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Kevin Trudeau wants you to get out of debt


Kevin Trudeau really does want you to get out of debt. That’s why he wrote the book Debt Cures. He wants to help you pay off your bills and live a better life.

I don’t like having a mountain of credit card debt to worry about every month as I’m sure you don’t either. There are steps you need to take to get out of debt.

Let me start by telling you a story. This story is about you. When you were younger and less financial savvy, you spent like crazy and charged just about everything. You would charge a soda and a bag of chips to your credit card telling yourself you would pay it off when you got the bill. I’ve done this many times. I’ve always promised myself I would pay off the card when I got the bill. But something would always come up, some unexpected expense would come up and keep you from paying off that bill when you got it.

Then the next month, you would charge a water bill or your cell phone bill because your hours were cut back at work and your check was less than you were used to so it really put you in a bind.

Over time, this scenario kept repeating itself over and over again until your small soda and bag of chips purchase added up to several thousand dollars owed on your credit card and you’re stuck because you don’t know what to do.

Fast forward to today…you see a commercial for Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures book and he says he can help you eliminate your debt and use two magic words to clear up your credit report. You want a way out and you’re desperate to find something that works. You find the debt you’ve racked up suffocating.

You worry each night how you’re going to come up with enough money to pay all your bills this month. You have fights about constantly with your mate or spouse and it puts a severe strain on your relationship. You know you need to make changes to how you spend your money you just find it difficult to put it into practice.

You know you need to change your habits now or the future is going to look just as bad as it is now. You need to take some action now or else you will be dealing with your debt for several more years. You cringe when the phone rings because it may be a debt collector calling again asking for money.

Now, let’s take a look at what your future holds if you continue down your current path…

Your debts have overwhelmed you and it shows on your appearance. You’re all worn down and you don’t have the glowing smile you used to when things were easier and you didn’t have all the debt.

You won’t have any money saved up in a 401k or retirement plan so you’re stuck working at a job you hate driving to that doesn’t appreciate the work you do. You’re working more than ever, putting in more and more hours but barely making it. The thought of taking a vacation is just a dream because you have to work just to pay all your bills.

That doesn’t sound like a great future does it?

You can change your future regardless of your past. You can eliminate your debts and get back on track. You can consolidate your debts and start to regain a grasp on your finances. Use debt negotiation to help you reduce your balances and help you get out of debt fast.

Here are 2 recommended sites to help you with your debts and get you back in control of your life:

Care One Credit

Debt Settlement – Consolidate and eliminate your debt. Be debt free in 12-36 months.

I wish you the best and hope you take the steps necessary to get out of debt.


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  1. I read d the book, and a learn alot of things, i do not know about the fees and how to get out of debt. i love the CD of 25 sercet, i listen to it when am feeling drown. i buys some of the books, i started to read, it’s alot of books you request to read, but it will take time, to finish it.
    Thank you kevin for the advice.

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