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Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures Book Review Part 2


Back with the second part of my review of Debt Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About. You can read the first part of the review here.

Last time I left off on chapter six so we’ll start on chapter seven, but then chapter seven should have just been left out of the book entirely. It covers the basics of credit scoring and credit reporting. You can go to fool.com, bankrate.com, finance.yahoo.com or a host of many other sites and get this same information.

Chapter eight – What is in your credit report? It’s a good thing this chapter is only seven pages because it can be grouped in the same category as chapter seven. Do a search on your favorite search engine and get the same information.

This is a recurring theme throughout the book. But then not every book has original, ground breaking information – especially debt and finance books. Each author has their different ways of saying essentially the same thing. They may add their little tips or tricks and if you use just one of those tips then the book will have paid for itself in spades.

And when it comes to credit card debt and curing our debt problems, when the amounts of money involved can be quite substantial, using one of these tips can potentially save you thousands of dollars. The only question is are you willing to put in the work to get it done and make it happen? Are you going to make the calls to your credit card companies and ask them to lower your interest rate? Are you going to order your credit reports and credit scores and dispute the inaccurate data?
So no matter which financial book you read, if you do nothing and do not take action, you cannot call any book a scam. Even if it comes from Kevin Trudeau.

Getting off my soapbox now…

If you do not know the basics of credit scoring and credit reporting then you will find this book useful. It is all organized and explained in easy to understand terms. Kevin does offer several examples that you can follow along with.

If you do not know the difference between a hard and soft inquiry on your credit report then you will get more than enough out of this book to justify its cost.

Moving on to chapter nine and ten. These chapters continue on with getting copies of your credit reports and credit scores and getting rid of errors. Once you fix the errors in your credit report, your credit score will go up and you will save money on any loan you take out – home, auto, refinance, etc.

You can get your free credit report and free credit scores here. This is a free trial offer for credit monitoring. If you do not cancel, you will be charged a monthly fee. But this is the only way I know of to get your credit scores for free. You can get your credit reports for free at annualcreditreport.com. You have to pay extra if you want your credit scores from Annual Credit Report. You can get your free credit scores and credit reports free here.

He also recommends monitoring your credit report. This will protect you from identity thieves and make sure no new surprises appear on your credit report the next time you check it.

He has a site recommendation on his Debt Cures site but the link is currently not working.

Chapter 11 offers tips for improving your credit score overnight. One of his tips include boosting your credit score by using less of your available credit on each credit card. He recommends you only use 35% of your available credit on each card you have. Using more than this will lower your score.

One tip from chapter 11 offers a strategy to eliminate negative items on your credit report. This tip has about a 50% chance of succeeding when dealing with debt collectors and erasing negative items off your credit report. If this one tip works then you’ll have easily paid for the cost of Debt Cures several times over.

Chapter 12 is only six pages long but it contains the 2 magic words that several people have asked about. I have a feeling that you may be disappointed about what the 2 words are. But then again, if you know someone who has been affected by this then you’ll understand why Kevin hyped these two words up so much. There are few things that can ruin a credit report and credit score faster and wreck havoc on your life than these 2 words.

Kevin recommends checking your credit report and monitoring your credit to protect yourself from I_ _ _ _ _ _ _ T_ _ _ _. (Those are the 2 magic words that can help your credit) It is the fastest growing crime in America and affected 9.9 million Americans last year and cost them roughly $5 billion. Protect yourself from the fastest growing crime in America.

Chapter 13 covers cutting your mortgage loan payments down. Money saved is the same as money earned. Kevin offers tips on getting rid of your PMI, making biweekly payments and refinancing your variable rate mortgage for a fixed rate now that interest rates have gone up.

Rising interest rates is a recent topic so Kevin Trudeau including it in this book is a timely addition. He offers a few tips on dealing with lenders who do not want to be flexible with you.

If you need to refinance your variable loan to a fixed loan, do it and save money each month on your payments.

This post has gotten quite long so we will continue this in another post.


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  1. David from Ma. says:

    Hey Adam…. Thanks for the great review… I am going to
    order the book soon, but I’ll wait for your last review. I was
    mostly interested in, where he says, he has a place that
    anyone can get an unsecured credit card, no matter what
    your credit is.
    Thanks Adam

  2. If you really want to be debt free and do it the correct way. It is called the Baby Steps and can be found on Dave Ramsey’s website. His book which can be bought for $10 when on sale(which is often) shows you the way to get out of the cycle of debt by using your greatest wealth building tool (your income). It is all about living within your means and telling your money what to do and not the other way around.

