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Why I like Debt Cures


This post will cover a few reasons why I like Debt Cures from the lovable Kevin Trudeau. (Before I forget, there are only a few days left to enter to win a free copy of Debt Cures. Click here for more info)

I keep seeing the infomercial late at night talking about how the banks and credit card companies are out there to ruin us and keep us in debt for the rest of our lives. This is true, they would love it if we stayed in debt and kept paying them interest charges every month along with a few $39 late fees and over the limit fees.

The credit card companies would also like it if we didn’t call them and asked for a lower interest rate or took advantage of a low rate balance transfer offer. The less we know about personal finance and how much things cost with all the interest charges the better the banks’ profits and the more debt we have.

One of the new reasons I like Kevin Trudeau’s latest book Debt Cures is because it gets us talking and credit cards and debt. It makes us more aware of the problems and how the odds are stacked against us when we get in debt. The book may not offer miracle cures to solve all your debt problems and no other debt book will be able to do that either but it does provide some valuable information to help you understand more about debt and ways to rid yourself of it.

The infomercials are on just about every night so anyone up late at night is going to see the commercial several times. It may just motivate you to call your credit card companies and ask them to lower your interest rate. And they just might. If they don’t want to reward you being a good customer then switch to a bank who will. There’s no need to pay 27% interest when you can get it at 13% or 9% or even lower.

Make the calls, write the letters, do the research and get your rates lowered.

If you have old debts, see if you can get some of them reduced or eliminated with the statute of limitations in your state.

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Does Debt Cures provide a ‘cure’ for your debt problems?

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Let me know your thoughts and comments about Debt Cures. Positive or negative, all are appreciated.

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