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Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures Book Review Part 2


Back with the second part of my review of Debt Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About. You can read the first part of the review here.

Last time I left off on chapter six so we’ll start on chapter seven, but then chapter seven should have just been left out of the book entirely. It covers the basics of credit scoring and credit reporting. You can go to fool.com, bankrate.com, finance.yahoo.com or a host of many other sites and get this same information.

Chapter eight – What is in your credit report? It’s a good thing this chapter is only seven pages because it can be grouped in the same category as chapter seven. Do a search on your favorite search engine and get the same information.

This is a recurring theme throughout the book. But then not every book has original, ground breaking information – especially debt and finance books. Each author has their different ways of saying essentially the same thing. They may add their little tips or tricks and if you use just one of those tips then the book will have paid for itself in spades.

And when it comes to credit card debt and curing our debt problems, when the amounts of money involved can be quite substantial, using one of these tips can potentially save you thousands of dollars. The only question is are you willing to put in the work to get it done and make it happen? Are you going to make the calls to your credit card companies and ask them to lower your interest rate? Are you going to order your credit reports and credit scores and dispute the inaccurate data?
So no matter which financial book you read, if you do nothing and do not take action, you cannot call any book a scam. Even if it comes from Kevin Trudeau.

Getting off my soapbox now…

If you do not know the basics of credit scoring and credit reporting then you will find this book useful. It is all organized and explained in easy to understand terms. Kevin does offer several examples that you can follow along with.

If you do not know the difference between a hard and soft inquiry on your credit report then you will get more than enough out of this book to justify its cost.

Moving on to chapter nine and ten. These chapters continue on with getting copies of your credit reports and credit scores and getting rid of errors. Once you fix the errors in your credit report, your credit score will go up and you will save money on any loan you take out – home, auto, refinance, etc.

You can get your free credit report and free credit scores here. This is a free trial offer for credit monitoring. If you do not cancel, you will be charged a monthly fee. But this is the only way I know of to get your credit scores for free. You can get your credit reports for free at annualcreditreport.com. You have to pay extra if you want your credit scores from Annual Credit Report. You can get your free credit scores and credit reports free here.

He also recommends monitoring your credit report. This will protect you from identity thieves and make sure no new surprises appear on your credit report the next time you check it.

He has a site recommendation on his Debt Cures site but the link is currently not working.

Chapter 11 offers tips for improving your credit score overnight. One of his tips include boosting your credit score by using less of your available credit on each credit card. He recommends you only use 35% of your available credit on each card you have. Using more than this will lower your score.

One tip from chapter 11 offers a strategy to eliminate negative items on your credit report. This tip has about a 50% chance of succeeding when dealing with debt collectors and erasing negative items off your credit report. If this one tip works then you’ll have easily paid for the cost of Debt Cures several times over.

Chapter 12 is only six pages long but it contains the 2 magic words that several people have asked about. I have a feeling that you may be disappointed about what the 2 words are. But then again, if you know someone who has been affected by this then you’ll understand why Kevin hyped these two words up so much. There are few things that can ruin a credit report and credit score faster and wreck havoc on your life than these 2 words.

Kevin recommends checking your credit report and monitoring your credit to protect yourself from I_ _ _ _ _ _ _ T_ _ _ _. (Those are the 2 magic words that can help your credit) It is the fastest growing crime in America and affected 9.9 million Americans last year and cost them roughly $5 billion. Protect yourself from the fastest growing crime in America.

Chapter 13 covers cutting your mortgage loan payments down. Money saved is the same as money earned. Kevin offers tips on getting rid of your PMI, making biweekly payments and refinancing your variable rate mortgage for a fixed rate now that interest rates have gone up.

Rising interest rates is a recent topic so Kevin Trudeau including it in this book is a timely addition. He offers a few tips on dealing with lenders who do not want to be flexible with you.

If you need to refinance your variable loan to a fixed loan, do it and save money each month on your payments.

This post has gotten quite long so we will continue this in another post.


