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Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures Book Review Part 1


Here is part one of my review of Debt Cures.

Just got my copy of Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures Book. The book arrived in a similar box to what you receive when you order a book from Amazon. Amazon can ship books for free when you spend over $25 so why did this box cost $11.95 to ship?

I went back to the main debtcures.com website and looked in their FAQ, it no longer has that question listed there. It used to say that due to higher costs, blah, blah, blah.

So I started reading. I am currently on chapter 10, page 111. For the first three chapters of Debt Cures, Kevin Trudeau takes the approach that you know nothing about the lending, banking, and credit industry. If you don’t then these background chapter will probably get a little under your skin reading about some of their predatory practices and how they love to squeeze every penny out of us with ridiculous fees and high interest rates.

But anyone who watches the news and reads or does research about their credit will have already read this on most credit related websites. For free. So none of this stuff in my opinion was ‘ground breaking’ or ‘never before been revealed.’

Yes, the credit card companies advertise heavily to get our business. Yes, they try and squeeze as much profit out of us as possible. Yes, those late payment and over the limit fees suck!

So by reading those first three chapters, you can get a little riled up and want to take action to stop them from taking more of your money than they should. So tell me how to do that Kevin!

Chapter four is titled, “Eliminate Your Debt!”

Now we get on to the more meatier part of the book with some actionable content. In this chapter, Kevin talks about how there is a legal way of eliminating your debt. It’s called the statute of limitations on debt. This method can also be found on Google. But, he does offer some good tips on the whole debt elimination strategy. He walks you through the whole process of dealing with creditors and collectors who keep harassing you to pay your bills.

The information in chapter four is something that I would pay for. So Mr. Trudeau, you finally scored one positive point.

Chapters five and six are about negotiating your debt and asking your credit card companies to lower your interest rates. The more you save on interest, the less you have to pay and the quicker you get out of debt.

In the back of my mind, I keep thinking that a lot of this information is available for free online and it’s not original. It is very easy to read and understand in the down to earth manner that Kevin presents it. You have to do some searching for it online. So if you have the time available, you can do all the research for yourself online or you can get it from a book like Debt Cures or from one of Dave Ramsey’s or Suze Orman’s books.

In the next post I’ll continue with my review of Debt Cures and let you know my thoughts.

If you have any comments you can post them below. They are appreciated.



Debt Cures Reviews


  1. Dianne Sponseller says:


  2. Hello Dianne-

    Thank you for your comment. I am not Debt Cures. This is a review site of the Debt Cures book. You need to contact Debt Cures at http://www.debtcures.com



    Debt Cures Reviews


  3. lets see where do i start, after ordering the book the phone calls started and after requesting 3 times to have number removed from list they called agian. This time i was asked 3 times in a not so nice tone “Why did you order the book” “you must like being in debt” So if you want the phone calls and pushy people in your life and on yor phone,ORDER NOW AND LET THE FUN BEGIN

  4. Hi all I believe it is a scam as well. I called to get the book for 19.99 right? then the woman I was speaking with was trying to sell me all kinds of thing on the phone so eventually she pised me off and I said Please do not charge my credit card I do not want any books from you. I must have said that about 4 times. Guess what I look at my credit card bill and a 31.90 charge is there. I have called my credit card company placed a stop payment because it is a unauthorized tranzaction on my CC and when the book eventualy makes it to my house I will take it to the post office and get a tracking # to make sure i keep their mouths shut. I will loose 3 dollars but I will not give them 30. I suggest you all do the same if you are in my sittuation.

  5. Hello Ica-

    Thank you for your comments. I would suggest to anyone looking to buy Debt Cures to buy it on Amazon. It is cheaper at only $17 plus shipping and handling.

    I would not buy Debt Cures from Kevin Trudeau’s site or from the phone number.

    Hopefully, this can help people in the future.



    Debt Cures Reviews

  6. I just saw the infomercial and went online to find out about it. I came across the ezinearticle.com reviews which basically explains the whole book–gives the two “magic words”–and lists the websites for grants, etc. Took all of two minutes to skim through and didn’t cost a dime. I would recommend everyone interested in this book to read the review.

  7. Sue Sherman says:

    My husband, Stanley Sherman just got his first newsletter. We find a charge of $9.95 on our bank account. Is this for the free newsletter or something else?