  3. Lisa Peter says:

    My husband has purchased several of Kevin Trudeau ‘s books and has encouraged others to purchase them as well. When I saw Kevin Trudeau ‘s infomercial this morning on TV, I seriously considered purchasing this book for my husband. Then I decided to see if it was available in used book form on amazon.com. It wasn’t. So I did a search online and saw where I could purchase it and begin filling out the form, but when I saw it had over $11 S and P fee, I decided to wait. This pushed the cost from 29.95 to over $41 dollars, which I don’t feel comfortable in spending that much for a book. Then I ran across this sight and all the useful information. I am thankful that this site is here to help others like myself, who seriously want to get out of debt. I will search online for the sites that Adam has mentioned.

  4. I tried to order the book…….THE BOOK ONLY!!!!…….This is supposed to be how to get out of debt, right? I think Kevin contradicts his whole testimony, just by what you have to go through on his 800 number to order! I was on the phone with customer service for 30 minutes, telling the girl…….ALL I WANT IS THE BOOK!!!! Quit trying to sell me other products, you are starting to aggravate me! Then, at the end, she says it will be $11.95 shipping and will be here in 3 – 5 weeks. BUT WAIT!!!! for an additional $9.95, it can be her in 3 – 5 days!………Need I say anymore?

  5. I want to buy the book, but I am stalling ,what I really want is the
    phone # on where to get the grant money ,that would be wonderful,
    Does anyone know those phone #’s?.

  6. I figure out that those two “magic” words are “identity theft”. It makes sense, as this would be how the card would be issued. If you’re concerned, file a credit freeze and opt out from preapproved offers. (www.optoutprescreen.com)

  7. I saw the informercial today for the debt cures book. Naturally for anyone in debt, it sounds appealing, but I Googled first and found this review. Thanks for revealing the two words. Ridiculous. Everyone should know that already. As for the shipping and handling, that is just insane. $11.95!? for 3-5 WEEKS?! On top of the $29.95 for the book? And if you want it faster, cough up an additional $9.95?! That screams scam right there. Last I checked, UPS didn’t charge that much to ship a simple book. Amazon.com doesn’t even charge that much with all the books they ship. Utterly ridiculous. Also not surprised to hear his 800 number people tried to push more products on people. I can’t stand pushy sales people for anything. This guy takes good free information you can find in many places, compiles it into book form, adds some questionable stuff then sells it for a ridiculous price. He’s what you would call a “well meaning con-artist”. Which is still a con artist.

  8. Kathariena Fialho says:

    Can anyone tell me whre and how to recieve free grants from the government for real estate investing or for personal use, for paying off my debts. I hear alot of people say they get free grants, but how does one go about finding the right one? How to you fill out the forms?

  9. Roger Teagu says:

    You sure saved me a lot of time, money , frustration, but I wonder if there is a place to go for real.
    Grant money
    Goverment start up money
    Assisted living
    Senior help

    I applied for help after 4 heart attacks, congestive heart failure, cateracts, navel herrnia, to just name a few after working all my life.
    I was turned down, and lived on the street for three years, even a vet.
    The VA declared me disabled, but SSI and SS said I was not.
    When I called they said they gave me 30 days to reply, I explained I could read with cateracts, and living on the street, cars, abandon houses, so I applied again, they turned me down again, When I applied the thrid time, they said it had been to long since I worked last, and didn’t qualified for disability. Not knowing the system, I feel screwed by the government, after working for 60 years and never asking for a thing. Oh they have now given me 50 percent SS at 62 and 10 dollars for food stamps a month.
    So at 877 a month and then they want $86 back at 65 years old for medicare, I need help like several other seniors but don’t know where to turn too.

  10. I was just about to order the book and decided to do some research. Thanks to this site and others, I’ve decided that the book would not benefit me. I’m grateful for the reviews.

  11. Johnny Detroit, MI says:

    I learned Kevin Trudeau was a fake when I ordered his book Natural Cures. The 273 page book basically states you must pay to join his website to find out any specific information. I’m sure his book Debt Cures is the same. Do not buy anything from him.

  12. Hey, if WE could skip all those stupid extra offers, we would, but KEVIN makes us say them. So please put the blame on him, not us, the lowly night-shift operator who’s trying to pay off debt.

