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Questions and answers about Debt Cures

Hello all-

Thank you everyone who keeps posting their thoughts and comments about Debt Cures. I am going to try and answer some of the questions or point you in the direction of where to get the answers.

Katherine asked: “Can anyone tell me where and how to receive free grants from the government for real estate investing or for personal use, for paying off my debts. I hear alot of people say they get free grants, but how does one go about finding the right one? How to you fill out the forms?”

Thank you for your question Katherine. I posted about getting the free grant money here and here. Grants.gov is going to be your free resource for all you need to know about grants. It is going to take a lot of work to get a grant. But the money is there.

Brandi writes… the two “magic words” are IDENTITY THEFT.

Yes, the 2 magic words are identity theft. This is the fastest growing crime in America. This can ruin your credit faster than you can do by yourself. You do not want to be a victim of identity theft. So by Kevin Trudeau hyping these two words up in the infomercial, it gets your attention. This is where credit monitoring can help you. Or a company like LifeLock.

Tiffani posted a good comment about getting out of debt. Thank you Tiffani. Now, I want to offer my opinion about one of your statements, “Kevin is just plain wrong. For most of us we are in over our head so far that it is not feasible to put 10% in savings and then pay creditors. There isn’t enough money to do both.”

The idea is not to put 10% in your savings. Ideally, you want to put it in an investment account or a 401k at work. If you put it in your savings, it will not grow. If you put it in stocks and other investments, it will grow much more than in a regular savings account. When you have it come of your paycheck automatically, it comes out pretax so the actual effect on your paycheck is minimal.

If all you worry about is paying your current bills, then what and when will you start to save for your retirement or for your kids’ college expenses? Start small. Have 2-3% or so taken out for a 401k plan and then see how much it affects your paycheck. Then increase it incrementally up to that magical 10% amount.

You also want to do this to take advantage of any company matches to your retirement account.

Renee asked a couple of questions about lowering your credit card interest rates. Thank you Renee.

“My question is, does KT actually tell you what to say to the credit card companies to get them to lower your interest rate. I have had a good credit score for a while, but lately it seems that the CC companies are raising my interest rates just because they can. In the past I have asked some of them to lower my interest rate; one company lowered it about 1%, and others have told me no, they cannot, and their supervisor can’t lower it either because the increase is computer generated. That sounds like a bunch of bologna to me, but I don’t know what to say to them beyond just asking them to lower my interest rate.”

Tell them to lower your rate! And then tell them again! Point out that you are a good customer, point out that you have made all your payments on time, point out all the other better offers you have received lately in the mail and ask if they can match it. If they do not respond to your first request, hang up and call back again and again. KT says to call back until they do what you want them to do. You can threaten them to take your business to another company if they do not lower your rate. Basically, you have to be persistent about asking them to lower your rate. Thank you Renee. Hope that helps.

Leah asks:

“I just have one question though, in the infomercial KT says that in the book he will tell you where to get a million dollar in business credit but I didn’t see anyone mention it. I just thought with such a big claim someone would have mentioned it.”

Thank you Leah. He does not give the specifics about how to do this in Debt Cures. He mentions it on the Bonus CD. But still does not give the step by step process. But, I did find some resources to get more information as I was also interested in getting business credit. Here’s one and two.

One last question for this post and it’s from Quentin. Thank you Quentin.

“Can You really get money in 24 hours like 10000 dollars is it true?”

Yes, you can as long as you have rich friends. He says do whatever you can to borrow money. Friends and family usually charge cheaper interest rates than a bank will. He also suggests borrowing from your home equity which many people already do.

That’ll be the end for this post. I will try and post more questions about Debt Cures so keep sending them in.



Debt Cures Reviews


  1. Can you tell me where could I buy his (Kevin Trudeau’s)book: ‘Debt Cures’?

  2. Liz-

    You can buy Kevin Trudeau’s book Debt Cures from his site at http://www.debtcures.com/

    You don’t have to deal with the phone reps trying to sell you several items as well online.




