• Lower your monthly payments
  • Reduce stress and live your life
  • Avoid personal bankruptcy court

How do you plan to get out of debt? Win Debt Cures and Total Money Makeover


Tell me how you plan to get out of debt.  I want to help others get out of debt.  Share your plan for getting out of debt or how you have freed yourself from credit card debt and hopefully it will inspire others who are struggling to get out of debt themselves.

The best story gets a free copy of Debt Cures AND The Total Money Makeover!

I will run this contest for a month and at the end of that month I will announce the winner here in this post and send you a free copy of both Debt Cures AND The Total Money Makeover.

So send in your best tips and plans for getting out of credit card debt, reducing what you owe, lowering your interest rates, etc.

Thanks and have a great day!

Looking forward to your helpful submissions.


Debt Cures Reviews

Win a free copy of The Total Money Makeover book by Dave Ramsey


I would like to give away another debt related book that has several positive reviews and success stories. This month, I will give away a copy of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. Several people have commented they enjoyed this book and recommended it over Debt Cures.

Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover

Same way to enter as last month, signup for free for my Debt Cures Reviews Newsletter, confirm your email address, and you’ll be entered to win. If you signed up last month you are already entered. Click here to enter

At the end of February, I will send an email to the winner and get their information so I can send them the book.

Last month’s winner – Phillip – with a gmail email address has not contacted me back with his mailing address, so if you’re reading this Phillip, I need your mailing address to send you the copy of Debt Cures for January. Phillip, you can contact me here.

Thanks and have a debt free day!


Debt Cures Reviews