  13. Karen Mobley says:

    I bought the book DEBT CURES by Kevin Trudaeu on October 18, 2007 and received it on October 31, 2007…there was nothing in that book to help my situation…I called their customer service department on that same day of getting the book..was told how to return it (because supposedly a 30 day money back guarantee) I sent it back on November 1, 2007…I have called 4 times to various customer representatives..I was told yesterday, they never received it and that (a direct quote from the rep) “Things happen in life!” I called the original number where I ordered the book 1-800-530-9778 and was told they have no control over their customer service department and that they were sorry!!!!

  14. Karen Mobley says:

    The DEBT CURES book is a total CROCK and forget the 30 day money back guarantee…you don’t get it!!!

  15. Hello-

    I would recommend ordering the book online if you want to order it and not have to deal with the phone reps who are required to try and sell you more stuff.

    If you want to order Debt Cures, order it at http://www.debtcures.com/




  16. Hi,

    I’ve come across Kevin T’s infomercial several times and he’s quite the salesman. However, when all is said and done he has nothing new to offer.. Infact its quite insulting to anyone with a brain that hes pushing info that anyone can get for free.
    My suggestion is please do not pay for it! How dare him….


  17. After reading your reviews (pt 1 & 2) I’ve decided not to order this book. If it sounds to good to be true no doubt it is! Thank You

  18. sherry hirsch says:

    thank you-i was pretty certain i was a good judge of people having managed people for over 20 years; watching kevin for the first time late last night, i was sure he was at the very least, a true phoney but making money nevertheless.

  19. Regina Kines says:

    Thanks for your review.

    I say the infomercial last night at about 2:00 am and the more he went on with his promises of secret words and instant cash, etc. I thought “If it sounds too good to be true…it probably isn’t” !… and 11.95 for s/h with 2-3 weeksfor delivery … who is trying to fool. He’s just as bad as the “the banking company” and the “goverment” that he claims to be protecting us from. Thanks but no thanks!

  20. mike grahame says:

    Thank you for your feedback!
    Q: In the book what were the TWO WORDS?
    Per Trudeau: “Get these companies off your back with TWO MAGIC WORDS!”
    Please advise. Thank you.

  21. OK! So I’ve read ALL these comments. The question still remains, WHERE IS THE FREE MONEY CHAPTER?
    Of those of you who have ordered the book, can you answer this? I called about this deal, for an additional $___ whatever, he’ll send the CD with this information in it, etc… blah, blah. Is any of this information about the FREE MONEY in the book?
    Simple question. Can someone answer this? My opinion, the guy is falsly advertising.

  22. And remember, for those of you who have ordered the book and want to return it with his “Free Money Back Offer, etc” every state has an Attorney General’s office. With some research you can write a complaint or call. Let’s put this guy out of business before we are ALL broke!!

  23. Karen:
    Does it say in the book where you can get the Free Money? Since this is really his selling POINT, this is what I want to know. I don’t believe it’s in this book, which then really constitutes his fraud and false advertising.
    Thank you

  24. You know I have been trying to fix my debt ever since I got divorced. I almost bought Kevin’s book but thanks to this and other sites I did not.
    A very good friend of mine created http://www.financialcures.com and he helps a lot of people handle their financial responsibilities. There is a link to a wonderful website called http://www.creditinfocenter.com that gives you all the info/tips you need to fix your credit FOR FREE!!!!!! They exist by donations and ads placed on their site.

  25. Sorry to bear the bad news but as you can see by other posts, there is NO FREE MONEY to pay off your own debts. There are many sources for government grants to start businesses, charitable organizations and fund other larger scale projects. However, there is NOTHING out there to rescue individuals from personal debt.

  26. Trudeau is a scam artist and crook – pure and simple. He has been sent to jail for fraud – twice. His books are virtually worthless (BTW, he only sells books now because he was prosecuted for selling pills that didn’t work, and to keep out of jail he can not sell any type of ‘product’). Here’s some info from a source you can trust (unlike him) http://abcnews.go.com/2020/Health/story?id=1527774

  27. I completely understand everyone’s frustrations, but NO book is gonna be a fix it for everything in life. I am in the alternative health care industry and can tell you from personal experience that many of the things listed in Kevin’s previous books are not only helpful, but 100% true. As far as the price of the book, are you kidding me? Other book sell for the same prices when they first come out if not more….. duh Harry Potter. This man has put himself literally in harms way to compile information that the american people need to know.

