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Here’s what happens when you order Debt Cures online


I wanted to show you what happens when you order Debt Cures online. I ordered my copy online so I am not able to respond to the people who ordered it over the phone but I imagine it is probably similar. You’re probably going to be sold several products over the phone. TV advertising is not cheap so Kevin Trudeau has to pay for those costs somehow.

So here’s what happens right after you order:
Debt Cures Reviews
You get a chance to buy more copies for half price. You can buy them for $14.95 and pay $11.95 shipping and handling! So much for combining shipping costs. Lol. C’mon, how can shipping an additional book cost an additional $11.95 to ship?

That’s just crazy.

Next, you can buy the audio version of Debt Cures. This one offers additional bonus materials. So much for giving you all the secrets.

debt cures reviews

I agree that some people learn better by listening but for this option I say wait for it to be at Audible or some other audio book site. I like how this can be shipped for free. 10 CDs can be shipped for free but one book and 2 CDs are shipped for $11.95?

Moving on…

Next, you get the option of subscribing to the Debt Cures Newsletter for only $9.95 a month:

review of debt cures

There are several sites out there that offer debt tips for free so I’ll pass on this newsletter.

Next, you can get a free MP3 player if you pay for a whole year of the newsletter all at once:
kevin trudeau's debt cures book


Next in the upsell line is debt letters:

kevin trudeau debt cures review

These you can find online for free. Google “Sample credit card dispute letters” and that should get you started.

This next upsell has little to do with getting out of debt:

debt cures book review

It’s a making money type book that tells you how to get rich in real estate, investing and building your own business. Or you can just sell books like Kevin Trudeau that make big promises. Lol. And how come this book gets shipped free?

Finally, my order is complete!

debt cure$ review

I blanked out my address and phone.

But wait…there’s more!

In the top left corner, there’s an option to get a free Wal-Mart gift card:

kevin trudeau debt cure$ book review

You have to signup for a 30 day free trial to a buying club to get it.

Make sure you read the fine print:

debt cure$ reviews

Ok, so that’s the whole ordeal when you order Debt Cures online. It’s only been a week since I ordered so I don’t expect the book to arrive for a few more days.

Why would I expect speedy service? I mean FedEx charges about $15 for an overnight letter but $11.95 for one book is too much to ask for it to arrive in 8 days. Small amount of sarcasm there. :o)

So how can you expect to get out of debt if Kevin Trudeau wants you to spend an additional $236.15 for all the additional products he tries to sell you. It’s not bad enough that the book costs $29.95 and an additional $11.95 to ship it.

So I’ll just wait for my copy and start to read it when it gets here.

Til the next Debt Cures Review update,


Debt Cures Reviews