you should consider an e-book to tell how you did this. I’d sure buy it!

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Debbie L.

  7. Hello Clarice-

    Yes, the book is new, the ads just started recently. So I expect to see them more and more. I am looking forward to the book as well. Maybe, just maybe he might have something that we can use.


    Thanks for your comments. This site is less than a few weeks old, I promoted using social bookmarking sites like delicious and digg.

    Good luck with your site.


  8. I guess we are all here for the same reason. I just started an online business and was thinking I could use the government money to advertise or get the ball rolling so to speak. I will also be interested to see if this book could help me with this, but after reading your experience I am curious if it would help. I am sure if so many people are getting it there won’t be any left. He even states that the money is first come first serve.

    please keep us informed and thanks for letting us know your experience

  9. Adam,
    thank you so much for this web, I always thought that when something sounds to good to be true, it might really be to good to be true.
    I can wait till you get the book and let us all know if there is there is anything good in it, We should come out with a book of our own.

  10. I ordered the debt cures book 3 weeks ago. paid extra for shipping to receive the book in 3 to 5 days.so far customer service keeps putting me on hold.

  11. When it comes to Kevin T., he definitely has been around and knows how to make money, in fact, I remember when he was on the Howard Stern show over 10 years ago when he was dating a Penthouse Pet!!! lol
    As for his credibility with the medical community, I would never trust the very powerful medical and pharmacutical industry to tell the American people the truth. The subjects he wrote about in his book were nothing new to anyone that has studied the inner workings of medicine (and I have, with family members employed by companies mentioned in his book). Pharmacutical corps. are businesses and are obligated to make profits for their shareholders, period. Why “cure” a degenerative disease when the massive profits come from keeping the patient on drugs….Think about it.
    Anyway, I’m very curious to see what “groundbreaking” info he has been able to dig up, that the many books in Borders or Barnes&Noble do not contain. I’m also in the process of educating myself on the most efficient way to get myself debt-free, which should be the goal of everyone. I just purchased the John Cummuta “Transforming Debt into Wealth” system, which I’ve heard good things about (but it is pricey!!). If it helps me eliminate my debts quickly, the money is well spent (just from interest payments!).
    What I’ve learned so far from my research is, there really is no “magic bullet” to eliminating debt. It’s just a matter of becoming smarter on how money works, and taking more control over your spending and saving habits. Be very leary of a book that promises many things when you can view it first. The other red flag I noticed in his infomercial was how no emphasis is ever placed on the individual who got themselves into debt, in the first place. Do banks take advantage of the ignorant, yes. But your rights as a consumer with credit card debt can be easily found out with an hour in Borders book store. There are also many non-profit debt-help organizations, but you must research alittle. 99% of the for-profit companies that promise to get you out of debt for a big payment, be VERY leary of.
    Like I said, I’d be very interested to see the hidden knowledge Kevin T. has in his book, that can’t be found in all the other-cheaper!- books found in any bookstore.
    Just my humble opinion….

  12. Here’s what I do when I get tempted by an infomercial: I put the toll-free number in my cell phone and save it for later. Then I look up the company online and read other people’s reviews. If I’m still interested, I might look it up in eBay to see if anyone’s selling it cheap. After all that, the impulse to buy has usually faded. This technique stopped me from buying Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures book! Thanks, Adam!

  13. One thing that bothers me about KT is the fact that he hasn’t been a man of integrity to date as many of you already know. But did you know your info is SOLD to telemarketers? Like I need another dozen interuptions during the day from such people. No thanks KT, I’ll wait till it comes out in stores or on ebay from a third party seller. For what it’s worth.

  14. I am curious what others think of the book, but it seems that no one has received it yet. I am a Mortgage Broker, so any additional info. I can share with my Clients, would be beneficial to them. A fantastic website to learn about Credit & Credit Repair, etc… is: http://www.creditboards.com just do a basic-FREE registration, & off you go.


