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  • Reduce stress and live your life
  • Avoid personal bankruptcy court

Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money Book

Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money book is still airing on late night infomercials making big promises about getting free money from the government you never have to pay back. It’s similar to the Matthew Lesko commercials promising free money to pay your bills, free grant money to start your own business.

You do not have to buy the free money book from Kevin Trudeau. It is now available on Amazon and taking a look at the reviews you can see many are not too favorable. This may be due to the fact that KT has a bad reputation for some things he has done in the past.

Consumers have been slow to forgive him. However, I bought my copy of this book along with his Debt Cures 2 book to review it for you all. I actually found some free money that I had forgotten about from an old job. It wasn’t much, under $20 bucks but it helped cover some of the cost of the book.

So if you take the time to look through the book and search the unclaimed cash sites, free money sites, and free grant money programs then you may be able to find something as well.

In these tough economic times we can all use the help we can get. So take a look at Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money “They” Don’t Want You to Know About You can pick up a copy for under $10 bucks now.

Debt Cures Reviews

Debt Cures – FREE Cash Grants Available

Kevin Trudeau talks about Free grant money in his Debt Cures books. Here’s something interesting…

Did You Know That….

– 15,000,000 people get free help and training for a better job
– 2,000,000 entrepreneurs get money to start or expand a business
– 5,000,000 people get money to invest in real estate
– $1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) are given away every year
– Over 35 million people get a share of this every year
– These were people from all walks of life, even the rich!

These are not made up numbers. These are facts. Grants don’t just come from the Government either.

Many people don’t realize how many private organizations literally HAVE to give away between 3% and 5% of their earnings for tax reasons.

These private organizations are know as “Foundations”.

Wondering if you would qualify for a Free Cash Grant? Well we wanted to introduce a resource that REALLY helps people achieve this goal!

Most grant sites offer just an eBook, and silly worthless bonuses.

This site is REAL and offers a top rate grant directory search!

Are you ready to claim YOUR share?



Debt Cures Reviews

As a U.S. taxpayer, YOU’RE entitled to this…


You hear about grants, and may even know someone who received a grant…

…but somehow grants always seem like something the OTHER guy gets, right?

Why do we think that way?

After all, as U.S. Taxpayers, we’re actually ENTITLED to apply for free grants, regardless of our credit history…

…and with no collateral, no co-signers and no security deposits needed!

When you know HOW to apply, and you know WHERE to apply, you can get grants for almost anything, such as…

-starting a business
-growing a business
-buying a new home
-repairing your home
-paying rent
-making mortgage payments
-paying utility bills
-buying a new car
-buying groceries
-paying for childcare
-buying fuel
-covering general living expenses
-school supplies
-legal services
-paying off debts
-paying real estate taxes
-covering medical expenses
-general welfare
-paying for education from preschool all the way through college, including private schools for your kids.

Now here’s the thing… these foundations, the federal government and the state government MUST give away these billions of dollars to SOMEBODY…

…so why not you??

The Online Uncle Sam’s Money Grant Directory will show you EVERYTHING you need to know to get these grants…

…in fact, it’s probably the BEST grant directory anywhere at ANY price, and this one is priced reasonably, unlike others I’ve
seen that cost as much as several HUNDRED dollars.

Click here for free government grants

Plus, this one is covered by a FULL 8 week guarantee…

…so not only are you increasing your odds of getting grants by a hundred fold (or more!)

…you’re also doing it with no risk whatsoever!

Grab your copy today, and get to work applying for YOUR grants.

Remember, you NEVER need to pay a grant back… the money is YOURS to spend… and as a taxpayer you’re entitled to your

Click here for free grant money

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Debt Cures Reviews

P.S. Read what one happy user of the Online Uncle Sam’s Money Grant Directory has to say…

“Thank you so much for showing me how to get my government grant. Your info is the best i have seen on the Internet. I got my small business grant and i never have to pay it back. Thank you again so much.”
–Karen Packard, Albuquerque, NM

And here’s another…

“At first i was skeptical about purchasing your information. After seeing you had a fantastic guarantee i decided to try it. I
am so glad that i did. I will be receiving my grant check in two weeks. You are the best!”
–Liz Bui, Phoenix, AZ

Click here for free grant money

Free grant money from the government


I’ve received several comments and requests about the free grant money from the government that Kevin Trudeau talks about in his Debt Cures infomercial.

Here are three sites to get you started and give you more information about getting government grants.

http://www.grants.gov/ – Grants.gov is a government-run portal for information on over 1,000 grant programs and access to approximately $400 billion in annual awards.

http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/alerts/alt134.shtm – This is the FTC’s site on “free grant money” offers and potential scams. It offers tips on what to watch out for when looking for grant information.

http://usgovinfo.about.com/library/weekly/aa060400a.htm – This is About.com’s free guide to federal government grants.

Read these sites before you spend any money on grant guides.

Update: You may have seen Kevin Trudeau’s new book Free Money “They” Don’t Want You To Know About. It is easy to see why a book like this would be popular – it promises free money not only from free government grant money but also from private sources. I was able to find some free money from an old job I had. You don’t have to be this book from the infomercial, you can find it real cheap on Amazon or eBay. You can also check out Kevin Trudeau Free Money book reviews.



Debt Cures Reviews