    It is a book and that is all.

  28. I applauded Kevin Trudeau’s fight against the FDA,
    FTC, and other healthcare entities as well as the credit and bank instititions for letting the American people know the truth and allowing U.S. to make informed decisions about our physical and financial health. I have experienced firsthand the results of organic vs unorganic lifestyle. As soon as I returned to unorganic eating due to the expense of organic foods; my health has started to deteriorate. I would not have believe this if I did not try it for myself; I was the guinea pig for my family!!!!! My children ages 9 and 12 are learning and educating classmates and teachers. My son was asked to tell his class what organic eating means. They are always asking if what I prepared is organic or not, because they prefer organic foods for the taste and health benefits. And as far as the debt cures, it works if you keep at it diligently. It has been empowering. There will be enormous amount of people hate-bashing Kevin Trudeau’s efforts, maybe because they did not come up with the idea first. Before you take my word or anyone else in this matter, discover for yourself and then make a consentious decision about your phyical or financial health as I have. I am glad I did not review these comments before I bought the book. Kudos Kevin Trudeau

  29. I just ordered the book over the phone after seeing the infomercial. I have purchased other material (books, cds) in the past that have already helped me. I would consider them to be very good.
    I really don’t need this book. But I was intrigued by a few of the comments he made in the commercial so I jumped on it. Against my better judgement.

    After reading these reviews, I’m already preparing myself for disappointment, over what actually may or may not be included in the book.

    I was very put off by the whole process over the phone. Never in my life have I been offered so many add ons with a product. I mean, c’mon guys, it’s beyond rediculous. Then I find out it’s a 11.95 shipping and processing fee. Yikes! There’s a kick to the gut I wasn’t expecting. I absolutely HATE shipping charges, but, ok, whatever.
    Then after listening to the long speal of offers, I find out this book, a simple BOOK!!! is going to take 3-5 weeks to get here!! Another kick to the gut.

    But, have no fear!, for another 9.95, they have the ABILITY to ship this book in 3-5 days! Wow. LOL! What a joke. Well, I ended up taking that offer so I didn’t end up forgetting about it in the mean time. For 20 bucks, that thing should be overnight!

    We shall see if this book is all it’s cracked up to be. I will find out soon. If it isn’t, I’ll be sure to return it via certified mail.

  30. I ordered his weight loss book. What a joke. After almost $200 in charges from his company and 8 weeks later I received the book. I had to fight with them for almost 4 months to get my money back and in the end my bank finally reimbursed me because they were tired of me calling everyday. They get you on the phone and try to basically con you into getting more and charge an arm and a leg for it. Check walmart in a couple months and you can get his book at half the price of what he is “Screwing” you out of. I heard that word several times on the infomercial. Sorry Kevin I’m not buying this time. Dave Ramsey will do the same thing for you for alot LESS money and no headache to go with it.

  31. Well, I would love to give a review of this book but after paying 20.00 in ‘shipping and processing fees’, I’m still waiting for it to arrive! Ha!
    Ordered on the evening of Dec. 12th and has yet to get here as of the evening of Friday Dec. 21st. Looks like I won’t see it until after Christmas now. They must have grabbed my extra 9.95 and ran! Sigh……

  32. thanks for the info on frauds like trudeau, people are trying to get help and instead are getting “screwed”.

  33. I finally received the book, Friday, Dec. 28th. So 2 weekends and 11 business days, not counting Christmas was ‘rush shipping’ for a total of 20 dollars s&p fees. Completely ridiculous for a book in a small box.

    I listened to the CD and read through the first 80 pages of the book. He says in the CD that he’s already made his fortune and he “doesn’t care about making money on these books.” Well, why the rip off on shipping and all the special offers when trying to order??

    Something about the guy just doesn’t seem genuine. Almost like an actor.

    The book isn’t bad. I knew a lot of this stuff already so far. It’d be a great book for young adults. I think he does genuinely care about the consumer, but he’s going to make as much profit as he possibly can on this book. Even on shipping. Without paying the ‘extra’ 9.95, I probably wouldn’t have seen the book for months.

  34. kindra moore says:

    I saw Kevin Trudeau on an infomercial around 4am this morning and was almost convinced to call in and order the book. I am very interested in getting out of debt. However I have been “done in” before by other things sounding too good to be true. I decided to research him first and I am glad I did. It sounds like Kevin is a real “slickster”. I won’t be ordering the book!