  15. I would like to know what is in this book as well.
    However I bought Natural Cures and Adam is correct
    about the upsell. I bought 4 more copies at 1/2 price
    and the natural cures newsletter. The books didn’t
    tell you anything. It was just like the infomercial.
    He talks in circles but doesn’t really tell you anything.
    I returned the books but it took me 9 months to stop the news letter. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy the
    newsletter. Kevin’s website has no way to contact
    a live person. I mailed a letter to them requesting to
    stop the newsletter and refund my money, but they
    just kept on coming. I would do “RETURN TO SENDER, CANCELLED” . Then would keep on coming. I finally sent another letter certified mail
    to the po box return address and FINALLY! got
    somewhere. I won’t make those mistakes again.

    I’m waiting for Adam to give his review.

    Thanks for starting this forum Adam.

  16. adam i just went online to watch a documentary on KT and what 20/20 with John Stossel and others had to say was not too good. It was aired 1/20/07. I know it’s a little dated but good info. i’m sure you’vw probably seen this already, but if not it would do some good taking a look at it.

  17. I just tried to order my book by telepone, gave all my information and repeated to the representative that would be all did not want any extras she totally ignorned me and the high pressure was on to buy other stuff, I told her to cancel the order I would wait for it to come to the stores. My concern is she already had my credit card information. I am very concenrred. She said that the call was being recorded big deal what will that do if I have a problem…….wonder if Mr. Trudeau knows whats going on…they just lost my sell

  18. When a sales person that I call to purchase an item asks if I would like to buy any additional items I stop them dead in there tracks and say I have no interest in any further items if you insist on asking me about every single one I assume the original purchase is not enough for you and I think I will just cancel then that usually gets them to click away until they get to the check out verification process however this only works for telephone I have yet discovered a way to skip this online. BTW keep us posted I’m interested in the book as well i have bought all three of his other books and they are awesome and very true!

  19. I just started to read this book and Kevin is soo repetitive its so boring I have to skip pages. Ok how long is he going to drag out how the government and the credit cards are unethical? I am still at the beginning of this book and he has pages and pages.. So far I have not gotten to any substance. I am hoping That I will. Kevin did this a lot with his other books. HE wastes a lot just to fill up the pages.. so he can turn whatever he says into a book. Alright already. Enough is enough. how many times does he have to repeat the same thing. So far I am disappointed, but I am hoping that I will run into some substance soon.

  20. i like to order the book, but don,t know how

  21. I think everybody in America should applaud Kevin for the great work that he has done and currently doing.
    I personnaly have lost over 40 pounds by just followed his advices. He is very strong and a brave person to have taken this path.
    What an inspiring guy. May God continue on blessing him in everything he will be doing.

  22. What he didn’t say is what a multi-billion dollar scam most infomercial are!!! Work two jobs, don’t use credit cards and loans and you too can live the American dream!!! RIGHT!!!

  23. I have not ordered DEBT CURES as yet, but settled over $ 30,000.00 in
    credit card debt in 5 years. It’s not easy, there is no quick fix. Negative
    debt takes forever to get off the credit bureaus like Equifax, Transunion,
    and Experian. I have some other ” good news ” to relate. If you get over
    $ 600.00 of forgiveness from a debt collector, you have Uncle Sam or the
    IRS to deal with. The lending institution will issue you a 1099C and
    Uncle Sam treats this as income to you which is taxed like ordinary income. At this point I recommend you to see your CPA or Attorney.

  24. Hmm… I was going to buy, but after reading all this… I don’t know. What I DO know is that whether it’s MLM (or shall I say MLM’s) or his expertise in just about every other subject, when it comes to his past FTC issues, , KT is not entirely a shining beacon of ethics. I’ll pass… Sorry Kev.

  25. I would recommend DEBT CURES, but buy it when Barnes and Noble
    discounts it 60% or more. I have bought a number of these books and
    the material is all the same, maybe some updates. Remember banks
    give nothing away, and it’s getting harder to get your debts forgiven, and
    if your debts get forgiven, they don’t tell you that you have Uncle Sam
    or IRS to deal with when you get your 1099C.

  26. Great stuff. Just watched the informercial. He was able to skate his way out of giving any real tips on the show. I don’t trust Mr. Excellent web site Adam. I look forward to future information about the book.

