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Debt Cures or Credit Solutions


Today, I wanted to compare Debt Cures with Credit Solutions. Kevin Trudeau talks about reducing what your interest rates are with your credit card companies, while debt settlement can help you reduce your total balances not just your interest rates.

While he does talk a little bit about it in chapter 14, doing whatever you have to do to avoid bankruptcy, he doesn’t go into that much detail.  If you want something more useful, which is one of the biggest complaints about the Debt Cures book then talk to a company for free that can help you reduce your balances and help you get out of debt faster.

Credit Solutions is the largest debt settlement company in the US.  They have customer service reps available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

Look at what Credit Solutions can do with a $50,000 credit card balance for example:

credit card debt paid with credit solutions

So Credit Solutions is a better alternative than most credit counseling programs and it is a much better option that debt consolidation. Why? With debt consolidation, you do not reduce what you owe, you only put it all under one new loan and extend the time you have to pay it off.

With debt settlement, you have a legitimate chance at reducing your total credit card balances and getting debt free within 12-36 months.  And of course it’s not free though.  Debt settlement usually costs about 15% of your debt which can get costly.

But when you eliminate your total credit card debt and get debt free in 12-36 months, you can still realize significant savings.

Compared to bankruptcy, debt settlement is the step right before you file.  Credit card companies would be more willing to settle with you and get something for your debts rather than nothing if you file bankruptcy.

Using Credit Solutions to settle your debts will lower your credit score. You have to save up money to put into a settlement fund and you cease making your credit card payments to do this.  Missed credit card payments will lower your credit score.

You have to ask yourself if you would rather have a good credit score with tens of thousands of dollars of debt or a temporary lower credit score and zero debt?

Click here to get a free consultation with Credit Solutions.

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Debt Cures Reviews

Debt Cures book on Amazon

Hello all-

Debt Cures is soon to be released by Amazon, you can preorder it for much lower than what is being advertised on TV:

Debt Cures

You can also signup for my free newsletter to win a free copy of Debt Cures. I have already given away two copies of Debt Cures and one copy of The Total Money Makeover this year.

Here’s the book’s description in case you are not familiar:

“Are you getting deeper and deeper into debt while they make bigger and bigger profits? Not after you read…Debt Cure$ “They” Don’t Want You To Know About!”

In this new book, Kevin Trudeau blows the lid off the banking and credit card industries, exposing the greatest rip off of our citizens in this nation’s history. The credit card industry is one of the most profitable industries in this country, but they don’t want you to know it. You can fight back! You can apply Kevin’s solutions to your debt problems, and keep more money in your pocket today. You can learn how to use credit to build wealth! Read Debt Cure$ and cure your debt forever.

You will learn:
– How the credit lending business is rigged against you!
– How the financial industry wants to keep you in debt!
– How the banks and credit card companies are making obscene profits off of you and how you can change that!
– How to reduce or possible totally eliminate your debt!
– How you could cut your payments in half!
– How to correct your credit with two magic words!
– How to improve your credit virtually overnight!
– How to get free money that you never have to pay back!
– Find out why the financial industry wants to keep you in debt.
– Turn bad debt into good credit.
– Create wealth through financial health.

About the Author

Kevin Trudeau is one of the leading consumer advocates in this country. His mission is to expose the greed that has taken over corporate America, and to inform the hard working citizens of this nation what goes on behind closed doors. Kevin’s prior books (including Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, More Natural Cures Revealed and The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About) sold millions of copies, and every day he hears from readers who have been helped by his words. It is his wish that Debt Cure$ “They” Don’t Want You to Know About will help you.



Debt Cures Reviews

Does Debt Cures provide a ‘cure’ for your debt problems?


Ok, this post will finish my Debt Cures review no matter how long it goes on. This one will answer all the questions about the free money from the government, the $10,000 in 24 hours, etc. Let’s get started.

You can read the previous reviews one, two, three.

We left off on chapter 21. Chapter 21 is called Rebuilding Credit. This chapter offers several tips and options available to you to rebuild your bad credit. The first method he talks about is piggybacking. (The effect of this has now been negated by the credit industry. Read this.) The basic idea of piggybacking is someone with a good credit score adds you as an authorized user to their account and their good credit history gets reflected on your credit report boosting your score.

More tips to rebuild your credit include getting a co-signer on a loan, taking out and installment loan, and getting a secured credit card. He has a few tips for college students who are a favorite target of the credit card companies.

Chapter 22 – Building more wealth.

Here, we get a better idea of what Trudeau means by building wealth. “Every step you take to reduce or eliminate your debt is a step towards building wealth.” I would have to agree. The idea is a penny saved is a penny earned. The less you pay to the credit card companies, the more you have to save for more important things. It is hard to save or invest for your retirement if all you’re worried about is paying off your credit card debt.

Kevin talks about the differences between investing in depreciable assets – cars, TVs, clothes – and assets that increase in value over time – real estate, stocks, bonds, art, etc.

He mentions starting a corporation for your new business to get access to large credit lines and to leverage that credit line into good appreciating assets. Since this is a book about “Debt Cures,” the specifics about how to do this are not covered.

“How to get $10,000 in 24 hours”

This is a question several people have asked. The answer is – BORROW IT. He tells you about all the options you have for borrowing or finding money – home equity loan, friends, family, etc. He also mentions searching unclaimed funds, he says it is one source that many people have found money.

Trudeau finishes the chapter off with some good business tips and making money with your own business as an entrepreneur. The main point is to find out what the demand is than fill it, not the other way around. So instead of building a better mouse trap, find out what the market wants first and then give it to them. On the Bonus CD, KT mentions making money on eBay. There are thousands of people making money buying and selling on eBay.