  35. Almost finished reading the book. Only about 20 pages left. To anyone that plans to get it, read it or have read it, let me tell you. I had 6 cards that I went throught settlements with. And my wife had a large balance on a card that she was trying to deal with. I’ve been through it and I knew a lot of this stuff in the book. Let me tell you, none of this stuff is guranteed. You are at the mercy of the card companies, depending on how much of a balance you have and how bad they want that money.

    Most will not negotiate with you.

    Call them to simply lower your interest rates? Ha! That’s a good one. It didn’t work for me. You have no leverage once you’re buried in debt. Why should they? You can’t apply for a new card to transfer the balance.

    Wait for the statute of limitations to run out? I’m saying in this day and age, in most states, you can forget about that option. In Illinois, it runs out in 5 YEARS! That’s a long damn time. I got away with not paying for 2 years as I was saving for settlements on my cards….but barely 2 years. Almost 2 years to the date, my card with the highest balance proceeded to sue me and I got a summons to go to court. My wife on the other hand, WAS TRYING to work with Discover through credit counseling and was paying large amounts each month. They weren’t happy with this amount and flat out refused to take it. They wanted more and so they weren’t paid for 2 *MONTHS*, because they refused the amount she was paying!! Which was over 200 dollars!! The THIRD month we got a knock on the door. Guess what? Court papers from Discover’s attorneys. You’re going to court to get a judgement. Kevin seems to conveniently leave out what they will actually do and then what you’re supposed to do. Think they’re afraid of going to court because of attorney’s fees? Hell no! Because they can stick YOU with them! LOL!
    Then, what if your family doesn’t have the money to bail you out or doesn’t want to add your name on their card?
    The book does not ‘completely’ deal with reality, IMO. But it doesn’t hurt to try I guess.

  36. Ok, just one more. Just thought I’d add since so many people are asking, the free money part is basically him telling you to start a corporation. Start up a business. Then you have a fresh new credit line, personal assets can be protected and you can borrow up to ‘1 million dollars’ worth of ‘good credit’ if needed. That’s all I saw. Most people know this already.

    debtcures.com is mentioned/promoted, roughly 15 times throughout the book, to pay for credit monitoring. Literally a few hours of reading in the book are dedicated to telling you how bad the consumer lending industry is and what they pull. There were a few interesting statistics thrown out that I won’t give away. But also probably a good hours worth of hypothetical scenarios showing how his ideas ‘can’ work. Making you think they will automatically work. HTHs you guys.

  37. Spoke too soon. Sorry for posting so many reviews but I should have waited to write the final one until I finished. The last chapeter is about FREE MONEY. He does list websites that can help some people out if you qualify. Some are for if you’re really desperate. Which is good, but many people will not qualify. Some have already been listed here. Just wanted to clarify.

  38. If you’re looking for a good money book that can help you get out of debt and understand things from behind the scenes check out http://www.YouShouldKnowThis.org. We received our copy last week and it’s packed full of Insider tips from an Author who has over 15 years of experience in the car, mortgage, credit and investment industry. I’ve found Kevin’s books to be full of fluff. Smoking gun has informatin about the prison time he served for defrauding American Express, representing himself as a Doctor when he isn’t, etc. It’s a real eye opener.

  39. Like most everyone else who has commented, I saw the infomercial, did some searching and came across this website. Unlike many, I didn’t search for the purpose of buying the book, I searched because as soon as I saw the infomercial, I knew it was a bunch of BS. Seems as though I was pretty much right. While I’m sure the book offers information that would be helpful to someone without this knowledge already, I have to wonder – why would you pay so darn much if you’re already trying to fix your money problems?? You can borrow books from the library for free, you can buy them from Amazon for a greatly reduced price. And heck, if you have internet access and were going to try to get something on Amazon, why not use a search engine instead? Why in God’s name would you want to spend $30 s/h?

    IMHO, this is the crux of the problem. When you’ve got financial difficulties, you’re certainly not going to improve your situation by doling out even more money. That $40 could have meant double payments on 4 credit cards that require $10/month payments. It’d be interesting to know how many people skipped or delayed paying a bill, to buy this book.