  3. Hi, Everyone

    Regarding those who think Kevin is off his rocker regarding his debt cures book – please read the message below and watch a video that literally proves that what he says about our Government, banks and the Federal Reserve is right on. I know he didn’t know about this “movie” documentary before writing the book as it just was previewed in London and you can only see it (at this time) on your computer. Talk about the government trying to dumb us down!

    you have got to watch this video on your computer as it’s the only way you can
    see it. The link to watch it is http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com. You are one of the few
    open-minded people I know and after you watch it I would definitely like to
    talk with you about it. All I can say is that I have had many occasions where I
    thought I must be an anarchist for thinking the same way and believing what I
    have about religion, government, wars, education etc. This is really quite

    it’s a long video but truly worth watching. I am going to spread this word to
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    Are future is in our (the peoples) hands but only if we allow it to be

  4. I have a massive student loan debt ($75,000) and wonder if there’s any way to reduce that amount or eliminate it altogether. I know student loans aren’t covered in bankruptcy, so even if I were considering that, it wouldn’t provide any relief.


  5. Starlette Tucker says:

    My comments are I’m frustrated and tired.

    I try to help my kids out by buying another home.
    I put 2 of my girls and their kids in the duplex.
    I did childcare which was mostly their children.
    One by One things start to fall apart.
    My children jobs, lay them off and getting fire, around the same time. They got unemployment and was able to pay rent. But childcare wasn’t paying off, which was my income. My other daughter gave her $2000 for payment for her car and it got stolen and was a total lost. Same daughter was on phone service as a second phone, well she put $700 calls on my phone. My bills start to get behind and my mortgage payment. I wasn’t able to catch up with my taxes on my home, but the mortgage took over the payments and my mortgage payment is $1500, not to mention the other mortgage payment, which is close to 1200.
    I am driving a school bus part time and getting a small pension from my previous job which is not enough. I getting calls coming from everywhere!

    What can I do

  6. Joy Bernier says:

    In 2001, I co-signed for a student loan and am now being sued because the student has vanished. I am 71 years old and insolvent. Can they freeze my bank account, which consists of automatic deposits from ssi etc.??? I have credit card debt which I have been paying on, thanks to being able to live with my daughter. What can I do to protect myself??? Thank You

  7. Under the statute of limitations law. If i had a debt of $100.00 that was last paid on in Jan. of 2004. Now a collection agency has the account and wants $215.00.They bought this account in April of 2007. I contacted them about this account to see what it was from and about. I was attempting to improve my credit score. Since this took place in Ohio has this debt expired as of Jan. 2008? Or does it go from Apr. of 2007? Also I am maybe in debt $1800.00. Have a debit card but have never had a credit card. I went to my bank just to see how i stood and tested my credit. They told me I had a few things on my credit that needed taken care of. It seemed just as big a deal that I haven’t had any credit at all since 2004 when I paid off a car. Isn’t that a crock! They use no DEBT to charge you more interest! All in all since buying and reading your book I am better prepared to face whoever when it comes to my credit, interest rate,etc.!!!! THANKS KEVIN

  8. Elmer Mallory says:

    After reading your book I contacted ab attorney about a debt from 1999.This debt has been sol three different times. I mentioned the statue of limitations for South Carolina which according to your book is three years.The reply from the attorney was that as long as someone was trying to contact me I was responsible. Also the attorne knew nothing about the statue of limitations. Where can I find this information on the statue of limitations. I was also told that since a judgement was placed against me they could place a lien on anything I own including my home.
    Please help.

    Elmer mallory

    Spartanburg, South Carolina

  9. Terrance Travis says:

    I got burnt not too long ago by The Diagroup out of Florida. They cold called me one night and after about an hour on the phone I finally hung up totally confused.Not too long after I ordered the debt cures book and called my credit card companies to see if they would lower my interest rates. ( they did) Next thing I Know I get my credit card bill from Diagroup with a charge of over $800.00 dollars which I inadvertently authorized over the phone. Calling them to cancel the service did me no good and since I got my rates lowered on my own they were unable to do any better. Now I’m stuck with an $860.00 bill that Diagroup won’t do anything about. Any ideas? I contacted the Better Business Bureau in Florida and they did nothing. Just a warning to everyone how easy you can get ripped off. Thanks

  10. Connie Chen says:

    Dear Mr Trudeau:
    I’ve read your book “DEBT CURE$”
    My question are: I owe several credit cards in the amount apr.$90,000 eight years ago, since then i did’nt have a credit card and have’nt apply one, I still get the collection agency sending me the collection statements, but i never reply for the past 8 years, i dont even have a bank checking account, and i live in New York, according to your book, “the statute of limitation on debt”, am i free of these debt? What is the next step i should do? Please advise! Thanks Thanks Thanks.