  27. I just finished reading my copy of debt Cures. I must say that I was extremely skeptical about it but was pleasantly suprised and excited by what I read. Firstly, the book blows the lid off the “Statute of Limitations” law that I never heard about anywhere else before. Basically you can tell the banks that they can go jump off a bridge if they lent you the money more than 4 years ago. A couple of credit card companies plus a bank have been trying to get me to pay I debt that I incurred almost 8 years ago. I have been pushing them off for years but thought there wasn’t much more to do but stall. In California the statute of limitations is 4 years. In some States the wait is shorter and some it’s longer. Either way I’m exstatic that I’m going to be able to wipe of more than $12,500 in debt. That’s pretty spectacular. I have researched this info on google since I read this and found thatis to be true. Why did I have to wait for Kevin Trudeau of all people to tell me this? Why didn’t my government of Credit Counseller tell me this? This one tip alone is more than worth the price of the book. Kevin also explains exactly how to go about enforcing your rights under this law (complete with form letters etc) and the steps to follow.

    The second suprise is that all of the “Free Money” sources and grant agencies he mentions in the show are real. I checked out about 15 web sites and a few of the phone numbers he gives and they’re all for real. I’ll follow up with my results in the coming weeks and months but for now I’m really very happy I bought the book.

    I would be interested to hear the experiences of others who follow the steps in the book. Itt’s very easy to complain that this information is available elsewhere but that’s not the point. All the info on Google is available elsewhere but they are smart enough to put it together in one place that’s easy for everyone. Kevin did the same thing and no one should begrudge him for that!

    Bob Levy

  28. Kevin Trudeau is a conartist. He is only allowed to sell books now. Can’t sell any other things.


  29. #1 Point :I used to work at a telemarketing company that takes inbound calls for informercials and the like. Anytime you order a product they will try to sell you an additional product. And many times it has nothing to do with the original product you purchased.

    you could order a real estate investment packet and be asked if you’d like join a discount club for department stores.These types of products are usually offered because the original product producer could not afford the cost of the air time. So he or she will get affiliates involved. The products are probably not even being offered directly from Kevin Trudeau.

    #2 I see a lot of the products to have to do with the actual original product. Remember Mr. Trudeau has been sued in the past and has been prevented from selling certain types of products. They cannot take away his right to free speech so he can sell books, tapes, audiobooks, but he cannot sell make any guarantee claims. Ha! Notice he does not!

    #3 All American’s like a conspiracy theory. It is as juicy as gossip. So Kevin Trudeau is playing into that. We all know that credit card companies stick it to Americans. We have seen Congress actually go to bat for the consumer. But not everyone reads the news or likes to research info on their own. That is why people right books and thesis.

    #4 I think someone giving you a CD with the debt letters is very very good. I would buy them. I was given similar letters and it helped. By the way the magic phrase is ( I am considering Bankruptcy). I never had to use those words because I wasn’t. But it does help! If you are trying to settle a debt with a collector you have got to get it in writing.

  30. Hi
    I am Real Estate Agent in Portland, Oregon. I have been considering starting my own agency with my wife who does mortgages. http://www.FreddyRobles.com. I was interested in seed money to start a marketing campaign. When I heard KT. I was definitly tempted to order the book. Since reading your site I have decided to wait. I remember one other book that I did order and that was Carlton Sheets. The experience was almost identical to yours except for my order was placed over the phone. My order went 19.99 to over 80.00 dollars not including shipping.
    Thanks for the intervention.

  31. Hello Freddy-

    I posted on the free grant money from the government here:





  32. Hello all-

    I just posted part 2 of my review of Debt Cures and talked about the two magic words that Kevin Trudeau talks about that everyone wants to know about. You can read part 2 of the review here:




  33. I saw this info commercial and was ready to order when I heard KT say that his book contained info on free money from the govn’t for $10/15k/20k. I was skeptical. Thank God for this site and this posting http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=1527049
    I now believe that paying off debt takes hard work and discipline.

  34. Adam: I would like to read your take on the book once you receive and have a chance to read it! Thanks

  35. Adam: Nevermind. I just looked at the link Tom provided. This guy is clearly a snakeoil salesman. Thanks Tom!

  36. I actually brought this book by phone today after watching infomercial. As what you experince online, they keep selling you some products. I skipped all of them. I am wondering if I will feel exciting when I read this book. Anyway, if $42 inlcuding regular shipping can let me know something useful but I don’t know, I will say it is worthy. I am starting to wait for the book. Well, they said it will take 2~4 weeks with regular shipping… ha ha …Is USPS so unefficient??

