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How to earn $100 – $1,000 a day online from home


My name is Adam Tijerina, and for a long time I’ve had a problem making money online. I was ridiculed by my friends and family all the time for my lack of success. Almost every chance they got, they told me to go get a real job – I was absolutely miserable. It took me almost 3 whole years before I finally decided to do something about it…

I did some research and found that there were a *ton* of “making money online solutions” available to me. I tried a *bunch* of making money programs…some of them produced a little bit of income but didn’t make as much as I had hoped. And the money problems kept coming back. I was at a loss, until I found two solutions I didn’t expect…

Earn $1k A Day and 20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online

These are actually online information products that showed me how to make money fast from home, without wasting time and money on all the other scams out there. But which one was better? They both claimed to show me *exactly* what I needed to do to solve my money problems.

Earn $1k A Day claimed it would help me earn at least *$1,000 A Day* with easily implemented money making strategies. Most importantly, it had real results to back it up..

“… my brain is on overdrive …”

“Dennis, since you opened earn1kaday.com my brain is on overdrive with the different ways I will be able to make money on the net! The coaching you provide in the private forum and the downloadable tools and reports you provide in the Members Area are everything I need to take my internet business to the next level!”
Michael Gunn – one user of the program

That sounded incredible, I was so excited. Would it work for me?!

make $100 per day online

But, I also looked at 20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online. It claimed it would show me 20 successful ways to start making up to $100 a day working from home in only a few hours a day…and it had a ton of customer testimonials. People who had actually used it and had been successful with the 20 ways. Plus, the author is a well respected internet marketing figure online who people have nothing but positive comments to say.

One user of 20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online:

“100 A Day can help anyone on the path to making money online. From newbie to experienced marketer the business models alone provide sufficient useful information to live up to the title. The comprehensive list of business ideas leaves no stone unturned in the quest to make you successful. Well Done!”

-Carol Moriarty

I decided to first give 20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online a shot…

I was somewhat pleased by the results. I’ve used some of the 20 ways and have had $100 earning days over and over again. This program works if you put in the work. I was happy, but wanted to compare it to the other making money guide I had saw.

So, next, I took a look at Earn $1k A Day

It actually has some very good info in it…some of it is similar to what is in 20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online – with one big difference. A forum. Earn $1k A Day has a private forum where you get to ask questions about anything you want related to making money. Everyone on there is trying to make the $1,000 a day and each is eager to help each other and provide support when you get stuck and need help. This is what I was most impressed about.

I was amazed at the results of my making money search, and really excited. I had finally found something that works. My friends and family all noticed, and the ridicule turned to praise. It was really, really gratifying…

As far as price goes, Earn $1k A Day is $29.95 a month and 20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online is one-time fee of $27. It was definitely a small price to pay for making up to $1,000 a day…especially compared to the prices of some money making programs…

I don’t think I could’ve gone another day with all the frustration I had. The pain was unbearable…people just looked at you differently and never really wanted to get close to you. It was as though I had some infectious disease…I’m so glad I found these programs and am having success.

People have asked me to rate both of the products, so I’d have to give 20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online 4 1/2 stars and Earn $1k A Day 5 stars. It just worked a bit better and it was so worth it.

To find out more about Earn $1k A Day (5 Star Rating), Click Here

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Thanks for reading!

– Adam Tijerina

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