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  1. Hello Joanna-

    Thank you for your comment. Kevin Trudeau does not specifically address credit repair in Canada and I am not that familiar with Canada’s credit laws.

    Here is some links I found that address repairing your credit in Canada:



    Thanks and have a great day!


  2. Yada Yada says:

    GREAT Book to show you how to eliminate your debt. Simply follow Kevins example, and produce a product full of compliled free information that can be found with minimal resaerch online, double the content by adding oppinios and fluff, and advertise to suckers that are desparate for a solution. Sell the book for 20 times what it cost to produce, and tripple the shipping cost – and you’ll be out of debt in no time. For a discount on his next book – “Bridges for sale – they don’t want you to know about” stay tuned.

  3. Hi Adam, I have read ALL of the reviews and there are a lot, I am not buying this book. Thank you.

  4. His Majesty says:

    If you are looking for grants, it’s consolidated and guess what, It does not cost anything.

    http://www.usa.gov (Site That Has All gov’t sites indexed.)
    http://www.grants.gov (Grants & Procurement Contracts)
    http://www.hud.gov (Down Payment Assistance, etc.)
    http://www.homesales.gov (Cheap Houses)

    Kevin only refers you to the sites he owns (although they appear to be separate entities, which he charges for of course.)

    If it has (.gov), it is a gov’t site and fraudsters cannot use .gov through the Internet Service Provider. Look for .gov everytime you search for quality gov’t information and only call the numbers listed on their site to protect from identity theives.

    Pay down the pricipal, get rid of debt. Maybe if you work at Safeway and your husband does lawn care, you should not live next to me in a 350K house, you live beyond your means. I waited ten years to buy my house. It is PAID OFF IN FULL. When you are not paying interest, you can invest. I saved about a 1/3 in cash each month by renting instead, instead of having the bank as a landlord who charges you up the ass and kicks you out. Anymore with HOA fees you can’t even paint your house or plant a bush. Is it worth paying all that money when you can just call your landlord and ask to paint or plant a bush.

  5. I came here to see the “two magic words” since the infomercial is running in the background, for lack of something better to watch.

    Are they really “Identity theft”?
    How could that help you? Just claim all of your charges were made by other people or something?

    Report your stuff lost/stolen then ask for new cards with new rates?

    Sounds dumb…

  6. Hello Ni-

    Thank you for your comments. Yes, the two magic words in Debt Cures are Identity Theft.

    It is the fastest growing crime in America.

    He’s not talking about claiming something that is not yours he is saying that if your credit report is worse than you think it is or if your credit score is worse than you think it is then you MAY be a victim of identity theft.

    The only way to know is check your credit report every year and make sure everything on there is accurate.

    Basically, you need to be aware of the effects of identity theft and make sure you do not become a victim because it can ruin your credit very quickly and it takes a lot more work to repair your credit after you’ve be affected by identity theft.

    Thank you again for your comments about Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures.


  7. I bought the book from Amazon…I paid 1/3 less than that stuff including the $11.95 processing fee. I own the weight loss cures book and it is AWESOME! I tell everybody about it. A family associate has the medical cures book. I recently bought that from Amazon as well. All in all, by going to Amazon, I have paid under $30 for all 3 of his books (Medical Cures, Medical Cures Revealed and Debt Cures). Just reading the pages of Debt Cures briefly, I have already become more savvy. Thanks Kevin. He is telling people the stuff they would not learn in school and that you scarcely have time to learn once you have a family. No one…no uncles, no aunts, etc sit down and teach you this stuff. They just say, work hard and pay your bills. I can see why, after reading his books that he has such a security detail as has been disclosed via various people. If any of you doubt him, read the Weight Loss Cures book…the first 100 pages are for anyone, even if you don’t have a weight loss problem. They tried their best to disgrace him on the news! After talking to someone from the tropics, and asking her about natural cures, she said keep reading Kevin Trudeaus books. She said that all the info is very good!