  11. jsmith42 says:

    It’s been over year that I’ve had your book. I decided to read the book this year. I have been battling with a credit for 10 or more years. So I attempted to get this particular credit card interest rate reduced. I was told by the consultant that it wasn’t possible because the company had closed my account. My credit limit on the account is $500.00. Consequently, the balance on the account went to me owing them over $2,000.00 with them adding late fees and overlimit fees. I have been battling with this for years. What should I do to resolve this matter.

  12. My son is a student and is going back to school full time. He bought this chev cobalt ss. Has got 3 tickets last one $1100 because he was unable to pay his $395 payment and $300 insurance. He had no idea that the insurance would be this high and he would not be able to control the urge to speed. He has a 5 yr contract and only has had it 6 mons. He tried to trade it in and was told he that they way over charged him so if he tries to do this he will have to pay $5000 just to break even. We have a car he could use, so he called his lender and was just going to turn it back in he was not able to drive in all winter with snow because of the tires and they do not make other tiers or studs to put on it . He and by husband were told by capital one the lender that if they picked it up they would charge daily for holding it until the it was sent to action and he would be reported as a repo even though his payment is current. He is not going to be able to pay for this car while he is a full time student and knows it was a very bad choice . What can he do and ideas or info that could help us deal with this. I just want him to turn this in . His insurance is cancled because he can no longer afford it and they turned him into collection for $296, his payment is $385, and his insurance was $300 before the last ticket. He wants to try and pay for this piece of junk because he does not want to hurt his dredit . Should he just forget about school and try to pay this off. What would turing it in or just not paying the payments do to his creadit. What if his payments become late and he keeps it. What would be the less damage and the easiest to recover from?

  13. Harley Greer says:

    I recently formed an LLC for my farming operation, but still having trouble with credit.You talked about credit-builder companies in your book.I have not been able to find any. Please help

  14. Patti Pollock says:

    I want to know how I stop the monthly newsletter and the payment each month. I do not want to receive the information or have the monthly payment anymore.

  15. Hello Patti-

    Thank you for your comment.

    You need to contact Debt Cures customer service.

    You can reach them at https://www.debtcures.com/custserv.asp



    Debt Cures Reviews

  16. Angela Estrada says:

    Hi I want to know if the neg. credit report will be auto.removed when you inform the collection company that it has passed the SOL or do you have to ask them to remove it and what to do if they refuse to take it off the report. Also can you call companies that you paid collections accts. off for less than they were asking to ask them to remove the derogative report will they take it off. Also If there is an old acct. showing on your report can you have them removed before the 7 yrs. limit or do you have to wait for it to drop off by it self

  17. Hello Angela-

    Thank you for your comments. The statute of limitations basically prohibits the creditor from seeking legal action to collect the debt. That does not mean they will stop or have to stop trying to collect it. SOL just means they have no more legal remedies to collect it.

    As far as collections accounts, they would have to have to power to add stuff or remove stuff from your credit report. Usually that power rests with the credit card company because they are the ones who put on your credit report that the account is in collections.

    I am not a lawyer and do not claim to provide legal advice. This is just information I have found through online research.



    Debt Cures Reviews

  18. barbara aulick says:

    I read your book, was very interesting but i am unable to understand some of this. What i need is help to fix my house. We started to remodel husband got sick, paid someone half money to redo foundation took money did only quarter of the work. Had to rent some place else to live, need help I am about to sink please help me.

  19. LINDA DAVIS says:

    I purchased your book and to tell you the truth, it is NOT working. I have 1 cc company that will not work with me. I have ask for a lower rate, they say no. I ask for a settlement, they were only willing to take off 118.00, they not only charge me a over the limit charge and a finance charge but they change me a “other fee”.
    Please help me get rid of these people. I don’t have a 1000.00 to pay them off, about 800.00 of this thousand dollar balance is fees.
    please help me.

    I can be reached at (removed).
    Thank you,
    Linda Davis

  20. With all this credit card scamming going on I have to send in several letters to the credit card companies. I must state that I do not accept that they will be increasing my percent of credit margin from the original agreement. In doing this my account will be closed, but I am still responsible for the balance due at my old rate.

    How does this affect my credit score/rate? once the account is closed? I have only used these particular accounts to pay off balances that were transferred because of the special rates at that time.