Chapter 23 – Free Money!

KT talks about all the sources of free money from the government and private organizations you can get. Grants.gov is one of his first sites he recommends. You have to take the time to fill out the application forms and make the phone calls to get the money. He also talks about getting money from the Small Business Administration (SBA). Over 1 million people each year get free money and cheap loans from the government. You put in the work and you can probably get some too. Many of the grant programs have to be used for a specific purpose not just to do with as you please. But if you’re a new entrepreneur and you need some money, getting the money can be a great lifeline for your business.

One program that I found interesting was the Individual Development Account program. It’s like a 401K where the government and a private group will match your savings dollar for dollar up to a certain amount. You put in a dollar and they put in a dollar each – so you’ve tripled your savings just like that. The money can be used to buy a house, go to school, or start a business. Read more at idanetwork.org

College students – make sure you apply for Pell grants and other Federal grants.

Chapter 24 – The Conclusion. A short two page chapter encouraging you to take action. Then he offers links to many of his sources and a couple sample letters to send to debt collectors and a sample balance sheet and income statement.

That’s it. That is Debt Cures. All in all, I would have to give Kevin Trudeau’s latest book a passing grade despite the hassle of ordering it. If you use just one of these tips in here, you will have more than paid for the cost of the book. Since we are talking about big amounts of money when we are talking about debt, savings of a few percentage points on your credit card interest rates or negotiating your debt lower can save you thousands of dollars. And that is what makes buying a book like Debt Cures worth it.

If you have questions about the review or about “Debt Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”, you can post them in the comments section and I will get to them as soon as I can.



Debt Cures Reviews

Debt Cures Review Part 3


debt cures

Here is the next part of my review on Debt Cures. You can read parts one and two. Last time we left off on chapter 14. The basic premise of chapter 14 is eliminate debt, negotiate your debt down and cut your rates – do whatever you can to avoid bankruptcy. He says filing bankruptcy is not the answer to all your financial debt problems that many make it out to be.

Chapter 15 and 16 are about big business, namely the credit card and lending industries. These chapters repeat much of what was said in the beginning chapters. Several visitors have commented on this same thing throughout the book. I do not understand the need to include more ranting and raving about how predatory the credit card companies can be when they get their hands on you and add on fee after fee after fee. You, Kevin Trudeau, did plenty of this in the beginning chapters of the book.

Some new material is about filing complaints against the credit card companies with your attorney general and your elected officials to try and stop some of the outlandish fees and interest rates the banks make you pay.

He also mentions how the banks prey on college students and immigrants, handing out credit cards like candy to get them in their financial traps and strap them down with huge amounts of debt when they graduate. This sets them up for a lifetime of financial hardships.

Moving on…

Chapter 17 contains an excerpt of an interview with a credit card company executive. It also 4 action steps for you that can save you thousands on interest and several success stories of people who have used the Debt Cures methods to lower their debt loads.

If you follow the steps and do what Trudeau tells you to do, you can get on the road to debt recovery and you will have more than paid for the cost of the book and Kevin can gain some much needed positive points.

Chapter 18 shows you an illustration of how much a higher credit card interest rate can cost you and how much you can save by asking for and getting a lower interest rate on your credit cards.

Chapter 19 – how to stop debt collectors cold. This sounds like it should be a good chapter for many people struggling with debt collectors. It starts off outlining the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. He offers tips on how to deal with debt collectors. He talks about the ruthless tactics they use to get you to pay up and how they often do not comply with the FDCPA. He describes what to do when the debt collectors call and how to respond to their threats.

This can be a helpful chapter for someone who is facing collections and wants to stop getting harassed by debt collectors.

One thing I found funny about the end of this chapter is when Trudeau says that “If they (the consumer lending industry) continue to keep up with the outrageous methods of pinching every last penny out of the American consumer, then I will continue to expose them for what they are.” Kevin Trudeau, you tried to pinch me and any one who orders Debt Cures for quite a few pennies.

Chapter 20 is about achieving wealth. Kevin says that the debt problem is not caused by the spending habits of the American public but rather the aggressive practices of the American consumer lending industry. I disagree. Our society is all spend, spend, spend. Our national savings rate is now negative, meaning we spend more than we save. Most people have very little saved for retirement. How can our economy be kept afloat by consumer spending if we are not spending money? By saying this Kevin is saying we have no responsibility for the situation we are in. And I do not think that is true.

I would say it is a combination of our spending habits and the credit card companies more than willing to offer us more and more credit. It’s when we stumble that they pounce on us with all their fees and kick us when we’re down.

Kevin repeats himself again instead of giving tips for creating wealth. Good thing he included his 25 secrets to wealth creation CD.

Reading this chapter is basically a summary of the previous chapters. It quickly outlines the steps you can take to get out of debt.

So the conclusion you can take is that once you are out of debt, you can start saving money, start investing, start a business, start saving for your kid’s college, and saving for your retirement.

Ok, I wanted to finish this Debt Cures review in this post but it has gone on quite long and it’s time to put the kids to bed. I will continue it in the next post. We’re on chapter 21 and there’s only 4 chapters left.

Overall, I am giving “Debt Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” a passing grade. It has few links pitching other products of his as was the case in his previous cures books. It barely mentions his credit newsletter. Granted, it does have information you can find elsewhere. But, it does offer Kevin’s own spin on them with some useful tips for someone who wants to get rid of the debt problems.

Until next time. Have a great day,


Debt Cures Reviews