  8. Hello Sue-

    Thank you for your comment. That is probably the Debt Cures newsletter that Kevin Trudeau offers. If you want to cancel that you need to contact Debt Cures customer service:




    Debt Cures Reviews

  9. Grace Ragsdale says:

    I thought I ordered ONE book, now I see I have been charged for another.
    No place did I see more books would be sent?
    I only want this one book.
    I know damn well I will get a run around of other companies selling this same book! I am so damn tired of ordering something and before I realize what has happened I get more and then even more and can’t find the company for the first order.
    I send e-mails and they pretend they know nothing and don’t answer.
    I have been through this crap before and refuse to order anything from the net again because of the deceiving practices of automatically sending more.
    Keven is this how you make your money? Just keep selling more books.
    Hell I may have ordered more but not after this deception.

  10. I ordered the book over 7 weeks ago and still have not received it… GRRRR

  11. Hello Julie-

    Contact Debt Cures at http://www.debtcures.com


  12. Adam,

    I got suckered last night with the infomercial my intent was to order the 19.95 book before getting offf the phone the order was 99.00 plus S&H when I woke up this morning in my right mind, I called customer service to cancel the order they refuse and have already taken the money out of my account in less than twenty four hours. One lady told me I could cancel but then customer service refuse to refund me the money. Then I begin to research the book and author came across your site. Even though I am late with this action Thank God for people like you who provide the truth about what is going on.Of course I am going to refund the book as soon as it arrives, but I do not want to wait months to get my refund. Can I do a dispute at my bank and get a provisional credit?
    Liz, Florida

  13. Edith Henry says:

    What a joke. I ordered this useless book, and I have never heard such garbled junk in my life. This damn lady kept me on the phone for 30 minutes tryiing to sell me more useless junk I did not need. I said about 20 times, all I want is just the book maam, I finally had to lie to her like they did me, I said I got to get to work, there’s no telling how much my credit card will be charged, think I’ll cancel the damn thing, and send the piece of shit book back. Do not order anything from the screwballs, you will definitely be screwed. Whatever can you expect for a swindler. Kevin Trudeau is a snake-oil salesman. Do not order anything from him, please. You cannot say you have not been warned, I should have know better myself, never to old to learn when you have been scammed.

  14. I love Debt Cures! Kevin Trudeau is a brilliant guy! I knew nothing about how credit card companies run their business and now I do. Get this book and it will transform your life like it has mine. i feel more confident with my bills and I now feel like I can own a house in less than a year because I know how to improve my credit score. Kevin, if you are reading this, thank you!! Your book helped me get rid of so much anxiety.

  15. Has anyone found the part that he mentions on the infomercial where you dial up or login and get a big sum of money.

  16. Corina Nielsen says:

    I rec’d the pkg, left on the porch, have not opened book, where canI find where to return it?

  17. Corina Nielsen says:

    I have vision problems,have a hard time being able to read etc. and I need to return,but do not know how, as I have not opened the box. Please advise?

  18. I just seen the infomerical and he stated the the book was not yet in stores… I see some of these post are from like Last year…. they need to update their commerical!!!! I need a debt cure but it don’t look like this is it!!!!!!

  19. after receiving trudeau’s debt cures book i am disgusted. i am more disgusted when i just discovered unauthorized withdrawals were being made from my account for the newsletter that i did not request.

  20. I ordered the book from the phone number. They tried many, many times to get me to order other books, etc. I received the book. The next month I noticed a $14.95 charge on my credit card. When I called, I was informed that I apparently had subscribed to a newsletter and that it was stated on the ‘packing slip’ (of all places) that I was entered into this subscription and that I had to call to cancel it, otherwise my card would be charged $14.95 every month! They were ‘kind’ enough to cancel the subscription, but I am stuck with paying $14.95 for a worthless ‘newsletter.’ Definitely a scam! Do not order from these people!

  21. Boy there are a lot of dumb people out there buying this book. Get a clue people.

  22. Despite the controversy surrounding the author, I was still curious to read this book. I NEVER order from a TV infomercial or a website associated w/ a TV infomercial. You shouldn’t either. I must say, I agree w/ Yakov’s comment above, though I would have been a bit more polite.

    Has anyone every heard of Barnes and Noble? Border’s? Amazon.com? In my case, I typed in the book’s name in the B&N website search bar, found a new paperback copy for $10.95 (w/ my B&N discount) and they will hold it at the front of the store for me for 3 days. Next time I drive by the store, I will swing in and pick it up for approx. $12 w/ the tax. I did all of this online. Easy, no credit card scams, no annoying phone time spent. And if I don’t learn a thing from the book (I’m sure I will learn something new), I’m only out $12. Remember that saying…KISS?!

  23. Can someone please share where I can locate free government grant money for residentual home improvements for an average income American. Thank you.