  21. Hello Scherl-

    Thank you for your comments. I am having to do the same thing with 3 of my credit cards as well. Since the account will be closed after you pay it off, your score is going to go down because you will have less credit available and you will still have some on the other cards so your credit utilization will be higher overall.

    Have a good day!


  22. Wayne Leopard says:

    Please cancel the $9.95 each month that you charge on my credit card for the Debt Cures Newsletter as I can no longer afford it THANK YOU Wayne Leopard PLEASE SEND CONFIRMATION ON CANCELLATION OF NEWSLETTER

  23. Wayne Leopard says:

    I do not want a free book I want the debt cures newsletter canceled

  24. Hello Wayne-

    Thank you for your comments.

    This is just a review site of Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About book.

    You need to contact Debt Cures customer service.

    You can reach them at https://www.debtcures.com/custserv.asp



    Debt Cures Reviews

  25. Helen Zavalney says:

    Is the government being paid off by Credit Card companies? It’s almost like the CC companies have been given permission to be “Loan Sharks”. The latest I heard was that Loan Sharks could be arrested for plying their trade. Have they been paying off our government to steal from us poor slobs, say it isn’t so. Does the government realize that CC’s are responsible for the financial mess we are in right now? Did anyone notice that CC’s haven’t asked for bailout money? They are lying low so that, hopefully, the government won’t notice and make changes to the laws that allow them legal Loan Sharking. Can’t we make government examine the way they have allowed CC companies such a long leash (yeah, like an untrained dog).
    Does anyone out there think about it?

  26. Diane Ross says:

    I/ve read your book cover to cover, and I only have two questions. first, I’m trying to fine out about a goverment loan or grant for a small business and everywhere I go they want money, dose the goverment ask for money to apply for grants and loans. second question, my accounts are all over 4 years old, I live in Cal. who do I call to make sure I would not owe these anymore and how to get them off my credit reports.

  27. Lorice Sawtelle 4/30/09 says:

    In reference to credit cards. Last night I called A/X to make a payment by phone because I was close to cap amount. I called A/X to do the automated payment & it stated it would not post till 6am the next morning. I have never done pymt by ph before because I know it cost about 15.00. So then I decided to talk to customer service. I explained to her I was interested in making a payment with a person so it possibly could be posted tonight. she stated it would not be posted till 6am as automated system reflected. I told her I was hoping that speaking to customer serv that I could get it posted by midnight tonight. She replied “that it was not possible till the next morning & my payment by phone would be 14.95. The next morning I decided to call A/X at 8am to see if it had posted. It had not. I then spoke to customer service & he stated it would not post till this evening at midnight & that the gal last night gave me wrong information. I told him of my ph conversation last night (they are 1 hour ahead of me). He apologized and stated he was correct about the next day posting at midnight. I then asked him to retract the 14.95 cost of payment by phone, he stated “no problem”. I have learned alot about last nights phone call. I also told him A/X should bring this up at their next customer service meeting about the automated system that is incorrect, & how customer service personnel need a refresher course in reference to their policies. I have been listening to KT’s CD’s on debt cures (although I am not in debt), but do have 2 credit cards & have learned an absorbent amount of information. I have brought my A/X APR from 12.99 to 7.24 within a year. I make payments b4 they are due & do more than requested payment. I review my A/X online quite frequently so I do not go over my cap & loose my 7.24 APR. I don’t care what anyone says about KT, because his info has worked for me. Lorice

  28. Elizabeth Feder says:

    I have a default judgment against me and they are taking me to court this Friday the 8th I need information on what to do they list 13 items to bring to court with me the debt is close or over $20,000 what should I do I have no money to hire a lawyer Thank you by the way the collections people acted up on Sunday bringing the summons and it said if I don’t come there will be a warrant for my arrest

  29. Hello Elizabeth-

    Thank you for your email. You cannot go to jail for not paying your credit card bills. There is no debtors prison anymore. They are just trying to scare you into paying your debts. And they will lie to you to get your money. Good luck to you.

    Debt Cures Reviews

  30. Frank Cuellar says:

    Who can I call for advise, you debt cures book is exelent, but i need some help , I’m trying to repair my credit, Thank you Frank Cuellar

  31. Katherine says:

    I am just starting on the book and am curious about trying to settle with my CC companies. One of them is Chase, which is also where I do my banking. If I want to reach some type of settlement with them over the balance on my CC, do I have to be in default? And can they collect any outstanding amount of payment from my checking and savings accounts?
    The amount that I owe them is enormous due to divorce, and I don’t want to be concerned about them taking my minimal funds from my checking/savings accounts.
    Thanks for your assistance.