    That said, I have been in serious debt in the past. But you know what? All on my own, I improved it. I didn’t need to pay $40 for a book….and I’ll offer the gist of my solution for free 🙂

    *Stop using your credit cards NOW. Do not apply for or accept any new cards or credit accounts.

    *Increase your income by reducing your spending or getting a second job if you can.

    *Check your credit reports from all of the credit bureaus and make sure you dispute any information that’s not right. You can get free credit reports. It’s not always an easy task, I spent a lot of time trying to work it all out, but it was definitely worth it. Credit reports are notoriously full of mistakes. If there was a significant reason why your credit went down the toilet, submit a statement to that effect. Credit bureaus must include this in your report. Be honest, and be sure it’s a legitimate reason. Check to be sure what the statute of limitations is in your state, I found that to be the #1 problem with my reports….things that should have already been off, were still on the reports. Remember, if you dispute information and they can’t verify it or corroborate it, they have to remove it.

    *Call your creditors and work with them. Make payment arrangements, and more importantly – stick to those arrangements. Honestly, I had GREAT success working with collection agencies and other creditors. One important thing to remember – be nice. Even if they’re being jerks to you. No matter how much you don’t like what they have to say, the fact remains that you DO owe them the money, that’s the bottom line. Offer them a solution, don’t simply say “I can’t pay it back.” Collection agencies will often call and ask if you can pay more that month (if you’ve got an arrangement). Be honest. Pay them $5 more the next month if that’s all you can afford. If you can show them that you’re genuinely interested in paying off the debt, they may be more likely to work with you. One thing I learned, ironically, from a collection agency – if they offer to reduce your debt to, say, $100 instead of $200 if you pay TODAY…check to be sure that there won’t be tax implications (i.e., that you don’t get stuck having to claim it as income when you file your taxes. This happens in some states). Likewise, it looks better on your credit report if you pay the debt in full, versus them writing a certain percentage off.

    The bottom line: There is no magic cure. For the time you spend ordering the book, waiting for the book and then reading it – you could have been working with your creditors and finding ways to reduce your current debt and pay off what you owe.

  40. Hello Everyone,

    First of all, let me start out by saying that I do not work for Kevin Trudeau or any part of his organization and/or affiliates.

    I just ordered Kevin’s book via his website. Just as Adam stated, it was a lot less troublesome than speaking to a customer service rep over the phone. Additionally, in Kevin’s defense he is not doing anything unethical than any other company is doing. Case in point, I just ordered a “Cardio Dance” work-out DVD from the producers of Dancing With the Stars by telephone. They do not have a live representative but they have an automated system that prompts through a series of questions to order additional products. By the end, I had been on the phone for 38 mins just to get a 19.99 order plus $10 S&H. With that being said, Kevin Trudeau is only earning a living for himself. Most of us on this board choose to work for someone to get a pay check but Kevin chooses to be creative and make his money for himself. Yes, some of his practices may seem unethical but Suze Orman, Donald Trump, and all the other billionaires do the same exact thing. Kevin just hasn’t mastered the true art of sales. I think he is good for consumers because he makes us aware of things that we may or may not know about and puts the information collectively in a book for future access. I already knew alot of the information that you guys have discussed but I ordered the book because I did not have a clearly organized place for all of my knowledge that I have generated over the years. So, stop knocking him because he is only doing what a lot of people dream of doing and that is becoming true entrepreneurs.

  41. Food for Thought says:

    It amazes me that we believe anything we are told – jump on the critical bandwagon against someone. Also, have you ever investigated the information for yourself and asked questions – someone once said to me “if you ask the right questions you may get the right answers”. If someone comes along with new information whether I believe it or not I’ll investigate it myself – you might be surprised what you can uncover. We are constantly told not to allow others to take advantage of us – but is this not the same thing that’s being done – you are trying to convince me what to think about certain information that if investigated correctly does have validity – one thing I learned in this life is when someone appears to want everyone to jump on the negative bandwagon – ask why? You say people shouldn’t be naïve but am I not naïve If I allow you or others to do my thinking for me? We call in question anyone that says I have information that may help you – we even fight against it if it questions our current belief but have you ever asked your bank did they receive 10 times your signature from the Federal Reserve?