  24. Cecilia jacques says:

    I need to return your packeage for Debt Cures and do not have an RA number. Your 1-888-846-4962 does not allow you to get access to what is needed to return. There is no customer service link as stated in the fine print on the invoice. How do I return the book?

    Thank you

    Order# 34612892
    Date – 10/19/09
    Ship to – Cecilia Jacques

  25. Hello Cecilia-

    Contact Debt Cures at https://debtcures.com/custserv.asp

    You can fill out the form.

    Thank you,


    Debt Cures Reviews

  26. Like Kevin says, the poor, uneducated, and/or minorities are the ones that get taken advantage of the most. This will always happen to the ignorant. So these people should read this book. For the rest of us it’s just common sense, so dont waste your money.

  27. wow so much negative people out there!

  28. wow, after reading these reviews i wish i did my research first about this book. I have not recieved my copy yet but i will surlely return the book and i won’t even unpackage it. I am a minority but I am not stupid dumb or ignorant, maybe naive but never again will i order from a tv commercial. Must be a scam fast talking, smooth talking con artist. The woman on the phone would not stop! No NO NO i kept telling her that i did not want any other charges to my card. My advice is if you get yourself into debt there will be people out there to take advantge of your hardship. They capitalize on the non educated. Shame on them legal but should be illegal. They think if you dumb enough to get into debt you probably desperate enough to take a risk that futher gets you into more debt. They figure you have nothing to lose. The only thing you can do is talk to your creditors and negotiate. Look up your legal rights and look into the law.

  29. I did not order Debt Cures Book, when I noticed the charge on my credit card, I immediately contacted them and my credit card company. The box arrived and I returned it un opened via UPS the very next morning. Now even thou they have acknowledge reciept of the property, they will not credit my charge card due to the status being in charge back. I believe this is a teir one fraudulant, using money recieved to grow assets using the telephone operators for other items to keep your credit information and purchase other items they do the call centers for, making commission for each sale they take. I WANT MY 167.75 BACK and will voice my opinion until the laws change to provide the consumer some assistance when FRAUD is commited. Debt Cures, is B.S.
    Have a nice day

  30. I sure am glad I researched this BEFORE I ordered.Now I know better than to order.I do know that when you order things from informercials they do their best to sell you other stuff also.They all do it.I have ordered things before so i know what to expect but never have we had an unauthourized charge on our card like these people.If he doesn’t check into all this stuff he will end up being sued ! No one will be buying his stuff.I just saw him on a talk show maybe they should be told about all this and have another talk show with him explaining all these complaints.Or save that for another book”How to stop me from adding unauthourized charges on your credit card”.lol

  31. I just ordered the book the other day. I am praying that you guys are wrong about it being a scam. I will sue this man if it is. There needs to be a lwa against this kind of fraud. I don’t have much money and work very hard for it. I am a shop aholick and really am praying that this guy is not a scam artist.

  32. Don’t order direct. Go to your local book store and buy for $15. If you go to bn.com and search for it, they can tell you if they have it in what store. Don’t know about the stuff everyone is talking about but what do people expect why you go thru an informercal. They have to re-coop the money for making the TV spot. But locally and support your local businesses!

  33. I just had a very strange encounter by calling the number on the informercial. I called and ordered a $19.95 book that ended up costing my $40some dollars. I immediately called back to cancel minutes later. I ended up having to call three times on the same day that I placed the order to finally get it cancelled. Some stupid excuse that the order couldnt be cancelled if they didnt catch it. THey told me it would take three to five weeks to receive the book but they couldnt find the order in the system five minutes after I placed the order. RIGHT! Well I finally got it cancelled and I got a call back from them twenty minutes later trying to sell me the same book at a discounted price. It was only gonna cost me $30, shipping included. I said no and then they offered me $30 in gas rebates if I ordered the book, which would make it free. I dont know about anybody else but I smell a scam. I am just worried that they have my checking information. Befware, dont order.

  34. If you fall for any of Trudeau’s many scams expect unauthorized charges to your credit or debit card. There are hundreds of complaints online documenting his billing practices. Trudeau likes to pass himself off as a ‘whistleblower’ and a ‘consumer advocate’–he is neither. Trudeau is a twice convicted fraudster who only wants your money and will commit any act to get it. Avoid anything remotely connected with Trudeau.

  35. annette williams says:

    i cant get help even figuring out if my order went through hasn’t been card yet on my credit card although i order it three days ago i guess if it sound to good to be true it probably is go to the library get the book for free


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