  8. I saw the infomercial and decided to see if I could get info online. THANK YOU so much for this website. Saved me from throwing more money into that black hole called DEBT.
    Just a guess, but perhaps the FREE MONEY Kevin talks about is the free money HE gets from selling these books … LOL. Sorry, couldn’t resist.
    Hope things turn around for you all – My God supplies all my needs according to His riches and glory.

  9. BoringApathy says:

    Those two words are “Identity Theft”

  10. Anne Terry says:

    Here is it is December 14th 2008. I just caught the info mercial of Kevin Trudeaux. Being retired I of course would like to get completely out of debt. I am so glad I googled to see if the book was available on line. According to the info mercial it is not in the market yet. I was also insulted when he suggested we do not know our credit score or interest rates. Thanks so much for your review. Unfortunately I was stupid to have bought his medical book.

  11. The company Debt cures is a scam and should be brought to the attention of the US attorney General!!! The are falsely charging consumer for things they never ordered. Ironically the very thing the book they are selling speak out against. And yet no one has done anything about it. This is shameful in The United States of America.

  12. I got the book, but YET have found anything in it that will help me get a FREE GOV LOAN to pay off my credit card debt. Everything if about starting a new business, which I DON’T want to do. I think this book was a waste of my time!

  13. David Gleason says:

    Yes,”too good to be true” does still apply here.What suprises me more than the almost 100% negative feedback on the book is the number of reviewers that really are looking for “free” money from the govt !! I hope to never see the day that money is confiscated in the name of taxation only to be redistributed to folks who need to pay off their 52″ plasmas. How many more entitlements will we fund with our sweat,money, and valuable time

  14. He mentioned in his book that anyone can get a good unsecured credit card even with poor credit. Anyone knows about this one and what he used and if it worked?

  15. I love this book. It’s great. It gave me information that I never would have known. Thanks Kevin.

  16. Auguste says:

    So the secret to getting rid of all your debt is for it not to be your debt at all.


  17. LOL … It’s early in the morning 4:30 am and I am watching Kevin’s infomerical.
    Off hand I couldn’t think of those 2 magic words. So I did the search and here … lol
    Now I am laughing my butt off.
    So buy his book and claim ID theft … so he is advising committing fraud when debt collectors call? I think Kevin should be be given a jesters costume at least he wouldn’t be as irritating.

  18. This is how i will pay off my debt…lol…kevin is on yet ANOTHER mission. I love how he claims that he will not make a penny off of any book sale…and how he is doing it as a public service announcement.! Keep this guy off the television FCC!!!

  19. Adam,
    First off thank you for this, it has been enlightenning. I am a small business owner and since you have seen the infomerical you know what time it’s on. Debt gets to some people and I am one of them. I had the smarts to at least search the product before I bought it. Because I am in debt, and have never really been here before, this sounded like a good idea. Now that I know better I just kept on trucking right past this book because it wouldn’t do me any good.
    I did look into the grants.gov site and that is what saved me. (After 6 hours) I just got off the phone and check this out. I am getting a grant that will take care of almost 90% of my debt. (Don’t get to happy it’s only for 2,300; 90% just sounds better). WELL WORTH MY TIME. It’s not because of some guy on T.V. telling me to buy his book. It’s because there are honest people out there and if your willing to do the research yourself ( I was) you will find a way to make everything work.
    So again, thank you! Not only for talking about what a piece of garbage the book is (not that you said that; I did) but also for putting the option for normal people to do some work to find some real debt cures.

    P.s. Why do you keep the fake ” I love this book it helped me so much” comments on here. Guys like kevin pay people to google his book just like I did and say good things as a counter part to all of the negative reviews. For those of you really reading notice that most of the negative reviews have reason and the positive comments are just that; sunshine up kevin’s rear. Hey… Thanks Adam.
    Jon Daigle~www.1GR8mower.com.

  20. Delahanty says:

    Thanks for the review, very informative and helpful. the public needs someone to do the same for his latest book – “Free Money”. Kevin is a great pitchman. too bad he’s not using all that charisma for good.

