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How To Consolidate Credit Card Debt Even With Bad Credit Without A Debt Consolidation Loan

When you think of debt consolidation usually you think of getting a new loan to consolidate all your bills and then making just one payment a month.  But what if you have bad credit?  How can you qualify for a low rate debt consolidation loan?  You will not be able to save much money if any because the interest rate will be similar or possibly even higher than what you are currently paying on your different credit cards.  So how can you get out of debt?

If you have bad credit and you still want to consolidate your debt then there is still hope available.  Care One Credit Counseling is one of the best debt consolidation companies around and does not lend money.  They can help you lower your interest rates, reduce your monthly payment, waive late fees, and eliminate debt collection calls.  Best of all they do not make debt consolidation loans.  So they can help you if you have bad or horrible credit.  You can talk to them for free and see how much you can save with their debt consolidation plans.

Why would you want to get a debt consolidation loan in the first place?  You are already overextended on your current available credit so you do not need any more.  Using a program from Care One Credit Counseling is a better option.  And their plans are very affordable.  The monthly fee varies by state but it is in line with other credit counseling programs.  And when you compare it against the monthly interest charges of a debt consolidation loan it makes even more sense.

While I still believe debt settlement is the best way to eliminate your credit card debt if you are struggling with your bills, many people are still wary of using this option because of all the scams out there and it is understandable.  Debt consolidation is the next best plan.  Get a free debt consolidation quote from Care One Credit Counseling and see how much you can save.


Debt Cures Reviews

And speaking of Debt Cures and Kevin Trudeau, Debt Cures 2 has been released and it is on all the late night infomercials again along with Kevin’s other book, Free Money, and I will be reviewing these once I get ahold of my copies. Kevin is taking 3-5 weeks to ship the books even though you pay $12.00 shipping and handling for each one.  I don’t feel like paying an extra $10.00 for rush shipping and handling. So when I get my copies of Debt Cures 2 and Kevin’s Free Money I will start posting the reviews of his latest books.


  1. I wonder why people with bad credit would even want another loan, but there are some that do. When we are overwhelmed with debt, it is sometimes difficult to know where to turn to be able to get the help that we need to be able to climb out of the debt hole. There are alternatives to a debt consolidation loan that will help become debt free.

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