  32. Hello Katherine-

    Thank you for your comment. Sorry to hear about your financial troubles. Yes, from what I understand, Chase can use the “right of offset” to take money from your checking account to pay the credit card. So you may need to find another checking account.

    A credit card company will not deal with you unless you are behind on your payments. Not telling you to not pay your bill, just letting you know that if you are currently making your payments they will not settle with you. They have no reason to.

    Good luck to you,


    Debt Cures Reviews

  33. I tried to settle with AARP credit card after they increased my interest rate because I went over the limit 1 time. They were willing to settle but stated it would be a negative on my credit report. Is this true. If yes, why suggest to settle in your book. Please advise.

  34. Hello (unknown)-

    Thank you for your comments.

    Yes, debt settlement will hurt your credit report. But let me ask you this question…would you rather be out of debt or would you rather be deep in debt with a perfect credit score? I would choose to be out of debt. You can always work on fixing your credit after you are debt free.

    Good luck to you,


    Debt Cures Reviews

  35. Kevin Trudeau talks about two magic words to use to get out of debt on his tv commerical. Can you please share the magic words.
    Thank you.

  36. Hello Debbie-

    2 magic words are identity theft.

    Thank you,


    Debt Cures Reviews

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  38. Hello Nasfarato-

    Thank you for your comments.

    Maybe some one can find them useful.


    Debt Cures Reviews

  39. Melody Respass says:

    to whom it may concern; I have been paying for debt cures Newsletters for quit some time but I am not reciving them since Sug of this year. since I am not receiving the newsletter how can I cancel out on this item? sincerely Melody

  40. Hello Melody-

    Sorry to hear about that.

    However, this is just a review site of Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About book.

    You need to contact Debt Cures customer service directly.

    You can reach them at https://www.debtcures2.com/custserv.asp



    Debt Cures Reviews

  41. nelson a. arias says:

    Hi Kevin, thank you for the useful imformation in your book Debt cure, My question is, I made a settlement with a credit card company, but now they are telling me the balance, has to be reported as an income for the tax year. How can I take care of this, now I may have end up paying back taxes. this is going to me in more trouble than I was before, please helllp… .what can I do. to avoid this matter…thank you…

  42. Hello Nelson-

    Thank you for your comments.

    Yes, they will send you a 1099-C and you will need to file form 982 in addition to the 1099-C:


    Here are some resources to help you get more info:




    But basically it comes down to this:

    The IRS gives an out for debtors who are “insolvent” at the time of debt settlement.

    The term “insolvent” simply means that your debts exceed the value of your assets. If you are in a situation where a debt settlement is necessary, you are probably insolvent. In other words, you would have a negative net worth where your liabilities outweigh your assets.

    And you may not have to pay any taxes.

    You need to consult with a tax attorney to get help with this.

    I am not a professional, this is just what I have learned.

    Thank you and good luck to you,


    Debt Cures Reviews

  43. Hey,
    I have read your book and thanks for the advise but in todays economy I have found that the mortgage companies only want to talk to you if you are two or three months behind in your mortgage and then an option is to modify your payment which they will immediately report and your credit score will go considerably low. THey want you to refinance and put you upside down in your home, THe major credit card companies will not work with you at all unless ur three months behind and then they may settle with you if ur a high risk. The store credit cards r more willing to work with u for a six month period of lowering your payments and interest rates. I understand why more and more people file for bankruptcy because sometime that is the only option. It is sad in todays economy that you find out how little banks will help when u need it. Thanks for all ur advise.

  44. I have just recieved another threatening letter from a collection agency stating that they plan on garnishing my wages and taking me to court if I dont pay off the full $424.24. I have been battling these idiots since july, I have tried to send $10.00 dollar payments and advising them I have been reduced to four days a week of work, I can only afford $10.00 dollar payments and when i finally sent a payment a week later I recieved a letter stating they could not take the payment and sent it back to me. I could not believe this I wrote them a letter explaining everything again in july and now am being threaten with court and garnishment of wages. I have read the book but now what?

  45. Could you go into the goo, bad, and ugly of reverse mortgages in your next debt cures newsletter? We took one out several months ago and I have a uneasy feeling about it.

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