    Thank you,
    Food for thought

  42. No need for Cure says:

    After leaving the television on last night and waking up to the loud infojunkmercial i listened to Kevin for mmmmmm about 5 minutes. Unfortunately folks the real cure to fixing your debt is to quit buying “STUFF”. We live in a world where everyone wants something and they will extend themselves out for years for a 50k automobile that they won’t even keep through the next model year, better yet they go to th dealership again and “roll” their negative equity into another vehicle…I’m not talking about a $1000 or 2000 roll I’m talking 5 to 10 thousand. When you buy something look at the truth in lending papers and your payment over the next 5 years where a 20k car will cost you almost double with bad or mediocre credit. As for credit cards those of you that have some credit left try an unsecured loan with a fixed payment and no pre payment penalty.. there are so many obvious solutions other than a book when you could go to the bank or to a credit counselor and get a plan in plain english. The fastest way to eliminate debt can be learned (if you want to buy the books) through Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman. Write it out on their work sheets, start paying the debt get a part time job,It is a snowball effect to get out buy paying one debt off then using that money to pay another one off then all that money to pay another then on and on. This is a common sense approach if you think about it. Also if you have a huge debt quit saving for those children’s college educations and trust funds put them on hold, you will be better off….because if you pay one debt off then use that money for the next and then the next and stick to a plan you will see that through this you are not going to ever want to get in debt again, then all the money you were paying off lets say 20k in a year, WOW keep the part time job quit going to Starbucks and put 20k or more in the bank for yourself. Seriously folks there is no overnight cure…just a thought as i hate hearing this stuff on T.V. and as for Kevin, I know opinions are like butt holes everybody has one, but he is a RIP OFF. By the way are people using credit cards to buy his books?
    Sorry if I offended anyone.
    No need for Cure

  43. Eric Holtz says:

    I bought the book DEBT CURES by Kevin Trudaeu I am Almost finished The book isn’t bad. I knew a lot of this stuff already. The book is long winded , JUST GET TO THE POINT
    In the book on page 214 Kevin states ”Only Your Creditors Can Sue You” , So Debt collectors cannot legally sue you ? My debt was sold and then subcontracted to a debt collector, whom is now suing me.
    I guess that was the wrong advice!

  44. Fluff and slickster yes, is there anyone out there who actually helps people. all the sites mentioned in the book have been not only changed but are impossible to link to. shut down and manipulated so general public can’t do anything with.

    worthless and fast talker like him are running the country. he says the gov, banks and credit card company are out to get you, he’s next….

    dont buy any products!!!!!!

  45. Bought book on Ebay with no issues and cheaper than on his website. Read the whole book already and gained a lot of new knowledge that I already didn’t know. Also read a lot of stuff I already new about. Made my 1st call to my creditor today and got over the limit fees dropped. Which paid for my book. Unless you work in the industry or have the time to search the internet the book is a great place to start. my 2 cents

  46. I saw the infomercial last night and immediately googled Kevin. Did anyone notice how many lawsuits, charges of fraud, and filings against him by the FTC there are? I wouldn’t buy anything from this man. I am sure that all of the money he is getting from people buying his book is going to pay back the 500,000.00 debt he owes as well as other fees he owes to the FTC.
    I have worked in the collection industry and most of what I have read here in the reviews can be found anywhere on the web for free. Statute of limitations, cease and desist, Identity theft, etc all on the web. Dont waste your money or help this guy pay back his debt for fraud with your money!

  47. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/0826051trudeau1.html

    Kevin used customer credit cards to commit fraud.

    Hundreds (600 at least) of customers who tried to get refunds for books or reoccuring charges, removed from their cards… customer service fails to remove them.

  48. Hello Jane-

    Thank you for your comments. If you don’t want to give KT your credit card info to order the book, you can now buy it on Amazon for around $17:




  49. joanna says:

    does your book covers canada?

  50. Casandra says:

    He has made enemy’s big ones, The FDA, The USDA, the Drug industry, the medical industry to name a few. They can not stop him from telling the truth about the drugs that kill thousands a year the suppressed cures the fact that the medical industry does not want to cure only to treat for life. The number one killer in the US is MEDICAL practices. Look it up nearly 800,000 people each die at the hands of doctors or drugs properly used.

    So they get the FDA and other federal agencies to fake charges. He is not in jail, once in court he usually wins. They do come up with faked evidence. So he may not totally be on the up and up and he his a bad writer, but he is one of the few that is getting the truth out.

    His marketing is the one that is the problem. Try returning anything from a telemarketer, you will have the same problem.

    I am surprised he is still alive. Not all those that bucked the oil companies all alive!

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