  21. i bought the book it hasn’t arrived yet but I am praying that most of you are wrong. I told the lady upfront when i bought the book I would not pay for any news letter or anything else. If they charge me and they claim the call was recorded I will sue him. The government should put a stop to scams being shown on TV. If this is a scam then I will join the class action suit that has been filed against him


  23. In Kevin’s book “Debt Cures”… ONE little trick saved several thousand dollars of finance charges. He says to make your payments WEEKLY. Just divide the monthly amount by 4 and make sure the final payment is there before the regular due date.

    It REALLY works! Somehow the principle balance gets reduced faster and it makes your card, loan, whatever, get paid off faster ~ thus saving LOTS in finance charges.

    Thank you Kevin!

  24. Tonyia Harwell says:

    This deal is a total crock….they sign you up for all these other charges….whether you signed up or not…I even cancelled Budget savers prior to the 30 days and they still charged me. They also charged me for Freemoney book news that I did not sign up for?? Plus they signed me up for a vacation and changed the dollar amount to a higher amount. The book tells you very little…it refers you to purchase the newsletters which is more money…it is a con. I am reporting the whole deal to the BBB. We are in a recession and it should not be allowed???

  25. PATSY AGUIRRE says:

    Hello There: Forget about the past or private life of KT. This book is really helpful for most of the USA citizen. Many of the things I’ve already knew them, but truly, I wish I’d know most of this information while I was in college. Anyway, I applaud KT effort to inform us about plenty of financial solutions and I understand he wrote the book to make money out of it. Who wouldn’t? I have an almost new copy of this great book. I ordered almost at the same time than my husband and now we have 2 books at home. If you want to buy it from me at a cheaper price and cheaper mailing fees, send me a line. Thanks! aguirre_patsy@hotmail.com

  26. SeattleFightClub says:

    Ok, where to start! Ok, here we go! I went to the mall this week to discover that “The Book Store, BORDERS was closing across the country due to a liquidation buy out….who knew and how many people actually understand those words liquidation buy out. There was only a hadfdull of books left….one being debt cures. at (90%) off the book I bought it for 75cents. On, Amazon I found it for $1.25. Plus a $3.75 S&H cost cost. WHo got the better idea and who did GOD lead to this book me, why because of faith. Now so I bought enough books there and the guy told me I had saved $866.34 on books. How delightfull even though I just used the last of my paycheck to do just that. I am still $60k in debt due to divorce how ever I was $73K at the begining of this year…I have nothing not even a TV. I blew money on unneeded books I am sure. However, never the less….. That just saved me a number of trips to a library 30 miles away from me. I am also getting forced out of the military due to FORCE REDUCTIONS. The truth is That I am scammed by the Government, the lawyer fees and everything else. Most Lawyers have a 12% interest on there bills check it out, for Every $1k you spend thats $120 in interest alone each month. So honestly FML….lol So He didnt scam me into this book and I didnt get charged out the rear for it. So as a non-biased person starting to read this book I will share the truth with each of you and I will go at it will nothing to lose and have lost nothing but the 75 cents I spent on it. Besides what else could I lose with a Active duty member with PTSD, being broke, being 26 with 8 years active duty being thrown to the curb, having no education except for what I joined the service with when i was 18. SO you see I have nothing else so I will share my experiences with you. Good Luck!
    P.s. Keep this in Mind always and forever if you will. Keep Faith in the Lord, it really helps soothing the Soul. Last but not least, every single piece of adivce helps you get one step closer to your goals. Even if it is a bunch of BS! So there you have it adivce is important and you know what else the truth hurts, good or bad news the truth always hurts. So please let me put this guy to the test for you and I will come back from time to time to let you know what has worked for me out of this book and what doesnt. Also one very last thing. Just because it worked for someone else does not me it will work for you. SO keep faith in yourself at the very least and lets put this book to the test shall we.

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