  37. Ellen McPhearson says:

    I like Kevin Trudeau, I think he’s a good person, I like it when the Scums of the earth are exposed! We’re not complaining about being lied to, scamed, freedom taken, murdered with posion drugs, air, water, products, but we’ll try to crucify someone trying to alert us and warn us about these DEMONS! Keep up the good work Kevin, and pay no attention, they don’t like Jesus either!!


  39. Great information, I recently checked my credit report and much of the information he “talks” about is lised on the credit report website. free initial credit report and how to clear your debt. “FREE” no strings attached.

  40. Adam,
    I was ready to order the book, then I came upon your website. I actually could not sleep, and that’s when I saw the book being sold. I am so much in debt, that if it’s true about that book, then maybe I’d be able to sleep at night. Please do keep me informed and let me know if it’s actually is true. Free money, mmmmmmm, hard one to swallow….

  41. I work for one of the callcenters that take the orders for KT’s books. I understand the agony of calls having to listen to all the upsells when all they really want is the book they’re calling about. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to offer everything that is written in our script or we can get fired. We hate it as much as you do (maybe more). Thanks for the information on this book. It brings great relieve knowing this book at least offers some real information. And a quick PS…..the newsletter is hard to cancel because it’s hard to get through to anyone!!!!

  42. Hello-

    Thank you all for your comments. Here are some answers to the free money and $10,000 in 24 hours:


    I would recommend you order it online at http://www.debtcures.com/ instead of over the phone.

    You can also contact customer service there too.




  43. Ok…this is all good info…I want to know if anyone has read the book yet?

  44. unhappy camper says:

    Why do you say a free book and charge an arm and a leg for shipping? I was (double) charged shipping for one box with 2 books. If the books were sent separately, then the charge would have been understandable. BUYER BEWARE never been a truer statement.

  45. i am in debt—just like everyone else—haha?
    i saw the infomercial, i get stuck so many times trying things—i work 3 jobs some times and still go deeper in debt—don’t know where to go or what to do anymore—-if i kill my self working, i wont have to worry about paying any bills anymore—-some life ,huh
    does some one actually have an answer to (a real answer to get out of debt ,without the bull shit)


  46. Vince Delmonte says:

    Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is a lot more than I expected when I found a link on Furl telling that the info is awesome. Thanks.

  47. j davis says:

    Trudeau is far from a ‘consumer advocate’ or ‘whistleblower.’ He is a con man pure and simple who would do anything for a buck. If you are stupid to give his company your credit card number expect to find all kinds of unauthorized charges as hundreds of consumer complaints point out. Let’s see now–who should I trust–a real doctor who has worked hard and invested in his education and career or a remorseless sociopath who plays doctor on informercials? I’ll take the doctor every time!! Hopefully at some point Trudeau can be shut down and put in prison where he belongs.

  48. I just received the book Debt Cures II today. It took a couple of days,from ordering it to receiving it from mail, and from what I have glance through there are about 16 or more items not 15 in listed under government benefits from page218-228. Then there is another section which starts at pg229. I have watched his commercials on television and I think he is taking a big risk, knowing how the government is today. Do anyone actually think that the government is not going to attack you if you know their secrets. Congress is not nice remember they are the federal government, who wants your money to continually to take care of them, their families and what they need. I can personally say they will, they will find some way, some how to get their money out of you, it is a matter of you actually thinking of how you can get ahead in society, just like the government get ahead on each and every individual in society. The government use you tax dollars to invest in different project that you are not aware of, and without your permission,and when you need you money (like during the unemployment days) you can not get it. So take some good advice, if someone takes the time out to tell you anything which can lead you to get a dollar, or even a thousand dollars in your pocket you should take that advice and appreciate the fact that that individual took the time out to tell you anything at all, because believe me there is a lot of negative advice out here, plenty each and every day, and more than one way that they are trying to money out of your pocket.

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