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Still no Debt Cures book


Thank you for everyone posting your comments on this Debt Cures Reviews site. I appreciate you sharing your experiences. It’s been 15 days and no book yet. One of the comments said that they paid extra for 3-5 day shipping and still didn’t receive it after 3 weeks. So I don’t imagine my copy will arrive any time soon.

For people who want more information about Kevin Trudeau, you can go here and read more about his history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Trudeau

Thanks to Ysla for pointing that out.

Jeff, thank you for your informative post. I agree, there is no magic bullet that will wipe out your debt overnight. And even if there was, it would not be a good thing. That would not teach most people what they need to know about handling credit cards and debt.

As for the two words that he mentions in the book, I’ll post that when I get my copy.

Keep the comments coming so more people can learn about Kevin Trudeau and Debt Cures.

Thanks again to everyone,


Debt Cures Reviews


  1. Hello all of you, Kevin Trudeau is obvisously has to make money and yes he tries to sell you everything under the sun. I have all of his natural cures books and his weight loss books. I live by them. I had borderline blood pressure now my blood pressure is normal. I was at one point 295 pounds, now I am 215 six months later, so I am a believer. So what if the book cost 40 bucks to get it too you. He claims that he can get you 10,000 grand and those two words to cut you payments in half if it works isn’t it worth 40 dollars. I will be ordering the book wednesday oct. 3. e

  2. Hello-

    Thanks Antoine for your comments. Congrats on the results with Kevin Trudeau’s books.

    I posted about the $10,000 in 24 hours here:





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