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Make Extra Money Writing From Home With Hubpages – Adsense, eBay, Affiliate sales


In a post from last year, I talked about making extra money online with Hubpages. In that post I showed a screenshot of my Google Adsense earnings for the month, it was over $426.xx. In May, I made $535.03 from Adsense alone. This is something anyone can do too.

Here’s a screenshot of some of today’s earnings:

Make Money With Hubpages

Make Money With Hubpages

I also earned another $211.33 with the eBay partner program and made an affiliate product sale for $66.87. You can also promote products from Amazon as well.

All told, I made over $813.xx with Hubpages for May 2010. Would an extra $800 be a Debt Cure for your money problems?

Anyone can create hubs on Hubpages and it is free to get started. You do not have to pay anything to signup. All you have to do is create quality articles on topics you are interested in and promote those hubs and you can start making money.

It does take work but since last year my income has gone up with Hubpages. Jobs are hard to come by these days but if you have a little bit of motivation you can start creating high quality content on Hubpages and start making some extra money to help pay off your credit card debts, past due bills, medical bills and more.

You can make some extra money writing from home. You can set your own hours and it does not cost you anything. There is nothing for you to buy.

You just signup with Hubpages, start writing, and start promoting your hubs. With a little bit of hard work and a little bit of luck you can be earning money every month with your hubs.

Some ideas to help you get started, you can go onto Amazon and browse through the best sellers of products you are interested and start writing about them. You then provide links to the products on Amazon with your affiliate link and get paid a commission whenever anyone buys anything.

Let me know your thoughts or questions.

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