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More offers from Kevin Trudeau and Debt Cures


It seems that Kevin Trudeau is not done with selling you offers when you order Debt Cures. Last week, I got a call from someone thanking me for my purchase of Debt Cures and wanted to offer me a free financial consultation that would assess my financial situation. I listened and then asked then what? What happens after I get my free financial assessment? I asked him, is there an opportunity? As in a business opportunity. He said yes, and that’s when I said I was not interested.

Some of you may or may not know but Kevin Trudeau is/was involved in MLM and network marketing. On his bonus CD, he also mentions that MLM is a way to make money however it is harder to do now than it was back in the 70s and 80s. So I imagine his team was going to try and sell me some kind of business opportunity to help me get rid of my debt problems.

And then I also got a email from KT. This one was offering another home business opportunity.

You can read it below:

Dear Adam,

Hello and thank you for purchasing a copy of my latest book: Debt Cures. By now, you should have received your book and had a chance to review it. Hopefully you have been able to use a few of the debt elimination strategies I discovered. I am sure you are surprised as I was at the amazing results you can accomplish with the simple strategies available to eliminate debt.

I understand why you want to eliminate your debt. Debt simply has no mercy. You want your life back. Eating is the last thing on your mind. Sleep is never restful. You are a slave to your balances. Debt keeps you up at night, strains almost every relationship, and eats away at your peace of mind. Unlike you, debt doesn’t sleep or get sick. Debt is always working against you, every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once you are in debt, it is your companion every minute of every day, and if make one mistake, it will crush you.

This situation is almost impossible to live through. It’s not fair, and it’s not your fault.

As you know there are two basic problems causing your debt:

1) You make less than you have spent.

2) You don’t know the rules of how money works.

I want to help you solve both of these problems. The simple truth is: money problems require money solutions. You may want help finding solutions. So, in order to provide you with that help, I have teamed up with one of the greatest wealth building masters of all time: Robert Allen.

Robert Allen’s success as a wealth trainer is unparalleled. In fact, if you go to www.millionairehalloffame.com you will see what people just like you are doing and the money they are making with training from Robert Allen.

Due to overwhelming demand, many of my readers have asked for additional support and training on how to eliminate their debts. One of the fastest ways to get rid of your debt is to make more money.

Now, like most people, you can’t walk into your boss’s office and demand a raise large enough to cover all of your debts. But that doesn’t mean there’s not hope. In fact, there is amazing opportunity for you to create wealth. Every additional penny you make is one less penny of debt you have to worry about.

Through an exclusive agreement with Robert Allen and the Enlightened Wealth Institute (EWI), I have arranged for a special telephone training call to be taught to anyone who purchased a copy of my newest book Debt Cures. This training will be conducted on the telephone in the comfort of your home or office.

Robert will teach you several of the strategies his students have used to create their incredible results.

To register go to www.multiplestreamsofincome.com/special3

By the way when you register for this 2 part training call by Robert Allen, you will be able to download 2 of his favorite training manuals:

“Nothing Down Real Estate Techniques”


“How to Make $24,000 in 24 Hours on the Internet”

In addition you will be able to view Robert’s new multi-media presentation, “Multiple Streams of Income”, where you will see and learn how to create 10 lifetime streams of income.

Due to the nature of this mentoring, the size of our class must be kept very small to allow you to get a high level of intense training. Remember the phone lines are limited so make your reservations NOW!

To register go to www.multiplestreamsofincome.com/special3

Please take advantage of this special offer. You will not regret the time you spend with this amazing wealth building instructor. Thank you again for purchasing my book.

All the best,

Kevin Trudeau

So be prepared for more offers even after you order the book. Now just because this is coming from KT does not mean everyone needs to start screaming scam. There are many genuine home business opportunities available to you. His checkered past makes it hard for people to trust him and that is understandable.

Let me know what you think. Send your feedback in the comments and share your thoughts.

Thanks and have a great day,


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  1. Not only further “offers” for making money on the internet, but a total sham about inviting you into a “special secret club” that has the power of foretelling the future, assuring your success in love, money, work, etc. Pffffffft! The only success it will assure is KT’s!

  2. “The only success it will assure is KT’s!”

    Truer words were never spoken!

    There’s an old saying that says, “Desperate people will do desperate things” and that’s exactly what K.T. and his accomplises are gambling on.

    People like this pray on others losses, and hence, will create even more losses for you. (e.g. one mans losses are another mans gains) and that’s the creed they live by. Just like a pack of wolves praying on the weak and desperate, you will become their next meal ticket!

  3. Renee Miller says:

    KT is morphing into Robert Allen now. He never quits and yes, I smell desperation from someone who has to keep his own multiple streams of income flowing at the expense of the vulnerable. In light of his most recent legal issues I expect nothing less. KT is a liar and the truth is not in him.

  4. Kevin, it worked! It is an amazing system and basically it’s just plain common sense with a few twists on application of existing principles. Anyone who is blasting this book needs to first read and try. If you haven’t tried, then you’re just riding the “Let’s bash Kevin Trudeau” bandwagon. Sad people write sad things.

  5. Kevin Trudeau=SCAM!1 That’s really all you need to know about this sociopath without a conscience.

  6. sebastian says:

    Kevin, the wish is your command is the greatest system in the world, I MEAN WOWWWWWW………it makes so much sense, have been applying it and the results are fantastic……………………This is guy is for real, and he is for YOU…………..listen the course then judge…………….like kev says, if you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you will get the same results………………..GOD BLESS KEVIN TRUDEAU……………….

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